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Grit Flick

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The GRIT FLICK climbing video captures the action of one of the best season's on gritstone ever! Headlining with Jordan Buy's second ascent of the coveted Widdop Wall, also includes what has been touted by Gritstone guru John Dunne as 'the hardest route on grit' as Ryan Pascal makes the first ascent of the outrageously difficult 'Gerty Berwick' the blank wall to the left of the 'New Statesman' at Ilkley, Yorkshire. We also see the first ascent of 'French Duke' another last great problem at Earl's Crag as well as the hardest UK female ascents of a gritstone route as Lucy Creamer tries her luck on 'Slab and Crack' E8 at Cubar. Plus ground up action as Ben Bransby and James McHaffie tackle ‘one of the meanest sections of gritstone climbing to be found’ on National Acrobat at Ramshaw Rocks.

Also featuring: Ben Bransby's first ascent of Rhylstone highball - Adam Long and Jack Geldard do some hard on sighting at the Roaches - Brimham rocks with a desperate E7 on sight by James McHaffie - Pete Whittaker’s second ascent of 'A Little Peculiar' a British 7b, featuring one of the hardest moves of its type in the world - An exclusive interview with gritstone legend John Dunne - Extras - ON SIGHT out-takes - see some of the ascents that didn't make the cut from the land mark film - Gaz Parry and Jordan Buys repeat Reservoir Dogs E8 7a - The Hilarious 'Making Of' On Sight filmed at the Kendal Mountain Film Festival.


Luxary Liner

Price $10.00 - List Price $29.95

This rock climbing video is the story of the first ascent of Supercrack, by Earl Wiggins in 1976. Includes interviews with ropemates Ed Webster and Brian Becker. All region DVD. Brand New in original shrink wrap. In 1976, Indian Creek was a little-known, dried-up, ancient riverbed in southeastern Utah. But in that year the impossible became the possible: Earl Wiggins climbed Supercrack, a 300-foot vertical sandstone fracture from the ground up. Indian Creek is now considered one of the finest international climbing destinations in the world.

Luxury Liner is the story of a bold man behind an unthinkable idea. It pairs historical footage of the first ascent of Supercrack with recent interviews that reminisce on an earlier time, when climbing necessitated fearlessness, confidence, finesse and humility. When Wiggins's ropemates Ed Webster and Bryan Becker return to Supercrack thirty years later to share memories, they come upon wisdom: simplicity is at the heart of climbing, even today, and the audacious foolishness of the past continues to resonate into the future.


List Price $29.95

SPRAY, the fourth climbing video dvd from BS Productions, attempts to capture the true spirit of climbing. Filmmaker Brian Solano followed Joe Kinder and Chris Lindner on their most recent journey documenting every moment in crystal clear High Definition video. The team set out to explore the treasures of California’s northern coastline. They ventured through the delicate beaches of Arcata, the stunning limestone of the Trinity Aretes, the historical shores of Mickey’s Beach, and the alpine stone of Donner Summit. The film features numerous first ascents, including Chris Lindner’s Oceanside route Window of Opportunity. The film’s release will be supported with ads in Urban Climber and Climbing Magazine, editorial content in Rock and Ice, and an 8-page Feature in Urban Climber.

The one and only instructional bouldering video! Hosted by world-class, professional climber, Matt Birch and directed by award-winning, climbing filmmaker Paul Dusatko.
Learn how to Boulder with one of the most accomplished boulderers in the world!
Start cranking today. Shot on location at the Buttermilk Boulders Bishop, CA.


List Price $29.99

Bouldering 101

Big Game

List Price $29.95

It’s about as far away as you can fly from the US. Could it really be worth it?

Rock Climbing video dvd with Boone Speed, Chris Sharma, and Nate Gold, they finally realize the dream of going to the fabled Castle Hill basin to see if Boone’s spray is ligit. The colossal Flock Hill area has recently re-opened to climbing, adding to the already Phenomenal limestone bouldering of the valley.

Guest starring Lauren Lee, Chris Tartaglia, Melissa Lacasse, Cynthia Levinthal, and more. DVD includes outtakes and bonus scenes.

52 minutes + outtakes, deleted scenes and bonus films • DVD

Rock climbing video DVD + Book with an in-depth look at developing good climbing skills, starting with the basics of the center of gravity and correct movement, and based on the fundamental physical components of all human movement: balance, force, time & space. Activities are presented that allow you to see & feel the concepts at work in your own movements. Includes hand and foot holds, turning, flagging, redpointing, on-sighting. The accompanying DVD expands on the moves shown in the book and allows for printable PDF-format self-assessment & pyramid forms. Included is a book.

Self-Coached Climber


Price $9.99 - List Price $24.95

The Life

The Life rock climbing video protrays a more personal breed of climbing entertainment. Drawn together from over 30 hours of archived footage, The Life condences 5 years of climbing footage into an hour world tour, with amazing bonus features. The Life features America's most accomplished climbers in highly technical climbs from around the world. 54mins

The first ever ropeless climb of Yosemite’s sheer 2000-foot Half Dome. The longest base jump ever achieved, from the infamous Eiger Nordwand. A tragic expedition to the lost peaks of Western China. These are just a few of the personal journey’s and amazing feats featured in the First Ascent Box Set. First Ascent is Sender Film’s groundbreaking 6-part series that takes you to the cutting edge of adventure. Produced over two years on five continents, First Ascent follows the greatest climbers to majestic locations around the globe on their extreme quests to redefine the series, plus more than 60 minutes of bonus footage: out-takes, making–of movies, trailers, and additional climbing, high lining and base jumping scenes.

Features:Alex Honnold, Chris Sharma, Dean Potter, Micah Dash, Wade Johnson, Jonny Copp’s

First Ascent The Series

Price $45.95- List Price $55.95

Action Adept
Yosemite Valley

Price $19.95 - List Price $29.95

Action Adept Yosemite Valley, this amazing new climbing video release from acclaimed producer Tom Morrow. Action Adept has captured in this film never-before-seen shots of Thomas & Alex Huber speed climbing up the Zodiac as well as record breaking slack lining of the lost arrow spire and the Rostrum this film will keep you on the edge of your seat as you watch Josh Thompson and Tom Morrow on there epic ascent of Senate Mandate in a five day snow storm. Watch Leo Holding, Vivo Nina and Tim Emmy as they try to free climb the New Jersey turnpike as well as Warren Macdonald dual amputee ascent of the Tangerine trip on El Capitan. This film has non-stop action that everyone will enjoy.

Here is a very well done bouldering climbing video with a little bit of culture, a little bit of soul, and a coupla BIG falls.

A group of pro american climbers go to nepal to climb/boulder. A lot different than regular climbing videos as there is a higher purpose to the climbing that they are doing. Good stuff, worth buying for sure!!!

Price $10.00 - List Price $29.95


A Day In The Life

Paul Dusatko's directing efforts in A Day In The Life climbing video uncovers the parallels between sending a climb and overcoming the obstacles of real life. A Day In The Life intimately enters the lives of 5 women climbers; Beth Rodden, Tiffany Campbell, Stephanie Forte , Roxanna Brock, and Brandi Proffitt. Each woman represents a different age, personality, and lifestyle. From the 40-hour office cubicles, to the 1,000-foot walls of Red Rocks, Nevada , their inner strength and determination create a story of hope and inspiration. Featuring the first female ascents of Lurking Fear 5.13c, Soul Train 5.14a, and Cholos V9.

List Price $24.95

2005. When a trip to New Zealand gets put off, Boone Speed, Chris Sharma, and Nate Gold have 2 weeks to kill and skin to burn. With stories of Hueco’s new age being not as restrictive as feared, they make a trip back for the first time in seven years. Sharma may be 40 pounds bigger, but the good news is, its all muscle. This climbing video dvd stars Jason Kehl, Mike Beck, Tim Kemple, Anna Burgos, Bret Lowell, Steve Maisch and more. DVD includes outtakes and bonus scenes. 52 minutes. DVD

List Price $29.95

Best Of The West

Return To Sender

In this new climbing video dvd film by the creators of Front Range Freaks, Peter Mortimer and his cohorts return with an inspired filmic collage featuring mind-blowing climbing & adventure footage from around the globe. Consists of 6 films, including the acclaimed segment, Parallelojams (Indian Creek crack climbing), hosted by legendary climber and comedian Timmy O'Neill; a second ascent in Greenland,; 10-year-old Cicada Jenerik; Mexico BASE jumping; Michael Reardon's SoCal solo spree; and Biscuit, the climbing dog
Price $22.95 - List Price $29.95

A Video Guide To Joes Valley Utah!. Isaac Caldiero, Corigan Kushma, Steven Jeffery, and Jared Roth take us on a video guidebook journey across North America's newest and most exciting sandstone bouldering mecca. The first film of its kind - This dvd can be viewed in two modes. Action based mode (just like other climbing dvds King Lines, Top 20, First Ascent etc.) or it can be watched in Guidebook mode. Guidebook mode features the action based view in one corner of the screen and then beta and guidebook like info in the lefthand and bottom portion of the screen. This is a killer climbing video film with the added bonus of guidebook style beta if desired. Produced by Nathan Cando. Running Time: 50 Min.

Price $17.95 - List Price $29.95

Joes Valley Utah

Koh Tao

With this amazing climbing video experience the intensity and beauty that is Thailand; the most popular budget-friendly climbing destination in the world! Discover the chill and surreal world of Tonsai - the sport climbing mecca of Asia. Be the first to visit the deep water soloing paradise of Lao Liang and witness first hand the wonder and magic that is Koh Tao, Thailand's granite wonderland of undiscovered boulders.

Price $29.95

The perfecto climbing video DVD. Among Mallorca’s fragrant almond groves, famed nightclubs and speedo-sporting Eurotourists, limestone cliffs rise straight from the sea like sentinels, their steep pockets beckoning to climbers the world over. A fall means splashing into 80° water, drying off and trying again – from the bottom. Some call it climbing in its purest form. Others call it a hell of a way to spend a few weeks. Last season, a small group of climbers traveled to those sea cliffs to learn the intricacies of deep water soloing and to try, unrehearsed, some of the hardest – and most aesthetic – routes in the world. Directed and produced by Mike Call, Perfecto captures the beauty, adrenaline and purity of the Mallorca experience.

Price $17.95 - List Price $29.95


Primal Quest:
Expedition Adventure Race

Price $14.95 - List Price $24.99

Primal Quest: Expedition Adventure Race climbing video - Follow the world's premier adventure racers for seven brutal days in the San Juan Islands and Cascade Mountains of the the Pacific Northwest.

- "The Super Bowl of adventure racing" features more than 50 teams running, trekking, biking, and mountaineering through unforgiving terrain
- As the race unfolds, see physical and mental challenges become secondary when tragedy strikes
- Academy Award winner Liam Neeson narrates as teams push non-stop for the finish line and the $250,000 prize
- Includes elite racers such as Ian Adamson, Rebecca Rusch, Nathan Fa'ave, Danelle Ballangee, Mike Kloser, Robin Benincasa and more.

The Top 20 Classic Boulder Problems of North America - Over 500 top climbers were asked to name the most classic boulder problems in North America. This climbing video features a countdown of the top 20. The all female cast features some of the sports top climbers with each problem show casing a different athlete such as Cerre Francis, Kate Reese, Charlotte Jouett, Alli Rainey, and others. Director and producer Nathan Cando has created trailers for Hollywood blockbusters such as Gladiator and now brings his talent to the climbing industry.

Top 20 Classic Boulder Problems of North America

Price $19.95 - List Price $29.95

Price $19.95 - List Price $24.95

Touching The Void

Rock climbing video DVD Based On A True Story. From Oscar-winning director Kevin MacDonald comes a riveting true story...a "gripping, white-knuckle" (The Village Voice) adventure culminating in "a cliffhanger...a real one" (Los Angeles Times)! After scaling the never-before-conquered 21,000-foot Siula Grande, mountain climbers Joe Simpson and Simon Yates face their greatest challenge yet: getting back down. But when Simpson shatters his leg in an awful fall and the friends are separated by a series of devastating mishaps, their individual journeys become a "voyage into an extreme experience that should not be missed" (New York Post)!

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