Almost Famous

Almost Famous" is a wakeboarding video showcasing some of the top up-and-coming riders of today's wakeboarding industry. Stylish cinematography and editing compliments each rider's distinctive style that separates them from the rest. This film features Kevin Bird, Larry Taylor, Dustin Shows, Tony Carroll, Brandon Poser, Jimmy Wolf, Trever Marquette aka "Poodle," Ryan Anderson, Jacob Valdez, and Eddie Valdez.

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Delta Sessions 2

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“Style… Style is everything to me… If you aren’t riding for style than you aren’t really riding for yourself.” Those few words were spoken from Josh Smith and it truly sums up what this film is about. Finally a wakeboarding video focusing on style over stunt. Focusing on the simplicity of wakeboarding rather than the hardest possible tricks. We are releasing our second film in three years and are proud to present Delta Sessions 2. Over 50 Riders, and 60 minutes, this video is a collection of some of the sickest riders and great music. The DVD includes a soundtrack CD with 16 songs from great West Coast Artists. Riders include Aaron Rathy, Mike Schweene, Collin Wright, JD Webb, Brady Sammons, Sean O’Brien, Josh Storrer, Josh Smith and many more. DS2 is a movie that focuses on the style and the fun of wakeboarding, which has not been see for many years. After all when was the last time you bought a wakeboard video that was over 40 minutes of pure wakeboard, which including a full soundtrack disc?

In Its Travels, the newest progressive all wakeskate video. Over 30 riders and a good look at the life of winch riding. to see the true prespective of the grom wakeskater and the vision of where wakeskating is headed. A progressive wakeskate video focusing on the riding and pushing the limits of winch riding. Riders Phillip Basino, Kyle Walton, Nick Taylor, George Daniels, and many more lay down groundbreaking new tricks and up the level of wakeskating. This will probably be the best wakeskate movie of this year.

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In Its Travels

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Not For Sale 

Not For Sale is a wakeboarding video shot in Northern California without any type of sponsorship/ company affiliation - just riders and film makers doing what they love. NFS offers a sneak peek at the new riding talent of Nor Cal as well as a complex downtempo soundtrack by J-Boogie and other bay area artists.

The mission is to provide wakeboarding visual entertainment specifically engineered to indulge the senses. Refraction was created for those who thirst for more than just a music video. This film contains exclusive footage from team Ten-80’s house boat trip that was recently featured in Alliance magazine. Watch in amazement as Matt Sims throws down his sick bag of tricks and enjoy Ryan Lemons killing it on a wake skate. Allow Nunn to remind you how it all began, and Murray demonstrates just how fun this sport can be. This wakeboarding video is brought to you by Malibu and Ten-80. Featuring: Matt Simms, Brian Grubb, Chade Sharp, Darin Shapiro, Jeff Weatherall, Dallas Friday, Shaun Murray, Keith Lidberg, Ben Greenwood, Eric Ruck, Gerry Nunn, Ryan Lemons, Rick Knott, Tim Keepers.


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Side B


"The Good Times" wakeboard video dvd by Scratch Films features all the riders who should be household names. This wakeboarding video showcases the O'Brien trip to Idaho where two brand new tricks were landed including a handlepass KGB 5 and a tantrum to blind rail gap where the rider lands back on the rail and handle passes out. New tricks, unparallel style, and a unique riding list makes this wakeboard video a must see. "The Good Times" features the most progressive and creative riding to date. Riders include: The Ennen's, Sean O'Brien, Collin Wright, Perry Richmond, the Cardoza's, Chris Craig, Jonathon Nadolski, Brent Starr, Bret V, Brian Francis, Kyle Walton, Silas Thurman, and Nick Jones. A film by Jared Eygabroad. The bonus features include a mix section of top name wakeboarders, a mix section of top name wakeskaters, Shasta Lake stories, wakeboarding rail session, diving contest, triple up session, Brandon Thomas' circus act, the Filmer's wakeboarding section, Active Water Sports riders' sections, Skating section of O'Brien Team, and more too. There's a lot and they are good too... What makes the movie unique is not only does it have incredible riding, but it also has interviews and stories about the guys who fuel the sport. Each story about the riders is told by one of their friends and they are all funny and embarrassing. It looks at the lighter side of the sport, "The Good Times" had while hanging and filming with these guys.

The Good Times

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Esoteric is a new all-wakeskate video from Scene One Productions. Over a year in production, it features quality full-length sections from Nick Taylor, Reed Hansen, Chase Connor, Kyle Hyams, David Hanson, Philip Basino, Stuart Shinn, and Robbie Brazell, along with guest appearances and great winching footage. Great shots and quality footage from producer/director/filmers/editors Keith Lant and David Hanson.

List Price $29.95

Volume Wakeskate #5

Volume wakeskate video Issue #5 includes: Pro Spotlight: Matt Manzari, a day in the life of Aaron Reed, an inside look at the Standerd Book 1.1, a one-on-one interview with BT, Stop 1 of the 2007 Toe Jam Tour, Red Bull's human trailers trip by Brian Grubb, trick tips presented by The Projects and some pretty insane riding by Danny Hampson, Brian Grubb, Nick Taylor, Scott Byerly, Silas Thurman, George Daniels, Ben Horan, Tim Kovachich, Reed Hansen and many more. This is the most ambitious Issue to date.

Sale Price $4.99 - List Price $25.95

Volume Wakeskate Video, "Issue #2

Scott Byerly's latest edition of Volume Wakeskate Videos, "Issue #2", is now available. If you're a fan of "Issue #1," don't miss "Issue #2". If you even have one little ounce of care in your body about wakeskating, then get this wakeskate video DVD for sure and you won't be disappointed.

Featured Riders:George Daniels, Scott Byerly, Brian Grubb, Aaron Reed, Thomas Horrell, Brandom Thomas, Ryan Doyle, Clint Tompkins, Reed Hansen, Ross Gardner, & Nick Taylor.

Sale Price $20.95 - List Price $24.95

Blue Print

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From under the wing of renowned wake film maker Ronn Sidenglanz spawns Sidewayz newest talent Kyle Conrad, director and creator of Fill In The Blanks. FITB showcases the most talented and most complete group of wakeskaters to appear in a single film and showcases the massive progression in wakeskating during 2004. Shot on location throughout Florida, California, Oklahoma, Texas, and Mexico. Phillip Basino’s section starts off the video with a fresh wakeskating vibe. Phillip was 2004 Pro Wakeboard Tour wakeskate champ, so, as you might expect, he delivers an impressive opening for Fill in the Blanks. His section is finished off by an impressive three trick combo taking both frontside and backside 180s as well as a backside 360 wake-to-wake and all linked up! Leif Erkkila makes his presence in this video known by going off on some west side rail winching. Add in great scenes form Mexico and you will realize Leif’s laid back style is par to none.

Fill In The Blanks

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Hit It/Spray/MayDay
Box Set

Great classic frontier wakeboarding videos, this combo of wakeboard dvds from FLF are a must for the core wakeboard dvd collection. These three wakeboarding videos pushed the limits of wakeboarders everywhere seeing the sport's best riders go off in great locations on 16mm film. All have killer soundtracks, and are timeless wakeboard videos.

The Secret Spot

Sale Price $21.95 - List Price $24.95


Sale Price $9.95 - List Price $19.95

It’s kind of a weird name for a wakeboard video don’t you think? Maybe if you named your film SILLY you'd go on weird trips to Japan, Canada, Australia and Hawaii. Then you would go to Florida for a helicopter shoot and then maybe even take a bunch of wakeboarders from Florida on a snowboarding trip for a week. Wouldn’t that be SILLY? Then maybe you could have riders like Phillip Soven, Daniel Watkins, Keith Lyman, Derek Grasman, Chris Law, JD Webb, Jeff House, Rusty Malinoski, Josh Sanders, Reed Hansen, Kevin Henshaw, Mike Schwenne and Trevor Hansen in it.

Counterfeit This

New wakeboard video dvd with Riders: Danny Harf, Scott Byerly, Brian Grubb, Shaun Murray, Parks Bonifay, Brandon Thomas, JD Webb, Aaron Rathy, and Erik Ruck
Appearances: The Boat Driver, The Airplane Pilot, Josh Letchworth (in the water), and Radar Lake before Jacob travelled there
Extras: Parks and Danny in the airport, interviews, Letchworth slide shows, and more

Sale Price $26.95 - List Price $29.95

Mix Tape

Two wakeboarding videos on one DVD. Check out the riders in Mixed Tape from Pointless Productions starring Brian Grubb, Shane Bonifay, Parks Bonifay, Danny Harf, Erik Ruck, Chade Sharpe, Shawn Watson, Nick Weinacker.
Also see Parks Bonifay, Randall Harris, Gator Lutgert, Danny Harf, Shawn Watson and more fight it out in Park’s Double or Nothing Double Up Contest.

Sale Price $18.95 - List Price $24.95

Sale Price $17.95 - List Price $24.95

Downside Up  

Take an inside look and experience some of the most progressive riding found in the country. Over the past few years the Georgia wakeboarding scene has been scaling up to put itself on the map. That year has finally come and Downside uP was here to capture it.
Rhett Whatley, Fiona Nairn, Sean Legg, Shaun Murray, Kyle Wells, Chase Andrews, Zane Schwenk, Sammy Woodson, Mike Paulzak, Corey Brdley, Brett Lee, Matt Sims


Off Kilter Productions is stoked to announce the arrival of their first underground all wakeskate video DVD, FLATLINE: Disconnected. The film features progression riding from Drew Danielo, Chase Gregory, Greg Van Wagnen, Justin Scott, Kyle Walton, David Hanson and Aron Gore. New locations, tricks, and a look at the world of underground wakeskating.

Sale Price $17.95 - List Price $24.95

An all wakeskate video by Papajay in association with Scott Byerly. It covers the Byerly toe jam from the making of the ledge to the trophy presentation. Cassette in Malaysia, the famous Byerly backyard, "The LGCC" the lake Georgia Country Club, Reeds back lip shuv out on the ledge. George Daniels' kickflip combos and much more... The movie features Scott Byerly, Drew Mcguckin, Steve Wahlman, Ryan Doyle, Brandon Thomas, Thomas Horrell, Arron Reed, Danny Hampson, George Daniels, Brian Grubb and More... Josh Letchworth's 360 shuv in Malaysia ect. 5 weeks of intensive shooting in 2 countries. 40 Min

Money Can't Buy

Sale Price $21.95 - List Price $24.95


12 Honkeys
Special Edition

Sidways brings you this original mind blowing high performance wakeboarding video movie.

Sale Price $24.95 - List Price $29.95

Sale Price $19.45 - List Price $24.95

Volume Issue #1

Volume Wakeskate videos new DVD "Issue #1" . Issue #1 includes: trick tips, a day in the life of Scott Byerly, Street Jam, Bi-Level interview with Thomas Horrell, Road Trip Florida Keys, Behind the Lens Joey Meddock, Pro Spotlight George Daniels, and more.


In this wakeboard video you will get a take on Life through the eyes of Ronn Seidenglanz the man behind Sidewayz...
Sale Price $22.95 - List Price $24.95

Such Is Life

Okay, here’s the deal. The previous wakeboard video that these guys from Texas made was called Who Knows. It was pretty much one of the better regional wakeboarding films that we’ve seen in a while. Wave Theory looks to be even better than the last one. The riding in it is pretty sick, the film quality has been up’d a notch, and the music in it is the kind where…well, lets just say you’re not gonna fall asleep during this one. The overall feel you’ll get from Wave Theory is the kind where your heart starts pumping, your adrenaline starts running, and you just get stoked to go ride and kill it. This movie shows off the skills of Richie McKee, Gabe Lucas, Brian Sasser, Scot Leverett, Joey Bradley, Duston Swafford, Chris Ramirez, Hank Carter, Justin Kiefer, Jack Scanio, Billy North, Joey Arcisz, Billy Garcia and more. Hey! Don’t mess with Texas!

Wave Theory

List Price $24.95

Department of Water
and Power

Midwest Style. Over 35 minutes of WIDESCREEN Wake footy!! Edited to a killer soundtrack featuring some of the Midwest's Best bands. Department of Water and Power is the winner of the Wakeboarding Magazine & VAS Entertainment New Producer Contest, by a public vote. This wakeboard video features fantastic new angles including some sick helicopter footage on a surreal butter day. This is a wakeboarding video that makes us wanna ride - so if you want that, DWP would be good for your collection!

Sale Price $19.95 - List Price $24.95

What started as a year in review has evolved into much more. UNDER360 Productions brings you “Our First Set”, a full-length feature filmed wakeboard video dvd in and around Austin, Texas. This all-digital video showcases some of the best talent in Austin. Film highlights include wakeboarding, wakeskating, and wakesurfing, tricks on a towable slider, a stationary slider, and a few short clips from Texas Ski Ranch. 63 Min.

Sale Price $4.99 - List Price $19.95

Our First Set

Alliance Visual Experiences? third wakeboard video dvd release Innuendo showcases the cross country road trip of five of the best riders in the world. Danny Harf, Collin Wright, George Daniels, Ben Greenwood and Aaron Reed tear across the southern edge of the United States in search of new riding spots, new friends, and a new perspective on their riding. Ride along with them this summer and experience the diversity of this classic road trip.

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 Mullet Mayhem

The title of this wakeboarding video speaks for itself. Mullet Mayhem is a compilation of mid-west riders, music, people, life and art. It’s one of those videos that just makes you want to jump in your 1982 Chevy Camero, pump up the Van Halen, and head to the lake. 35 Min

Sale Price $17.95 - List Price $24.95

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