Three years in the making, the DEFY wakeboard DVD + Blu Ray video is an amazing visual overdose of wakeboarding at its highest level, starring four-time X Games gold medalist Danny Harf and his crew of progressive riders. Harf co-produces the film with elite director Sean Kilgus of BFY Productions. The pair have a solid track record, winning "Best Video Performance" in 2008 for their last effort in DRIVE. Shot entirely in brilliant HD with the best cameras int he world, be prepared to enter a world never seen before as the crew travels the globe in search of the next step. "It's about getting out of your comfort zone," Harf said. "I want to inspire people and help them realize how much there is left to be done on a wakeboard."


Sale Price $27.95 - List Price $29.95


List Price $19.95

They made Lipsmack to remind everyone that above everything else, wakeboarding is supposed to be creative and fun. We hope that by seeing how our company and our team approach the sport, it will encourage you to get out there and ride as much as possible.

(Byerly's story)

The most anticipated wakeboarding dvd in history lives up to the hype. Take a trip through wakeboarding's past, present, and future by seeing Scott Byerly's story unfold with the sport.

A criticism I've heard is that some people don't want to see a video just about one rider. Well, that's not what Retrospect really is, it's focus is on Byerly, but it's a balanced set of riding from the sport's greatest riders.


Sale Price $27.95 - List Price $29.95

Asterisk 2

Sale Price $14.95 - List Price $24.95

Not What Cha Think is a 4-year wakeboard video project from Oregon Trail Trash Productions with over 2 hours of footage (including an additional 2 hours of bonus footage!)
Filmed in Florida, Texas, California, Washington and of course Oregon.

Features over 50 riders, including Brett Jackson, Kyle Walton, Ben Horan, Reed Watson, Southside Steve, Drew Danielo and Zak Stone.

Mostly winching action, but does have boat, ski and cable riding, wakeskating, wakeboard, skateboard, snowboard, snowskating and longboarding, so basically one long-ass video with EVERYTHING!


Sale Price $14.95 - List Price $29.95

Deliberate Wakeboard DVD

The movie features Jeff Weatherall, Brad Smeele, Ants Collings, Josh O'Connell, Tony Evans and Scott Greene as well as a couple of Aussies, Dean Smith, Chris O'Shea and Troy Mackey.

The majority of the movie was filmed abroad, with amazing footage being captured all over the world. From towing-in in Tahiti, to the flattest water you're ever likely to see in Taranaki. It's a sight to behold.

Sidewayz Films and Gator Boards have teamed up to make an amazing wakeboard video dvd with some of the best wakeboarders and wakeskaters in the world. The result is Transgression. With the comeback of Randall Harris boarding for the first time in over two years this project is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Along with Randall Harris you will experience Ryan Doyle, Keith Lidberg – the rail master, Kyle Rattray, Drew McGuckin, Gerry Nunn, Tim Kovacich, Ricky Gonzales, Mark Weikel, Wes Briscoe, Steve Edwards, and the newest member of the family…the prodigal child Matt Manzari. Sidewayz Films is emerging to a new level with this film. With the riders submerged in the culture of each location and bringing their own style to the project, along with the creative production style of Ronn Seidenglanz, this film will transform the magic from the water to the big screen.


Sale Price $29.95 - List Price $34.95

Push Process

Price $10.00 - List Price $19.95

Oakley and 1242 Productions’ latest HD wakeboard video dvd showcases the progression of wakeboarding and wakeskating through a travelogue of the world’s best riders. Join these athletes as they chase down perfect water in the world’s most exotic locations.

Collaborating with acclaimed filmmaker Justin Stephens and graphic artist Chase Heavener, Oakley’s PUSH PROCESS combines experimental cinematography, editing and animation graphics with the most progressive riding ever documented on the big screen.

Oakley athletes Keith Lyman, Aaron Rathy, Andrew Adkison, Amber Wing, George Daniels, Danny Hampson, Dallas Friday and Jack Blodgett are more than just the stars who create the epic footage—they are members of the production team, all playing pivotal roles in the project since day one.


From Edge Productions, the makers of last year's hit water ski movie Momentum, comes Evolve - an epic journey of butter glass waters, hidden ponds and banking turns like you have never seen. Shot all in HD, Evolve boasts some of the most unique and exciting footage ever in water skiing. Take a trip with the likes of Marcus Brown, Terry Winter, Freddy Kruger, Jamie Beauchesne, Seth Stisher, Jason Hutchins, Tom Henderson, Breanne Wagner, Carly Clifton and may other names you know, and some you don't, until now. Also includes tons of bonus footage.

(Water Ski DVD)

Sale Price $26.95 - List Price $29.95

Not What Cha Think

Sale Price $18.95 - List Price $24.95

Not What Cha Think is a 4-year wakeboard video project from Oregon Trail Trash Productions with over 2 hours of footage (including an additional 2 hours of bonus footage!)
Filmed in Florida, Texas, California, Washington and of course Oregon.

Features over 50 riders, including Brett Jackson, Kyle Walton, Ben Horan, Reed Watson, Southside Steve, Drew Danielo and Zak Stone.

Mostly winching action, but does have boat, ski and cable riding, wakeskating, wakeboard, skateboard, snowboard, snowskating and longboarding, so basically one long-ass video with EVERYTHING!


Sale Price $23.45 - List Price $29.95

Eight years of tier 1 wakeboard video making comes to a head this spring for BFY with their new release, "Drive," featuring Wakeboarding Mag Rider of the Year Rusty Malinoski, Danny Harf, Randall Harris, Chad Sharpe and others. Filmed entirely in HD Super 16 mm film, "Drive" is a stunning visual experience, including it's audience in trips to the far reaches of the globe. Brace yourself for Sean Kilgus' latest film. The most talented riders on the water today come together for one of BFY's best wakeboard videos yet....


The new wakeboard video dvd from Scratch Films and Jared Eygabroad. Godspeed is shot in HD featuring athletes Sean O'Brien, Nick Ennen, Silas Thurman, Travis Propst, Jeff McKee, Chris Craig, Rob Carter, Collin Wright, Drew Danielo and Perry Richmod. One of the first big releases this year!

Sale Price $9.99 - List Price $19.95

From the producers of wakeboard videos like In Its Travels comes Beans and Rice, with all the variety you need to complete your Mexican entree for the fiesta of a lifetime! Style and skills are brought to the table by Kyle Murphy, Kyle Walton, up and comer Ben Horan, Brandon Rau, Melissa Marquardt, George Daniels, Silas Thurman, returning hombre Randall The Vandall, and Jeff Harcq, with tons of awesome south-of-the-border scenery!

Sale Price $19.95 - List Price $25.95

Beans and Rice

The Good Times 2

The follow-up to one of the bestselling wakeboard videos The Good Times from Jared Eygabroad and Scratch Films. Riders include Sean O'Brien, Nick Ennen, Jeff McKee, Mikey Ennen, Chris Craig, Travis Propst, Silas Thurman, Bret V, Brent Starr, Robbie Carter and more. Filmed at locations all over the U.S., including WA, OR, ID, FL, CA, and SD. Features new tricks such as: nose grab tantrum to blind, nose grab toeside backroll, left to right transfer rail with frontboard and backlip gaps, big spins with early and late grabs, off axis osmosis spins, and the biggest most stylish nose grab backside 180 you've ever seen.

Sale Price $21.95 - List Price $24.95

It's Whatever

If you're looking for a new wakeboarding video dvd including only the top rated riders out there whom you always see, read no longer! This new film shows you the most stylish and yet so under-rated riders out there who will be taking their spot soon. The double-disc set titled It's Whatever is the latest work produced by Austin-based company Under360 as a result of their sophomore effort. The 2 Disc set features a DVD for both wakeskating and wakeboarding, all while being jam-packed with intense footage of the best talent in Texas. The box set captures the riding of Mitch Bergsma, Tom Fooshee, Gabe Lucas, Evan Lykes, Bret Little and many more. What's in this DVD? Cables, rails, winches, wakes, boards, skates... It's Whatever.

Sale Price $23.95 - List Price $29.95

The “North American River Lover’s Association” bring you their first feature film! Aaron Reed, Danny Hampson, Parks Bonifay, Reed Hansen, Shawn Watson, Thomas Horrell, Jim Leatherman, Myles Vickers and special guests. A wakeskating video dvd 3 years in the making, and unlike anything you’ve seen before. Take back the river!

Sale Price $5.00 - List Price $24.95



Sale Price $9.95 - List Price $24.95

Revolution is the second offering from the makers of fine wakeboard videos Numbskull productions and Noted filmmakers Ron Mart and Jared Schassen. This year's cast includes some big name Pros such as Rickey Gonzalez, Gerry Nunn, Nick Weinacker, Silas Thurman, and Sean Obrien as well as Pro tour veterans Ron Cafferky, Chris Craig, Nick Jones, Robby Carter, Dan Klopp, Edrick Jong, Mike Cardoza and Nick Cardoza. revolution offers a unique and fresh blend of big, stylish riding smoothly edited to a fantastic and diverse soundtrack. Featured Riders - Rickey Gonzalez, Gerry Nunn, Nick Weinacker, Silas Thurman, Sean Obrien..

After his debut wakeboard video dvd "Ticket - the Wakeboard Movie" (winner mention d´honneur) and the popular 16mm Kite film "Poetry", Christian Gruner presents his new masterpiece with the name "Statement". The film was produced with the worldwide best cable wakeboarders and wakeskaters in philippines this year. In a brilliant film quality and breathtaking camera perspectives, wakeboarding will be presented with it's characters as you have never seen before. Featured Riders - Daniel Pyne, Brian Grubb, Donald Shelbrick, Patrick Viererbe, Daniel Fetz, Heather Johnson, Sam Collins, Scott Green, Jan Sauer, Kinga Horvath.


Sale Price $22.95 - List Price $24.95


What’s updog? The latest wakeboard video dvd release from award winning producer Ronnie Romero. Featuring locations around the world and top pro riders: Shawn Watson, Keith Lyman, Rusty Malinoski, Kyle Rattray, Chad Sharpe, Kyle Alberts, Jeff Weatherall, Erik Ruck, Trevor Hansen, and a special tribute to wakeboard legend Darin Shapiro, which features his current riding as well as a montage of clips from Sidewayz classics like Six Pack, 12 Honkeys and N.B.T.- this is the last time Darin’s riding will be featured in a wake film! Shot in beautiful High Def widescreen format.

Sale Price $9.99 - List Price $24.95

Alliance Wakeboard magazine brings the world the first-ever wakeboarding and wakeskating specific television series, Pull. Now this incredible series is available on one wakeboard video dvd box set. This 5-DVD box set contains the complete first and second seasons of this series – 20 episodes, over seven hours of wakeboarding and wakeskating craziness with your favorite pros in over 40 locations worldwide! Travel with Parks Bonifay and Danny Harf to wakeboard the waves and lagoons of Tahiti, explore hidden waterways throughout the European countryside with Aaron Reed and Ben Greenwood, and take a classic wakeboarding road-trip across the United States with five of the top riders in the world. All of this and much, much more! Get ready to experience the lives, personalities and, of course, the great riding of over 50 athletes. FUEL TV and Alliance are happy to bring these two years of programming to you in this complete set – enjoy! “Get ready to experience the lives, personalities and, of course, the great riding of over 50 athletes.” “20 episodes, over seven hours of wakeboarding and wakeskating craziness with your favorite pros in over 40 locations worldwide.”.

Pull Box Set
(Season 1 & 2)

Sale Price $59.95 - List Price $79.95

Issue 3 starts off with a day in the life of George Daniels. Follow George around for a whole day and see just how many tricks can be done in one day. Scott Byerly, Brian Grubb, Aaron Reed, George Daniels, and Drew Mcguckin take a road trip to Mexico. That line up should speak for itself but let me just say this is the best footage from a wakeskate trip yet. See what went down at Aaron Reed's Arete' wakeskate contest. This was Aaron's first wakeskate contest and everyone was killing it. Brian Grubb has a well deserved pro spotlight with a ton of good footage of him riding in hidden spots all over the globe. Besides the videos main sections Tim Kovacich, John Ruark, Clint Tompkins, Brandon Thomas, Ryan Doyle, Reed Hansen, Blood, Aaron Reed, and Kyle Walton all have amazing tricks split up into three montage sections. The whole video is packed full of amazing riding from the best riders in the world and is a must have for wakeskaters everywhere.

Volume Wakeskate # 3

Sale Price $21.95 - List Price $24.95

Sale Price $4.99 - List Price $19.95

Volume Wakeskate # 4 

Volume Issue #4 is the latest in the series from Volume Wakeskate Videos. The pro spotlight is on Reed Hansen, and the Day in the Life section features Nick Taylor. There’s a trip to Hong Kong with Brandon Thomas and Scott Byerly, footage from the 3rd annual Toe Jam, trick tips presented by the Projects, and a montage of many other talented riders.
Running time is 45 minutes,.

In Issue 3...apparently you can drink the water. This video installment features:Radar LakeSnake RiverCooking with hottiesLake ShastaBurning ManOrlando.

Sale Price $18.95 - List Price $24.95


Current VM 3
Can Drink The Water

Muskoka Militia

Sale Price $21.95 - List Price $24.95

Muskoka Militia Volume II follows some of Canada's best riders as they travel around the world. This movie shows highlights of Canada's finest hitting the local Canadian contest circuit, taking multiple trips to Florida, riding in New Zealand and various other locales. MMII also shows off the talents of the Projects resident Keith Lidberg, Josh Sanders, Kyle Murphy and the Kampus Wakeskate team.

Riderographies 2 is the next chapter in the Riderographies series. This film features the riding of Melissa Marquardt, Jeff McKee, Adam Balon, Jack Blodgett, Nick V., Collin Wright, Chad Sharpe, Brian Grubb, Billy McKee and many more. This issue features a day in the life of Melissa Marquard and shows off Billy McKee's crib. The music in this film is brought to you by Jeff McKee's band "Milhouse" and other bands like Amongst Us, Children of the Thorn and C Dubbler. Riderographies 2 was shot on location in Oregon, California and Florida in some of the most exclusive riding spots in the country. For an added bonus this year, O.G. Productions has included a soundtrack CD with every DVD.

Riderographies 2

Sale Price $10.00 - List Price $24.95


Sale Price $26.95 - List Price $29.95

This wakeboard instruction video covers the “true movement” of wakeboarding technique. Even all you so-called “advanced” riders will benefit from the foundation drills.

Approved by the top Wakeboarding Associations and Wakeboard Camps, Waketrix is truly the professional wakeboard coaching tool. It’s the most comprehensive easy-to-use instructional, plus it features some new training and fundamental trick drills that are revealed for the first time. Waketrix has the coaching secrets and tips that have helped the pros get where they are today. So, quit lying about how good you are and learn something new. Features instruction with Danny Harf, Darin Shapiro, Dallas Friday, Chad Sharpe, Daniel Watkins, Josh Sanders, John Nodalski, Loren Levine, Zane Schwenck, Cobe Mikacich, Jeff Solei, Mike Ferraro

Death Coookies

Filmed entirely in Utah. Stars Mike Lieber, Nate Richins, Chris Sunyich, Jason Coop, Dave Bagley, Cris patton.

Sale Price $18.95 - List Price $24.95

Delta Sessions

The Westside Connection finally brings you a true West Coast video with the newest and freshest faces in town. We have combined California's best wakeboarders with the hottest unsigned West Coast musical talent.

Delta Sessions features riders like Cody Ramsey, Mike Schwenne, Greg Nelson, Cobe, Aaron Aubrey, Brady Sammons, Chris Dykmans and many more.

Sale Price $22.95 - List Price $24.95

All or Nothing includes Parks Bonifay riding big waves in Tahiti, another classic Scott Byerly section done in true Sidewayz fashion and Shaun Murray taking on naval ships and atomic bombs to save the world. All or Nothing focuses on the top seven team riders at Hyperlite, giving each rider a lengthy section where they can really showcase their abilities.

Some of the riding highlights include Danny Harf's Blind Pete and huge off-axis 900s and 720s, Parks Bonifay doing tweaked out toeside backside spins along with some slider brilliance, Brian Grubb showing why he's at the forefront of wakeskating, Scott Byerly wakeboarding and doing some insane wakeskating, and Shaun Murray dropping bombs off the double up! There isn't much off the water footage in this one, giving you a full video full of top-notch wakeboarding!

All Or Nothing

Sale Price $19.95 - List Price $24.95

FEATURED RIDERS - Scott Byerly, Shaun Murray, Parks Bonifay, Ricky Gonzalez, Brian Grubb, Danny Harf, Chad Sharpe

Double Up

From makers of “Monkey On A String”. A 16mm film adventure that showcases the wakeboarding of Luke Wulf, Colin Wright, Sam Owens, Rich Facciano, Greg Nelson & more. Get to know Corey Kraut a little closer with unseen footage of him.
ONLY $5.00

Hot Doggin

ONLY $5.00

Staring: Chase Heavener, Matt Staker, Shawn Watson, Thomas Horrell, Chris Heavener, Shaun Moore, Jim Leatherman, Myles Vickers. Apperances by: Scott Byerly, Greg Necrason, Shane Bonifay, Def Lepard, The Kid, Boner, Josh McWilliams, James Spradlin, Brian Cox.
40 min

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