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Running Time: 73 minutes

From the director of the epic rock climbing videos Specimen and Pure...CORE goes to the heart of climbing. Join an international cast of the sport's most dedicated athletes as they stick it when it matters most. Shot in 35mm Ultra High Definition, get ready to see every detail of some of the nastiest pieces of rock ever climbed. A close examination of each character offers perspective beyond just their achievements on the stone. From Helsinki to Hueco, Africa to Italy, the enclosed forests of Tuscany to the vast open space of the American West, this film is a study in the landscapes and lifestyles that define our sport. Be there, in the moment, as a 5.14 traditional route gets its first ascent. See the mind-bending footage from Livin Large, Nalle Hukkataival's monster 8C. Watch as Fred Nicole polishes off his multi-year project in Switzerland – his hardest ever. All these achievements and more are brought to you here in Chuck Fryberger's followup to the hit bouldering flick PURE. These are the moments and the athletes that define our sport, documented here with a unique style that will leave the viewer feeling like they experienced the film right along with the climbers themselves.

Featured Athletes:Nalle Hukkataival, Matt Wilder, Fred Nicole, Kilian Fischhuber, Kevin Jorgeson, BJ Tilden, Lucas Preti, Cody Roth, Michele Caminati, Jamie Emerson, Sarah and Steph Marvez, Berni Fiedler And Many More.

Gym Climbing
Mind, Body, Soul

This climbing video has techniques for climbing, bouldering & yoga instruction. It features interactive menus and dozens of stations for climbing & yoga taught by seasoned instructors Richard Valdez & Robert Hallworth. Bonus features include: history of rock climbing (filmed in Yosemite); basics of slackline; yoga for climbers; belay and safety; climbing equipment. Whether you're a first-time climber or heading for The Nose, this video will give you the essential tools to become a better climber, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

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First Ascent

Price $19.95 - List Price $29.95

First Ascent climbing video features today’s top rock climbers as they lay siege to steep faces and soaring alpine walls in pursuit of climbing’s pinnacle achievement – the First Ascent. Mortimer brings us on a globe-trotting journey to capture the laughs, the tears, and the truly radical feats of men and women on climbing’s cutting edge. This climbing video dvd takes us from high Himalayan peaks to deep water soloing on the coast of Thailand, and from the sobering heights of the Black Canyon to Timmy "Urban Ape" O’Neill’s monkey business on the buildings of Hollywood. A preview segment from First Ascent premiered in January, 2006 at the Barry Corbett Film Festival in Jackson, WY and won the festival’s Audience Award and its Grand Prize.

The Australia Project

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In the summer of 2004, four of America's most talented youth traveled to Australia to shoot a feature length rock climbing video on film in the continent's most premiere climbing areas. THE AUSTRALIA PROJECT, starring Rob D'Anastasio, Emily Harrington, Matt Segal, and Brian Solano features such world-class climbing areas as the renowned Grampians National Park, Mt. Arapiles, Nowra, Armidale, Bungonia Gorge, and the majestic sea cliff Point Perpendicular. They journeyed across the globe together to embark on the adventure of a lifetime; they encountered exotic wildlife, pristine scenery, and a unique story to tell. Behold their struggles and triumphs both on rock and in the realm of traveling as they come across unexpected adventure and exploration. Step behind the lens of BS Productions as these four athletes prove themselves in the land down under. Witness stunning bouldering and sportclimbing as well as outstanding traditional climbing in this feature film. 57 Minutes. DVD


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Eight Doses of maximum-strength climbing video action from Big Up Productions, the makers of Rampage. Each Dose tells a story from the world of high-end sportclimbing and bouldering: historic first ascents; profiles of rising stars and explorations of the places, people and ideas that shape our sport.

Featured on this climbing DVD:
Chris Sharma - The Mandala, Realization first ascents
Dave Graham - Spectre first ascent, The Buttermilker
Klem Loskot - Blue Ice, Germany
Lisa Rands - California and Utah
Jason Kehl - Boone, North Carolina
Bring the Ruckus - Top competitors throw down

Dosage 2

Dosage Volume 2 features eight high powered doses of strength climbing video action. These are the sport's best and most daring athletes. Witness historic first ascents and profiles of rising global stars as they explore exciting destinations. 90mins.

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Dosage 3

List Price $29.95

The Dosage climbing videos series is the definitive annual portrait of climbing's state-of-the-art. Volume 3 raises the bar with six new doses of maximum strength action and inspiration. Features:Chris Sharma bouldering in the Ozarks. Beth Rodden and Tommy Caldwell at Smith Rock. Klem Loskot deep-water soloing in Vietnam. Dave Graham bouldering in Switzerland. Ben Moon, Jason Kehl and others putting up first ascents in Utah. Yosemite legend Ron Kauk reflects on a lifetime of climbing in the Valley. DVD BONUS - Bouldering in Australia and New Zealand by Cooper Roberts.

Dosage 4

List Price $29.95

Dosage 4 climbing video dvd follows the biggest names in sport climbing, traditional climbing, and bouldering as they make historic ascents in spectacular locations around the world. Highlights include Tommy Caldwell's marathon El Capitan linkup -- free climbing The Nose (5.14a) and Freerider (5.12d) in under 24 hours; Chris Sharma's first ascent of Dreamcatcher (5.14d) in Squamish, BC; Dave Graham's first ascent of Coup De Grace (5.15a) in Ticino, Switzerland; Lisa Rands’ first female ascents of scary grit routes in England's Peak District; Sharma and Graham taking hard bouldering to a new level in Hueco Tanks, Texas; and more.

Dosage 5

List Price $29.95

Big UP's Dosage climbing video series is the definitive annual portrait of climbing's state-of-the-art. Dosage V features many of the world's best climbers, including: Chris Sharma, Dave Graham, Beth Rodden, Tommy Caldwell, Dani Andrada, Patxi Usobiaga, Daniel Woods, Paul Robinson, Michael Fuselier, Ty Landman, Daila Ojeda, Randy Puro, Jason Kehl, Chris Lindner, Matt Bosley, and more.

-Beth Rodden's first ascent of Meltdown, in Yosemite, one of the world's hardest traditional climbs.
-Chris Sharma's current crop of 5.15 projects in Spain.
-Daniel Woods and Paul Robinson on Colorado's hardest boulders, including the first ascent of Jade, V15.
-Hard new routes on the mysterious limestone towers of Yangshuo, China.
-Amazing new bouldering in Yosemite, Arkansas, New England, and Spain.

From scary offwidths to runout faces, join Colorado's strongest & boldest climbers in this award-winning climbing video documentary that captures the extraordinary feats & outrageous personalities of a different breed of climber. Featuring Matt Samet's Flatirons death routes, Heidi Wertz 5.13 crack, Timmy O'Neil: Urban Ape; a tribute to the late solo-guru Derek Hersey; and more/90 mins

List Price $19.95

Front Range Freaks

Inertia 1 and 2 DVD

Two of the two top selling rock climbing videos of all time on a single DVD disc! Award winning director, Paul Dusatko captures the raw energy of bouldering and sport climbing with the strongest climbers ever. Welcome to the world of Inertia...


Hostile Takeover

Price $17.95 - List Price $29.95

Cartel Productions has brought to the scene a climbing video of a new breed. Fresh, provocative, and focused, Hostile Takeover is more than another box on the shelf showing professional climbers on impossibly small holds and hard climbs. The film exposes the lifestyle of the new generation of climbers -- the sublime and the sinful. From multi-pitch bolting in Mexico to desperate sloper-slapping in France, the film feeds on the energy of a group of climbers who light-heartedly reject many of modern society's expectations. This is independent post-MTV action entertainment at its finest: a striking, original montage that offers a look at the creative outlet the climber's lifestyle can provide. Set to a soundtrack of underground hip-hop, hardcore, and trip hop, Hostile Takeover will leave you with a renewed excitement and appreciation for a sport of endless possibilities.

Rampage follows Chris Sharma, Obe Carrion & friends on an outrageous 3-month bouldering spree across the American West. Witness Sharma's mind-boggling first ascents at bouldering's emerging hotspots, & experience the rhythm of a summer on the road. Good boulder climbing video! DVD/60 mins

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What happens when a crazy climbing video maker (Gerald Salmina) meets a crazy boulderer (Bernd Zangerl) and they decide to make a movie together? You could call it preprogrammed chaos or the beginning of a joint vision. After almost two years of work the film is finally finished. The result is pure soul. Camera work and directing show bouldering in a unique style! The philosophy and climbing artistry of Bernd Zangerl top the film off! The locations were Ticino, Magic Wood and the Silvretta Mountains. Each area has its own character, its own style and ambiance. “Every centimeter has its own significance. As in Humbold’s view of nature though and feeling merge and result here in the synthesis of man and rock, the rock anthropomorphized, the human lithified.” The best and most beautiful first ascents of Bernd Zangerl are documented on film, just as spectacular high balls and low water soloing. Also starring power girl, Barbara Zangerl, the extraordinary talented “newcomer” in the Bouldering scene.

The North Face 2 Pack

List Price $29.95


Shishapangma / Himalaya.
Shishapangma: A Celebration of Life Sadly, this first attempt at skiing an 8,000-meter Himalayan peak ends in tragedy. While acclimatizing, Dave Bridges, and Alex Lowe lose their lives in a sudden avalanche. Making this tribute is a celebration of their lives and dedication to their sport. Himalaya: Descending India Some say that among the Himalayan peaks in Northern India awaits the best extreme skiing on earth. World class extreme-skiers and boarders Rick Armstrong, Jeremy Nobis and Hilaree Nelson went to find out.

Get On The Mountain

Price $19.95 - List Price $29.99

This is the first-ever interactive climbing DVD instructional course for those who want to learn the necessary skills to get to the top of a mountain. Highly accredited mountain guide Jeff Ward will lead you step-by-step through all the basic mountaineering techniques you'll need to get to the summit. Learn what gear you need to buy, how to use an ice axe, how to self-arrest, how to climb on a rope team and hundreds of other tips that will help you on the mountain. It also provides essential refreshers for occasional climbers who need to keep their skills sharp.


The Sends

Price $14.95 - List Price $29.99

From the Director of the climbing video Swedish Meatballs comes the story of a two year Odyssey through a land covered in Granite. The adventure begins deep in the Forest of the Steepest Boulders where Peter Bosma encounters a real life Monster, Stefan Rasmussen, reincarnate of ancient Vikings. Narrowly escaping a Duel to the Death, Peter heads West in search of First Ascents high above frigid, Medusa filled, waters. But there is another, the Fearless Rasta, Stefan Wulf, willing to do Combat for Ultimate Glory. The cries of battle culminate in the awakening of the God of the Underworld, Björn Strömberg, struggling in his attempt to escape the confines of the Never Ending Cave.

Journey to a Mythical Land, where the denizens have discovered the Secret to Sending. The Sends, it’s what climbing is all about.

Sport Climbing 101

Price $9.99 - List Price $29.95

Sport Climbing Video 101 with Chris Lindner is the 4th release from award-winning, climbing producer Paul Dusatko and his Integrity 7 Productions. Sport Climbing 101 is the first ever and very comprehensive instructional for one of the fastest growing lifestyle sports in the country, Sport Climbing. Hosted and co-written by world-class, professional climber, Chris Lindner, who is ranked in the top 10 of the most accomplished sport climbers in the world. This comprehensive instructional rock climbing DVD is designed for all levels from the first-timer to the seasoned road tripper. Sport Climbing 101 covers the basics including: vocabulary, guide book use, tying into the rope, clipping, falling, rope work, cleaning, belaying, climbing ethics, training, and much much more.


Pack your bags lightly for SPLITTER - the tri-fecta of alpine crack climbing video featuring insane finger, hand, fist and foot jamming on Shipton Spire -Trango Towers, Pakistan; Lotus Flower Tower -Cirque of the Unclimbables - NW Territories and Cerro Poincenot - Patagonia, Argentina. Climb along with O'Neill, Pennings, Copp and friends on ths fun filled, often humorous trip, backed by a mellow Jimi Hendrix sound track. 80mins

Price $12.95 - List Price $29.95

Blood, Sweat & Bagles

Follow along with the lads from Sheffield with this climbing video while they attempt the 5th ever free ascent of the Salathe and learn what Valley climbing is all about. Watch closely as they gear up and come to grips with the smooth, wide cracks and thin face climbing needed to do the deed. Brilliantly filmed, great story, original sound track and winner of Best Film at Vancouver Int'l Film Festival. Includes bonus "Splinter" bouldering. A must for every El Cap aspirant.

Price $24.95 - List Price $29.95

In this climbing video locals work the Peak District's thinnest and most dangerous routes... high above "equalized micro-nuts and funky cam placements" (and not far off the ground). Try to watch without looking away from the tube. "Failure never hurt anyone... until now". Includes highlights from The Foundry Int'l Bouldering 1997. A true clasic!

Price $24.95 - List Price $29.95

Hard Grit

Stick It

Richard Heap and Ben Pritchard take us on a tour of over 100 problems in this climbing video dvd - from the absolute best in North Wales to Scotland, The Lake and Peak Districts, Darmoor, Northumberland and Yorkshire. Each climber is introduced, problems labelled and graded - from the sea shore to the highlands. Eclectic music mix is mellow as are the climbers, who share their wry humor and grit. A must see for the serious boulderer.

List Price $29.95

Self Rescue Part 1
Are you often nagged by the question "What if...." or "How would I retreat from a route if my partner or I had a minor injury?" Certainly, the elegant solution to any rescue situation is for it to never happen in the first place and often having the knowledge to solve the problem keeps it from happening. Self rescue instruction is often complex and the techniques are difficult to master. The progressions demonstrated in this video, simplify the techniques so you'll be able to retain the information and be able to use the skill sets when you need them most..

Price $24.95 - List Price $29.99

Avoiding The Touch

Moving Faster

Price $24.95 - List Price $29.99

Using the techniques in the video, your climbing team can outclimb another party that may be able to climb harder than you but is less efficient. You do this by using advanced systems at belay changeovers and on the descent. These changeovers are called Transitions. A Transition is a change in rope technique or anchor method because of a change in direction or a changeover at an anchor. For example, climbing up to an anchor and then rappelling off. The tools and techniques in this video will increase your efficiency which will significantly reduce your time on a route.

What a great climbing video this is! The first part tells the story of the free-spirited climbers whose contribution to mountaineering techniques, equipment & esthetics allowed them to be the first to conquer the legendary big walls of Yosemite - all illustrated by spectacular old & new climbing video footage shot on location. Included are the greats: Brower, Harding, Robbins, Chouinard, Frost, Bridwell, Hill, Florine, Potter, and so many more! The second part shows extensive scenes from the "Celebration of Camp 4 - The Climbers' Reunion 9/25/99." It's like being there yourself

Vertical Frontier

Rock Cimbing In Yosemite

Price $24.95 - List Price $29.99


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