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Butter Motocross DVD - G3 productions, formerly known as Akraix is coming full throttle ahead and releasing a brand new movie title "Butter: All Moto Flavored!" bringing you the best riding footage ever produced. This film will be unlike anything you've ever seen before, capturing the lives of some of the biggest names in off-road motorsports in stunning HD quality with jaw dropping, heart pounding video footage. The Guetter brothers, alongside Luke Parmeter will deliver all aspects of ATV, UTV, and motorcycle riding and traveling to the most breathtaking landscapes in the country. Parmeter is credited for producing the most spectacular video production for AMA Supercross, and top athlete?s video parts for the X-games. Don't assume anything with this film, they are bringing a fresh new flavor to the off-road video world and making this project stand out all on its own. "Butter: All Moto Flavored! simply put is going to be amazing", producer Derek Guetter states. "they have recognized the demand for a DVD like this, and they are going blow people's minds with the best riders and aincredible stunning locations!" The films direction is riding the most epic locations; perfect tracks, massive huge jumps, and green lush hills everyone wishes they could be riding with a coupkle of surprises. Add in names like Dana Creech, Chad Wienen, Doug Gust, the Moore brothers, Jeremy Twitch" Stenberg, X-games medalists, AMA motocross Champions, and a lot of the most charismatic characters to make this film non-stop entertainment for all ages.

Wes Miller & H Bomb Films are the worlds best producers of ATV videos and this year is no exception! So you have the whole 'Huevos' series and you still haven't had enough? Don't sweat it! H-Bomb Films is delivering another dose with the next volume of the Huevos ATV videos series, 'Huevos 12." After eleven solid years, H-Bomb Films continues to step it up with each title. Shot solely in high definition, this film brings you yet another innovative year in the sport. Filmed all across the states and over the globe, you'll witness the best racing and freeriding footage from the world's premier riders. One of the best ATV videos ever! One of the best ATV videos ever!

Huevos 12

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Wes Miller & H Bomb Films are the worlds best producers of ATV videos and they have tons of the best ATV video footage! They have selected the best crashes from the last 12 years of filming and have them all together in one crash filled DVD. If you like the Huevos DVDs, you got to have this one!!

Huevos Crashes
(Best Of)

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After ten solid years, H-Bomb Films continues to step it up with each title. Shot solely in high definition, this film brings you yet another innovative year in the sport. Filmed all across the states and over the globe, you'll witness the best racing and freeriding footage from the world's premier riders. Our best selling ATV video from last season!

Huevos 11

Price $9.99 - List Price $24.95

ATV video action shot on 16 mm film taken it to the newest cutting edge and sometimes over! Join the H-Bomb crew as they take you across the country and around the globe with the best ATV racers and freeriders on the planet. From a revisit to Danimal’s Domain to the shores of Costa Rica, they highlight some of the most exclusive riding spots in the world. Unofficial world record jumps, bar to bar motocross action and freestyle riders pushing the limits once again.

Huevos 10

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All the Huevos ATV videos are the best ATV videos ever made and set the standard for the rest. H-Bomb has once again set the stage for the best quad video action ever recorded.

Price $24.95 - List Price $29.95

Huevos 9

With 8 years of filmmaking experience under his belt, Wes Miller pulls out all the stops and pushes this one to the very limit.
Parental Discretion Advised.

Price $9.99 - List Price $29.95

Huevos 8

Huevos 7

ATV video action shot on 16 mm film of the best quad riders in the world going off wide open taken it to the newest cutting edge and sometimes over! All the Huevos titles are the best quad videos ever made and set the standard for the rest.

List Price $39.9

Huevos 6

H-Bomb productions continues their saga with this totally outrageous and insane quad DVD series. It’s over the top, chock full of the best Quad action you will ever see and features all your favorite riders.

Price $26.99 - List Price $24.99

Huevos 5

5th in the ATV video series with all your favorite quad riders and racers. H-Bomb pulls out all the stops and travels the earth to find the best locations to give you the best extreme ATV video action ever recorded. This is one of those quad videos you got to have.

Riders: Dana Creech, Sheldon Riggs, August Goebel, Tim Farr, Jeremiah Jones, Travis Cain, Keith Little, Jon Chandler, Matt Smiley,
Chris Borich, Mike Krachun, Ryan Bemis

Locations: South Africa, Namibia, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Arizona, California, Louisiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, Michigan.

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The locations on this ATV video are
Argentina, Hawaii, Alabama, Ohio, California, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Georgia, Tennessee, Minnesota, and Michigan

Dana Creech, Tavis Cain, Kory Ellis, Joe Byrd, Doug Gust, Jorge Santamarina, Daryl Rath, Tim Farr, Jeremiah Jones, Bill Ballance, Jeff Seegott, Johnny Gallagher, Keith Little, Dean Sundahl, Greg Stuart, Sean Sermini, Greg Little, and John Natalie

Price $24.95 - List Price $29.95

Huevos Four

Another amazing ATV video from H- Bomb. This quad videos locations are California, Oregon, Idaho, Ohio, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Kentucky, and Canada.

Featuring: Dana Creech, Harold Goodman, Jimmy Elza, John Natalie, Keith Little, Tim Farr, Johnny Hale, Travis Cain, Dave Diver, Jeremiah Jones, Kory Ellis, Susan Parker, Angela Moore, Keith Marx, Brad Page, William Yokley and many more.

Price $14.95 - List Price $29.95

Huevos Three

DVD or VHS  

Price $14.95 - List Price $29.95

Huevos 2

H-Bomb Films and Director Wes Miller are back with one of the most insane ATV videos ever in "Huevos 2". In 1998 "Huevos Grandes" showcased hi-performance AVT riding, now this unbelivable sequel continues to push four-wheel riding to new levels. This quad video is shot on 16mm film, "Huevos 2" features the worlds most reknown riders pushing their skills at the wildest locations. Filmed across the US in dirt, mud, snow, and water, this quad video has it all!


Huevos - 1 - 2 - 3 Box Set

H-Bomb Films and Director Wes Miller make the best ATV Quad videos on the planet and here are three of the classics in one killer box set! Includes Huevos 1, Huevos 2, Huevos 3 atv videos.

Price $39.95 - List Price $69.95

H-Bomb Films and Director Wes Miller are the kings of ATV videos with their Huevos quad dvd series. Get three of the Huevos classics in one killer box set with a great price! Includes Huevos 4, Huevos 5, Huevos 6 atv videos.

List Price $69.95

Huevos 4-5-6 Box Set

From the producers of the Award winning Huevos atv videos series comes this action-packed expose’ of the 2nd annual ATV competition, Dirt Riot. Chocked full with more MX racing, 50cc dirtbikes, hot chicks, bands and of course more freestyle competition with riders August Goebel, Kelly Chang, Taylor Moles and others.

Price $10.00 - List Price $19.95

Huevos Dirt Riot ll

Price $14.95 - List Price $69.85

ATV Mud Value Pack
(Mud Nats, Mud Nationals, National Born Killers)

3 Great ATV DVDs,
1 Great Price!

All three of these ATV videos are produced by H-Bomb Films makers of the Huevos ATV DVDs.

Eatin' Mud!
Eatin’ Mud! An action packed off-road video atv video adventure through the week long event known as the ATV Mud Nationals. Join the filthy few who dare to take on the muddiest terrain in the world! Witness the full-force mud pit action and deadpan hilarity of the oddball riders who inhabit this world. Featuring mud bog madness, deep-water mud-a-cross, big-air quad freestyle, and mud slingin’ on the edge of insanity. Set to a rockin’ all-American soundtrack, Eatin’ Mud is an entertaining, off-the-wall, action packed documentary that keeps the mud flying until the very last minute!!

Price $13.95 - List Price $19.95

Price $9.99 - List Price $19.95

The Mud Nats

Wes Miller, creator of the “Huevos” ATV videos series, brings you coverage of the 2009 High Lifter Mud Nationals. Com on down and party with the people as they give y’all a true taste of mud boggin, party hoppin, camper poppin action. Chock full of long and gruelin’ endurance racin’ spiced up with eye poppin action from the Bomb Squad. Good ol’fun that will make you want to wallow in the mud!!


This ATV video transports you from your couch at home to the four corners of the four-wheeled ATV world. From the treacherous terrain of Baja to the downright dirty Mud Nationals in Texas, from the streets of New York City to the freestyle invasion of the Akraix crew, no ATV video has ever brought such an in-depth and diverse look at quad culture. This is a must have for your quad video collection for sure!!

Price $12.95 - List Price $24.95

Carpe Diem 4

The Carpe Diem 4 ATV video dvd covers all the racing action of the WPSA/ESPN 2 race series, intense Supermoto action, private practice sessions with the world’s top teams, as well as your standard stupidity the Carpe Diem series is known for. You have to see it to believe it!

Price $24.95 - List Price $29.95

Carpe Diem 3

Price $9.99- List Price $19.99

Premis Industries is at it again with the third installment of their award nominated Carpe Diem atv videos series. Premis teamed up with the fastest pros and the biggest names in the ATV industry to produce the best film of the year. Carpe Diem 3 is packed with all the insane racing and riding coverage Premis is known for plus all the crazy antics and behind the scenes footage that has become synonymous with the Carpe Diem title. Starring- Pat Brown, Kory Ellis, Chad Wienen, Brock Lyons, Skyler Stewart, Klint Anderson, Darryl Patton, August Goebel, Trent Kandel, Cody Miller, Jesse Sheafer, Hunter Miller, Vanilla Ice, Cody Anderson, Daryl Rath, Cale Downen. Locations- California, Arizona, Texas, Mexico, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Florida, Kentucky, Georgia, Supermoto, WPSA/ESPN series. For sure one of the best quad atv videos of the year, a must have!


Carpe Diem 2

Killer new ATV video dvd starring Kerry Getz, Jeremiah Jones, John Natalie Jr., Joel Hetrick,Doug Gust, Skyler Stewart, Chad Wienen, Keith Little, Brock Lyons, Cale Downen, Sage Baker, Jason Lewis, Greg Stuart, Roger Brown, Dave Sutherland, Bam Margera. Volume 2 of this award-nominated series takes you on another insane ride across the country.Check out the tight racing action of the GNC series, travel to Glamis Dunes during New Year’s weekend, and spend a day with Kerry Getz and Bam Margera at the MTV star’s house. Do some bark- busting with the country’s top woods riders, witness child prodigy Joel Hetrick practicing to be the best, and see all the crazy antics in between shoots. Premis has filmed with the best riders in the world to give you an in depth look at what it actually means to SEIZE THE DAY.Duration: 60 minutes

Price $19.95 - List Price $29.9

Price $19.95 - List Price $29.95

Poetry In Motion

Poetry In Motion - The Ryan Bemis Story
A killer ATV video Directed By Wes Miller, maker of the Huevos ATV videos. The Ryan Bemis Story; You don’t want to miss this new film. Ryan Bemis shows off his skills and pushes the limit on what is considered crazy by most. View the lifestyles and everyday life of Quad Freestyler Ryan Bemis and the path he took that got him where he is today. Featuring: Sheldon Riggs, Dana Creech,Giovanni Colon,Jon Guetter,August Goebel,Kelly Chang,Cody Smith & More.

Welcome to Mud County! Strap on your boots, fire up your engines and hold on for some good, clean fun in the Mud. The Mud County off road video DVD features incredible footage from the famous High-Lifter Mud Nationals in Texas, as well as the first annual High-Lifter East Coast Mud Nationals in Georgia.

The Mud is deep & the riders are wild; as Quads, UTVs and amazing mud machines compete in the muddiest events in the world! See all the mud lovin’ characters that were born to live in Mud County, and rock out to an all new original soundtrack. 60 minutes of non-stop muddin’ fun!

Mud County

Sale Price $13.95 - List Price $19.95

Price $12.95 - List Price $19.95

ATV Moving 4Ward

Fearless and unstoppable, these ATV pros have no limits when it comes to mastering their terrain. Sail over crowds in death defying, sky scraping backflips, shred through the harshest cross-country wilderness, soar across monstrous sand dunes, rip through mud-caked motocross tracks-- the ATV Moving 4Ward ATV DVD has it all.

Take a ride with the industry's hottest stars including Jon Guetter, Adam Theme, Chase Snapp and the Moore brothers in a freestyle frenzy, pressing their four-wheelers to the edge of insanity. You'll learn what drives their adrenaline infused minds through personal testimonials, seeing how they carved their way into the scene, as well as how they've made lives of professional riding. From narrowly escaping disaster to the satisfaction of that perfect, sticky landing, it's a game of high risk and higher rewards. Only one thing is certain-- you've never seen riding like this before.

This is the latest ATV / Quad action motorsports film from Blake Shipman Productions.

The ATV Movie: Revolutionary

The ATV Movie: Revolutionary is your front row seat to see the best ATV riders in the world doing what they do best! Follow the rising stars of this exclusive motor sports world from the best ATV motocross practice tracks to the secret back yard riding sessions of the top ATV Freestyle teams. Insane riding, high flyin’ stunts, intense interviews and commentary from the superstars of the ATV world. “The ATV Movie: Revolutionary” makes it easy to see why stardom never happens over night.
Price $10.95 - List Price $21.95

The Fallout 3

The guys are back! Akraix free ride members tear up the dirt in this new visually stunning ATV video HD DVD with state of the art camera shots unseen before. Starring: Jon Guetter, Derek Guetter, Steve Weissenger, Ben Bettis, Taylor Moles, August & Xander Goebel, Austin Wilson, Caleb Moore, Garret & Bart Engelstad, and more!

Price $14.95 - List Price $29.95

Price $14.95 - List Price $29.95

The Fallout 2

Akraix Entertainment and Studio 411 present The Fallout: Volume 2. This atv video is a perfect mix of freeriding and motocross action, along with huge natural terrain freeriding with the stars of quad freestyle motocross. Watch how this quad video brilliantly portrays the sport of quad fmx with unique camera angles and tricks that have never been seen before. Filmed all over the world, The Fallout: Voume 2 will have you on the edge of your seat waiting to see more. Features Jon Guetter, Derek Guetter, Caleb Moore, Steve Weissinger, Ben Bettis, Austin Wilson, “Mad” Mike Jones and more.

"The Fallout. Vol 1" is an ATV video dedicated to bringing the freeriding aspect of motocross to fans and riders alike. This atv video provides a superior entertainment experience dedicated to freeriding. Watch how Jon Guetter progresses the art of ATV freestyle to the next level and taking the sport mainstream. The film will also show all aspects of the sport, from family participation, personal dedication and the shear love of competition. "The Fallout. Vol 1" is produced, and edited by riders. Riders: Jon Guetter, Derek Guetter, Kelly Chang, Garret Engelstad, Caleb Moore, Josh Normington, Steve Weissinger, Austin Wilson, Tavis Cain, Sage Baker, and more! Locations: California, Arizona, Texas, Minnesota, Illinois, Utah, Nevada, Hawaii, New Zealand Australia, Spain, France.

The Fallout

Price $14.95 - List Price $29.95

Price $22.95- List Price $25.95

Quicksand 6
QUICKSAND 6: THE CAMEL TOE ATV DVD video Shot in HD, All the best footage from their Epic Dune Ride in the UAE, Abu Dhabi, & Dubai on the Southeastern tip of the Arabian Peninsula! Back to Nevada's Sand Mountain and Coos Bay Oregon for off the hook fun with the H Bomb crew, Caleb Moore & Jimmy Fitzpatrick. The best ever Snake Hunt in Little Sahara Oklahoma. Exclusive Sand Rail Shootout footage w/ Rick Johnson & Rob MacCachren. Always the best GLAMIS footage w/ Wild girls! Motoheads going nuts! Rails & Trucks jumping huge gaps! They have got the best parties, crashes, & more wild girls than anyone.

Price $22.45 - List Price $25.95

Quicksand 5
The Snake Hunt

A must have epic ATV video dvd! For the first time they go to The Snake Hunt in Little Sahara Oklahoma, a fantasy trip to Dubai with Buckshot Racing, camels, kings and sultans! Dune Fest in Winchester Bay, Oregon with Grand Funk Railroad! and don't forget GLAMIS! All new Rhino sections. Quad Riders doing back flips! Andrew Buck in his new MONSTER Rail. Sand cars jumping huge gaps! We've got all the best parties, crashes, wild girls, fire, live bands, and more wild girls.

Price $22.95 - List Price $25.95

Quicksand 4

One of the best sandsports atv videos of all time some say. Travel to Sand Mountain, Nevada and back to Dune Fest in Winchester Bay, Oregon. Also captures some sweet aerial footage of Glamis Experience Andrew Buck in his X3 like never before and Curt Laduc & Robby Gordon jumping huge gaps in trucks. Full of sick MX jumps, quads, parties, crashes, sand rails, trucks, broken bones, fire walkers, crazy guys, live bands, more wild girls than ever before and of course the sand freaks!

Price $34.95 - List Price $49.95

Quicksand Box Set

Includes all four QUICKSAND ATV videos on a set of 3 DVDs. The best Sandsports movies of all time. With over two hours of crazy Bonus footage! Featuring: Jeff Emig - Robby Gordon - Brian Deegan - Micky Dymond - Kory Ellis - Dana Creech - Todd LeDuc - Jeremy 'Twitch' Stenberg - Mike Cinqmars and many more!

Locations: Glamis - Pismo - Dumont - Devils Playground - Winchester Bay - Coos Bay - Sand Mountain & Mammoth Wash.

Sale Price $19.95 - List Price $29.95

Mountains & Mud 6

The epic all 4x4 ATV and side by side film of the year! Award-winning film director Thomas Opre has traveled North America to find the best 4x4 ATV and side by side action. His cameras have captured action from British Columbia to Texas to California to Louisiana. Mountains & Mud 6 covers it all -- mountain riding, rock crawling, mud bogging. Mountains & Mud atv DVD video was the first, and only, action sports film to capture all 4x4 and side by side action!

Sale Price $24.95 - List Price $29.95

Mountains & Mud 5

AN EPIC 4X4 ATV video. Sit it back and hold on as award-winning film director Thomas Opre takes you on a wild 4x4 quad ride. No sand and no two-wheelers in this movie -- nothing but big mountains, rough rocks and deep mud. Opre travels with his cameras catching epic 4x4 quad action throughout North America. New this season includes features on insane utility quad riders Rory Roberg (British Columbia), Ken Hower (California), Maggie Robertson (Louisiana), and Seth Russel (Texas). Also, look for monster mud action at the 2009 High Lifter Mud Nationals.

Mountains & Mud 4

Sale Price $19.95 - List Price $29.95

Mountains & Mud 3

Epic 4x4 ATV video action! Take a ride with award-winning filmmaker, Thomas Opre, as he travels North America to film the most insane 4x4 quad action. From the tops of peaks in British Columbia to the deepest mud in Texas to the rock gardens in Moab, this film had it all. Includes the 2007 Highlifter ATV Mud Nationals.

Sale Price $19.95 - List Price $29.95

Mountains & Mud 2

An epic 4x4 quad video. Hold on as award-winning film maker, Thomas Opre takes you on a wild ride. From the deepest mud in East Texas, to intense ATV rock crawling in California, to the tallest peaks in British Columbia, Mountains & Mud 2 captures the most extreme 4x4 atv video action on film.

Price $19.95 - List Price $29.95

Mountains & Mud

Tired of sand quad videos? If you are, then sit back and hold on as award-winning film director Thomas Opre takes you on a wild 4x4 ATV video ride. No sand and no two-wheelers in this movie -- nothing but big mountains and deep mud. Opre travels with his cameras catching epic 4x4 quad video action throughout North America.

Price $19.95 - List Price $29.95

National Born Killers

National Born Killers ATV video DVD covers the heart of ATV racing. Featuring the top pro riders in the world battling for the National title, this film brings you the in-depth behind the scenes coverage most fans can only dream of seeing. Witness what top-level racers deal with in a single season such as traveling, training, family affairs, preparation, injuries and more. Filmed and edited by the multi-time award winning "Huevos" crew, National Born Killers is another H-Bomb classic.

Price $9.99 - List Price $24.95


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