The all new Transworld Surf Surfing DVD movie featuring Matt Meola, Dillon Perillo, Dave Wassel, Creed McTaggart, Conner Coffin, Parker Coffin, Jay Davies, Dylan Graves, the Gudauskas Bros, Andrew Doheny, Mitch Coleborn, Brett Barley, Torrey Meister, Sterling Spencer, Brandon Gibbons, Oliver Kurtz, Hector Santamaria, Michael Dunphy, Pete Devries, and Dane Zaun.


Tropically Yours

HOT surfing DVD title

Price $14.95 - List Price $19.95

Saltwater Green

HOT surfing DVD title

Price $21.95 - List Price $24.99

The longboard surfing DVD Saltwater Green by Jeremy Briggs is a fast-paced, high action longboard surf DVD movie. Watch current Longboard World Champ Taylor Jensen ride both single fin logs and high performance tri-fins. 3X World Champion Colin McPhillips is shot riding a 60's log in perfect clean California conditions at Trestles. Australian longboard and former World Champion, Josh Constable is found riding the perfect points of Noosa, Australia on a log and shot surfing beach breaks of California on his high performance tri-fin. Join loggers Noah Shimabukuro, Brendan White, & Tommy Witt and they hang ten in their classic and polished styles. Watch Greg Briggs and Steven Newton show off their amazing hybrid style of surfing in fun California points and beach breaks. If you longboard, this surf movie is for you!



Secret Sound Underground

Price $21.95 - List Price $24.99


Jack Coleman's 3rd full-length surfing DVD film, Secret Sound Underground, is going to twist your mind into one of those 2 foot Disneyland kaleidoscopic mega-lollipops. In such a film fashion that only Jack knows, he captures the underbelly of the surfpunkfunk world and lays it down onto film that's older than you are. Have fun.

Featuring Creed McTaggert, Andrew Doheny, Ozzie Wright, Ellis Ericson, Jason Salisbury, Alex Knost, Jared Mell, Mitch Coleborn, Beau Foster, Connor Coffin, Mob Rachado, Ford Archbold and Mason Ho.

Way of The Ocean Australia

HOT surfing DVD title

Price $21.95 - List Price $24.99

WAY OF THE OCEAN: Australia surfing DVD explores the connection between man and sea through a visual feast of poetic motion. This wave rich continent provides a breathtaking backdrop to some of the best surfing found on the planet. Since it was first introduced in the early 1900’s, surfing in Australia has become a mainstream pursuit and for this country devoted to the ocean lifestyle, it is more than a way of life. From the tropical paradise of the Great Barrier Reef down through the frigid Southern Ocean and up to the arid desert of the West, the film captures an intimate portrait of this unique land. Vibrant super 16mm and High Definition cameras bring to life the stunning visuals, set to a heart thumping original score. Welcome to the odyssey of your life.


The Union Express is the first installment in a three-part documentary surfing video DVD series by award winning director Josh Landan. The first film will star pro surfer / songwriter Timmy Curran as a tour guide down the West Coast, stopping at various Amtrak stations to surf with local and accompanying surfers. The film will be a blend of surfing, interviews, musical performance and lifestyle commentary on the culture and communities they encounter. It will be shot on 16 mm and feature: Dane Reynolds, Taylor Knox, Rob Machado, Damien Hobgood, Tom Curren, Cory Lopez, Mike Losness, Keith Malloy, Ben Bourgeois, Nathaniel Curran, Conner Coffin, Dillon Perillo, Nate Tyler and Pascal Stansfield. The second and third installments of The Union Express are slated to film in Japan and the East Coast in the same format.

Union Express

Price $19.99 - List Price $29.99

The buzzed about surf video film, A Pleasant Surprise, makes its way to DVD after a wildly successful world premiere at the Paramount Theatre in Asbury Park, a sold out screening at the New York Surf Film Festival & successful screenings in Philadelphia and Long Beach Island. The film, a collaboration between cinematographer Kyle Pahlow & creative director Nick Zegel, offers an honest look at the talents of a select group of surfers who live in a truly special part of the United States. Almost three years in the making, A Pleasant Surprise documents a world of contrast as daily changes in weather and waves prove to be all part of a larger picture; thumping beach breaks, cold water, and quick tropical storms are just a fraction of what you will find. A Pleasant Surprise is a timeless, action-packed surf film, delivering a genuine look into New Jersey's surf culture. A Pleasant Surprise is the first full length film from Cinematographer Kyle Pahlow.

The impressive soundtrack features original compositions from New York based Las Flores Project and singer/songwriter Brian Parnagian. Indie acts Yeasayer, Here We Go Magic, Moondoggies, School of Seven Bells, & White Williams expose viewers to new sounds that compliment the films genuine and organic nature. The surf talent includes Ian Bloch, Ryan Daly, Luke Ditella, Andrew Gesler, Sam Hammer, Zach Humphries, Rob Kelly, Chris Kelly, Matt Keenan, Ben McBrien, Jamie Moran, Tom Petriken, Randy Townsend & Brendan Willem.

A Pleasant Surprise

Price $9.99 - List Price $24.99


From Cyrus Sutton comes a look into the creative world of Tom Wegener who changed the entire surfing culture by introducing the ancient alaia style surfboard into modern times. We live in a world where over 90% of surfers compete for waves on less than 1% of the world's coastlines. To escape overcrowding and localism most surfers travel to far off destinations in search of empty "perfect waves." But what is a perfect wave? Before the shortboard it was a soft point break, now its perfect tubes with air sections. The fact is, a perfect wave is relative to the surfcraft on which it is ridden. There are perfect waves all around us, it’s just a matter of opening our minds...

Steeped in Hawaiian tradition, the Alia’a represents the pure essence of board surfing, allowing for faster gliding than modern equipment, and tons of fun. The film also provides an insight into the life of a craftsman Tom devotion to surfing and the art of making surfboards. With its innovative half surf film/ half shaping tutorial format, this film gives you the working knowledge and stoke to create your own ancient finless surfboard. Shot on location at Australia, California and Hawaii, and featuring Tom and Jon Wegener, Richard Kenvin, Ryan Burch, Cyrus Sutton, Jacob Stuth, Harrison Biden, and Zye Norris.

Tom’s Creation Plantation

Price $24.99 - List Price $29.99


Wake Up 2

Price $12.99 - List Price $25.99

After the release of the surfing videos Stroke and Clock In, (both internationally award-winning) Wake Up 2 is the newest surf video from by Tiago Garcia. The name Wake Up imparts a message for all of us: to confront the problems we're facing, and preserve nature and the oceans, which are our playground.

Tiago's idea was to produce another high-performance surf video that sends an ecological message. Features champions Kelly Slater, Mick Fanning, Jaj Burrow, Joel Parkinson, Jordy Smith, Adriano de Souza, Hobgood Brothers and Bobby Martineez, with a script written by local biologists.

Narrated by the former World Champion, CJ Hobgood.

Still Filthy

HOT surfing video title

List Price $29.99

Still Filthy surfing video DVD by Billabong. One of the most anticipated surf videos in 2009. In 1988, with the release of FILTHY HABITS, Billabong changed the surf video forever. Raw and unapologetic, FILTHY HABITS presented the untouchable Billabong team in a revolutionary formula that simply featured kick-ass surfing cut tightly to kick-ass music.

Twenty-one years later…

Occy’s still ripping, bands like T.S.O.L. and Social Distortion are still rockin' hard, and Billabong hasn't changed their filthy habits one bit... the result? STILL FILTHY is born! Sit back and enjoy this historic ride into the future as the Billabong team takes you up, over, down under, and around the world. Featuring surfing by Andy Irons, Taj Burrow, Joel Parkinson, Dave Rastovich, Wade Goodall, Torrey Meister, Shane Dorian, TJ Barron, Sterling Spencer, Laurie Towner, Tamaroa McComb, Granger Larsen, Kolohe Andino and of course the legend himself, Occy.

Waveriders: The Ride Of A Lifetime surfing DVD video is the previously untold story of the unlikely Irish roots of the worldwide surfing phenomenon and todays pioneers of Irish big wave surfing. The story unfolds via the inspirational and ultimately tragic history of Irish/Hawaiian legendary waterman, George Freeth. Freeth, son of an Irishman, was responsible for the rebirth of this sport of Hawaiian kings in the early twentieth century. With its distinguished cast of world-renowned Irish, British and Irish/American surfers WAVERIDERS then journeys full-circle from Hawaii to California and back to Irish shores following Freeths wave of influence. This journey reaches a spectacular climax when the surfers conquer the biggest swell ever to have been ridden in Ireland catching monster waves of over fifty feet.


List Price $24.95

BS! is an out of the ordinary, if not extraordinary surfing video DVD film that documents the serious ripping of Dusty Payne, Mitch Coleborn, Alex Gray, Ozzie Wright, Nate Tyler, and Andrew Doheny, while revealing their individual characters through thoughtful interviews that quickly slip into honest humor. On top of such humor, the film builds into striking notes of provokingly tweaked sarcasm that is in refreshing contrast to current surf film genre trends.

Price $16.95 - List Price $24.95


Surfing culture originated as an act of escape and joy; these personal explorations were a way of connecting with nature. In our present day there has been a departure from these origins entering this new age of hyper-progression and extreme commercialism. Amongst the unstoppable trend of surf globalization there are certain individuals who have chosen this age-old path of discovery with surfing being a spiritual reflection of themselves. It is these individuals immersed in the surfing experience living this rebirth of the grassroots spirit that will help guide our sport in a new revitalizing direction. Lost Prophets will usher in a new prologue of our history; a prophecy of our sports future!

Lost Prophets

HOT surfing video title

Price $9.95 - List Price $29.99

No other surfing DVD video succeeds so well in showing what the East Coast has to offer at home and abroad. You want to see the best of the young crew? Follow Benny B. and Peter Mendia on their global exploits. You want hard-charging legends? Check out Baron Knowlton's bravado as he battles giant Puerto Escondido. You want stunt pilots? Watch Matt Gilligan and Jeff Myers team up on Ozzie Wright. But the big star of the whole picture is the East Coast surf itself, as some of the most sickening sections are actually homebrewed, including the Isabel swell at an undisclosed sandbar that, much like this video, is yet to be topped.

Back To The Front

Price $19.99 - List Price $24.95

Who will win the Battle of the Bands? WAVES Magazine, Potent Videos and Happy Magazine present ?Doped Youth?, starring: Kelly Slater as Groovey Avalon Dean Morrison as Ricky Sick Ozzy Wright as Arsenick Pharo James Cato as Johnny Sick Adam Blakey as Cyanide Sphinx Gary Elkerton as August Peevelbee Navrin Fox as Slinky Fox Chris Davidson as Kingswood Black How will a degenerate group of Australian surfers, called Doped Youth win the battle of the bands against Groovey Avalon, when they can?t even get everyone in the same room to rehearse? The industry has never seen a more original approach to creating a surf movie with digital video. Directed and produced by Adam Blakey and Oscar Wright, both of whom have solid acting and surfing surfing cameos. The setting takes place in Australian, filmed on location at Snapt star Oscar Wright?s home. Not to forget the infamous Bunny Girl Deschanka Wright, Ozzy?s wife who surfs and sings her own part and films Ozzy?s mental section. What better way to end a video than with Groovey Avalon (Kelly Slater) taking the 5th straight Battle of the Bands while getting shacked at Pt. Magu in California?!


Doped Youth

Price $4.99 - List Price $24.95


The Division Simple Math

Price $19.95 - List Price $24.99

Witness the cutting edge of freestyle surfing with the sport's innovative superstars, including Zach Rhinehart, Eric McHenry, Gavin Sutherland and Bill "Beaker" Bryan. A must-have for aerial fanatics and skate-inspired surfers everywhere! Jeff Simonson has taken on the role of ambassador for surfing's most cutting edge: Freestyle Surfing. Documenting seven surfers that are leading the charge in skate-inspired aerial surfing and pushing surfing to new levels, The Division: Simple Math is not only an excellent film from a cinematic point-of-view, but also covers what is arguably the most influential progressive surfing happening outside of the World Championship Tour. Bill "Beaker" Bryian, Gavin Sutherland, Zach Rhinehart, Jeremy Sommerville, Eric McHenry, Derek Bockleman and Sean Murphy aren't names you'll recognize from the cover of Surfer Magazine. But when you witness the technical aerial surfing that they're mastering and the fluidity with which they mix traditional rail surfing with airs, you'll be amazed that you haven't seen more of them in the mainstream surfing press. Jeff Simonson is an excellent film-maker and his affinity for documenting the progression of surfing amongst this core group has led to their banding together as The Division. The fact that they're not on the cover of Surfer drives home the point that these guys are in it for the love of surfing and the stoke that comes from pushing the sport to new levels. Kelly Slater, Andy Irons or Timmy Curran may get the shot in the magazine, but the odds are they were inspired by the surfers on this film to try the trick in the first place. Every grom out there should own this flick, if only to see what the standard is going to be in the next few years.

“Seaworthy” is the long awaited second surfing video from independent operator Nathan Oldfield, the maker of the highly regarded and the producer of surfing videos like “Lines From A Poem”. Nearly three years in the making, Seaworthy documents a variety of individuals & the different way they approach wave riding. The film presents a left of centre look at diversity in surfing, including alaias, olos, toothpicks, singlefins, twins, thrusters, quads, fish, logs, surfmats and bodysurfing. It is a unique, intimate and timeless perspective of surfing, surfers and the environment in which they live and find their being.

Beautifully shot & artistically constructed, Seaworthy stars Tom Wegener, Beau Young, Dave Rastovich, Alex Knost, Dane Peterson, Belinda Baggs Peterson, Sage Joske, Heath Joske, CJ Nelson, Heydon Bunting & others.


List Price $24.99

Featuring a sick 80’s metal soundtrack and a cast of Santa Cruz surfers including CJ Nelson, Wingnut, Tanner Beckett and Dane Perlee, the ANTICS surfing video rocks the house with a distinctly longboard-hesh style.

Price $19.95 - List Price $29.95


This Is Home

List Price $19.99

This is Home is the first of a surf trilogy from acclaimed Director and Editor Nathan Apffel, who took Edit of the Year in France at Festival De Sur in 2007. This is Home examines the definition of home and travel for professional surfers from all aspects of the industry. Shot entirely in High Definition. This is Home showcases breathtaking landscapes from Tahiti and Australia to the rugged harsh roads of deep Mainland Mexico; while discovering surf from Australia’s Gold Coast to the best barrel surfing in the world with Brian Conley, Nathan Fletcher and Hopper Eichstadt. Featuring some of the most cutting edge independent musicians from around the world, This is Home is a creative artistic film that leaves the viewer with a yearning for travel and adventure. Locations: Australia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Tahiti and Central America

Rumors is a cinematic surfing DVD journey into the deepest Mexico ever seen on film—the product of a two year operation to find, surf and document the most perfect waves this coastline offers. Ride shotgun as the boys sneak their way along the perilous Sinaloa coast, hit the recently discovered ‘Lost Point’ and carve up many other spots never before seen in any surf film. Shot in full HD, Rumors peers into the soul of Mexico, its lifestyle and characters, and erases any doubts about where the most treasured surf in the Western world has been hiding.

Price $9.99 - List Price $27.95


State Of S Full Circle

Price $12.99- List Price $24.99

Featured: Tom Curren, Mick Fanning This surfing DVD looks back 40 years to George Greenough's incredible impact on surfing, how he acted as a catalyst for the short board revolution and how it changed to sport for every surfer who followed. Today Tom Curran and Mick Fanning describe their places in surfing, as inheritors of George's legacy of turns and speed with an intimacy and narrative that forms an untold story of modern surfing. This surfing documentary carves out legendary boarder George Greenough's place in the sport's history. With his role as a popularizer of the short-board, Greenough made waves that have endured for decades. Surfing giants Tom Curren and Mick Fanning share his effect on their careers.

“Bra Boys” is a documentary surfing video film about the cultural evolution of the inner-Sydney beachside suburb of Maroubra and the social struggle of its youth – the tattooed and much maligned surf community known as the Bra Boys. The story is narrated by Australian actor Russell Crowe and is told through the eyes of members of the Bra Boys. It is the first full-length film project being undertaken by, and officially sanctioned by, the Bra Boys. It is their story. It shows their success in professional big wave surfing, it explores their international reputation for hard partying and rough justice, it touches on their running battle with authorities and it shows their absolute reliance on one another to fit into a society in which they are displaced and, at times, disinterested. It shows how the evolution of Maroubra, coupled with the historical stigma associated with Australia’s rebellious surf community, has contributed to their social displacement. This is not just a surfing video, it is the story of the true-life struggle of the Abberton brothers – Sunny, Koby, Jai and Dakota … one charged with murdering a Sydney standover man, another pursuing a professional surf career but charged as an accessory in his brother’s legal fight, another trying to hold the family together and a young brother whose inheritance is his siblings’ notoriety.

Bra Boys

Price $9.95 - List Price $19.95

“Bra Boys” uses archival footage shot and blends it with current surf vision and interviews to create a story that is compassionate and confronting. It is a story of contrast involving against-the-odds success and predictable failures and, ultimately, a story exploring the legacy and hopes of the next generation of Bra Boys members.

Puddles in The Sky the new Glas surfing video dvd is a cinematic exploration into all that is the art of surfing. Shot entirely in vivid high definition, the movie delivers stunning imagery from Indonesia, Australia, the Hawaiian Islands as well as North and Central America. Focusing on what, rather than who, the movie dives deep into all the creativity and inspiration that spawns from searching exotic locations for waves. This surfing video has a tightly choreographed soundtrack that blends beautifully between originals scores by the Protist and up-tempo grooves from the likes of Sixtoo, Years Around the Sun, Jose Gonzales and more. Australian style master Adam Robertson narrates and stars in the movie along with Andrew Bennett, Dane Reynolds, Bobby Morris, Asher Pacey, Yadin Nicol, Cully Chesnut, Shane Dorian and many others.

Puddles In The Sky

List Price $29.95

Beneath the Surface

"Beneath the Surface" is a super 16mm surfing video documentary that takes you on an amazing journey around the globe to eight countries with eight different groups of professional surfers searching for new waves and diverse cultures. Starring Joel Tudor, Sam Hammer, Joe Curren, Nate Tyler, Greg and Rusty Long, Dodger Kremel, CJ Nelson, Josh Hoyer and many more.

Price $9.95 - List Price $19.95

The Dawn of the
Stone Age

Rated R

Price $9.99 - List Price $19.95

From 420,000 years B.C. to the modern day, the story ultimately ends up on the North Shore of Oahu. An ancient caveman, who is named Caveman, was frozen through time and wound up in the mix of the professional surfing world and the surf scene in Hawaii. The movie tells the tale of Caveman’s adventures interacting with the likes of Bruce Irons, Dean Morrison, Ozzie Wright, Gavin Beschen, Shawn Barron, Kaiborg, and Johnny Stone. Caveman gets the chance to surf against the top pros in the coveted Volcom Pipe contest at the Banzai Pipeline. Sit back, relax, get some popcorn, melt into your seat and watch The Dawn of the Stone Age surfing video unfold right before your eyes!

With this longboard surfing video dvd follow producer Joel Macks into an underworld of youthful longboarding. An obvious "changing of the guard" is in motion, shedding light on the Faces of the future. Starring: Brandon Russell, Brent Russell, Chase Stavron, Christian Clark, Christian Wach, Jackson Close, Justin Quintal, Kai Sallas, Keegan Edwards, Kekoa Uemura, Keoki Saguibo, Kevin Osbourne, Link Earl, Scott Bradenburg, Taylor Jensen, Tommy Witt, Tony Silvagni, Travis Karian, Travis Macks, Troy Mothershead, Tyler Warren.


Price $14.95 - List Price $29.95

Friend Or Foe

Price $19.45 - List Price $24.95

This surfing video dvd features freesurfing from Jordy Smith! The 2007 Boost Mobile Pro at Lower Trestles features 8X World Champion Kelly Slater dominating the field against the toughest competition yet! Old school, new school and the current crop of WCT talent step it up, but eventually fall short to perennial dominator Slater and darkhorse Pancho Sullivan. Early rounds see heated action with Young Guns Dane Reynolds and Jeremy Flores, Chris Ward, Bobby Martinez, Josh Kerr and Bruce Irons facing off against Mick Fanning Cory Lopez and Occy. South African powerhouse Jordy Smith takes out Joel Parkinson and Andy Irons defeats Sunny Garcia. The Quarter Finals include one of the best match-ups ever, with Slater defeating Taylor Knox in flawless Lowers perfection. In the end, it all comes down to the Master and the Pipe master Kelly Slater and Pancho Sullivan dueling it out in a classic match of New School wizardry and time-tested power hacks. Slater emerges victorious, tweaking the WCT rankings and heating up the title race, while proving that a friend on land can be your worst foe when the jerseys are on!

Chris Bystroms classic surfing video film Blazing Boards is now available on DVD. Get the classic 80’s surf flick that Surfing Magazine called “Too savage for words”! The original classic cinema surf flick, featuring Hawaii, Australia, California, Mexico and Exotic Isles. Blazing Boards captures the very essence of what riding waves is all about. If you love the ocean then be sure and check out the best surf film of the 1980’s. Starring: Gary ‘Kong’ Elkerton, Shaun Tomson, Martin Potter, Derek Hynd, Cheyne Horan, Tom Carroll, Marvin Foster, Daniel ‘Mr. Boogie’ Kaimi, Mark Richards, Tommy Curren and the world’s greatest wind surfers!

Blazing Boards

Price $24.95 - List Price $29.95

Beyond Blazing Boards

Price $26.95 - List Price $31.95

The first Stereo surf film shot completely with 16 mm. " Beyond Blazing Boards" is absolutely one of the best classic surfing videos ever with an up to the minute examination of what high powered surfing is all about ! Filmed in Bali, Australia, Mexico and California, "Beyond Blazing Boards" covers exciting free surfing action by the world's top professionals in classic conditions around the world. From perfect 12 ft. Paddang Paddang to a close examination of today's dramatic pro surfing tour only Beyond Blazing Boards tells the full story of surfing's evolution in the mid 1980's. Produced by Chris Bystrom Films.

Starring : Glen Winton, Mark Occhilupo, Ronnie Burns, Kong Elkerton, Simon Law, Tom Curren, Stuart Cadden, and introducing Jason Buttonshaw.

The Blazing Longboards longboard surfing DVD video highlights epic performances by today’s greatest longboarders. Featuring the heaviest California winter waves in 25 years from San Francisco to San Diego only Blazing Longboards has the whole story. Summertime Down Under in cyclone season and huge winter surf on the North Shore are ridden like never before! Modern Masters Bonga Perkins, Kevin Connelly, Joey Hawkins, Joel Tudor and Mike Myers blow down the doors for a new generation of "Blazing Longboarders".

Filmed by Chris Bystrom and Carl Ackerman during the swell that took the life of great big wave rider “Mark Foo”.

Blazing Longboards includes classic insights by Greg Noll, Skip Frye, Tom Morey, Dorian Pakowitz, Donald Takayama and Leroy Grannis. 80 Min running time.

Blazing Longboards

Price $24.95 - List Price $29.99


The Best Laid Plans is a a surfing video dvd about what it takes to be a traveling professional surfer living on the East Coast. It is a documentary/surf action hybrid that highlights not just the best surfing on the East Coast but the pursuit behind catching fickle and difficult to predict swells through each of our diverse seasons. As the seasons change throughout the film, character portraits of the movie’s main surfers offer a behind the scenes look at the challenges endured by these athletes to catch waves up and down the east coast as well as abroad.

Athletes Featured: CJ Hobgood, Ben Bourgeois, Sam Hammer, Alek Parker, Asher Nolan, Dylan Graves, and Aaron Cormican

Locations Shot: New Jersey, New York, Florida, Caribbean, West Indies, Panama, Indonesia.

The Best Laid Plans

Price $4.99 - List Price $19.95

The Forgotten Coast

In the world of surfing, there exists a group of elite surfers whose sole mission in life is to surf the unknown. Searching across the globe for untapped waves, they take an extreme physical and mental journey to the islands of Indonesia, where the world’s most pure—and dangerous—waves can be found around every bend. Surfers: Brian Conley, Travis Potter, Daniel Thomson, Micah Byrne, Brett Schwartz, Brandon Tipton.

Price $9.99 - List Price $29.95

The DG2 surfing video dvd features an A-list of the world's best surfers including eight-time World Champion Kelly Slater, along with Andy and Bruce Irons, Mick Fanning, Joel Parkinson, Cory Lopez, Dean Morrison, Chris Ward, and Jamie O'Brien. These top professionals bring forth that trademark style of power surfing mixed with a full bag of new school tricks not to mention some hefty tube rides. The no-frills, straightforward approach is cleverly combined with innovative editing and a cutting edge soundtrack.

Damaged Goods 2

Price $19.95 - List Price $29.95

The Ripple Effect, a film by Mike Sander, follows up Puddles In The Sky as another beautifully shot addition to your surfing video library.The new Glas Film “The Ripple Effect” takes you on a journey to the beautiful islands of The Bahamas, Puerto Rico and Hawaii, while returning home throughout for road trips up the California Coast.

Starring: Mason Ho, Aaron Cormican, Cory Lopez, Ben Bourgeois, Josh Buran, Jamie O’Brien, Flynn Novak, Kolohe Andino, John John Florence, Kalani David, Jensen Calloway, Travis Beckmann, Zach Plopper, David Santiago, Blake Sands. Filmed on Location in California, Florida, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and The Bahamas.

List Price $14.99

The Ripple Effect

Pipeline Masters

HOT DEAL surfing video

Price $9.99 - List Price $19.99

Pipeline Masters the surfing video is the remarkable story of the groundbreaking surfing competition that has, since its inception in 1971, defined extreme. Held in the fearsome tubes of Hawaii’s Banzai Pipeline, the Masters stands alone as the sport’s most popular, prestigious competitive event. Because for over 35 years there has been only one surf contest where the winner earns more than money, more than fame or ratings point, but rather the surfing world’s most coveted title: Pipeline Master. There’s Gerry’s Era, and Gerry’s Army, the Free Ride Generation and the birth of backside tube riding, Simon Anderson’s spectacular three-fin Thruster debut. There’s Michael Ho’s broken wrist wonder, Tom Carroll and The Snap, Sunny Garcia’s Three Knockdowns. There’s the Rise and Rise of Kelly Slater and the Frontdoor/Backdoor domination of the Irons Bros. Year after year of outrageous rides, bone-crushing wipeouts, nail-biting competition and the sort of drama that can only come when you pit the very best against the very worst: some of the most deadly, hairy, out-of-control waves ever seen. Pipeline Masters captures it all: the history, the action, the legends and lore—the soul—of the greatest surfing event ever. Directed by Stacey Peralta.

Off the Wall 2


This was the first surfing video movie ever to be released in video. "Tommy Curren is featured surfing Rincon and Sandspit and is nothing less than phenomenal . . . it had me and my friends waxing up when we got home." (Surfing Magazine) "Off The Wall II features some of the hottest California surfing ever recorded on film . . . Skillfully animated clay figures add a dimension of fantasy and humor that makes the film highly entertaining." (Breakout Magazine) The original surfing video has become an all time cult classic.

Waxed Planet

A surfboard and a bar of wax are still the formula for fun. Join Seven Films' crew of award-winning cameras on tour from the beaches of California to Hawaii's high-charged lineups and Australia's wild West Coast; South Africa's J-Bay serves up epic pointbreak surf and ten-foot beachbreak
barrels unload on Mexican sandbars; Jamie O'Brien's North Shore act is nothing short of amazing; and Tavarua holds it all down with a dose of Fijian dream surf at Cloudbreak. Summer is a year-round season, so grab your board and explore our big, wet, Waxed Planet.

Price $19.95 - List Price $24.95

100Ft Wednesday

Watch Flea & Peter Mel surf the coveted big wave event at Waimea Bay and finally watch the drama unfold as one of the biggest days in California history arrives--the day that some have called the "Swell of the Century".

Did a 100-foot wave really break at Mavericks? Hear the stories as told by the surfers themselves as they train year-round for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Jessie Marley busted down the doors last year with his hit surfing video "The NeXt Generation", focusing on Huntington Beach's crew of young guns and the crew they travel with to the best surf destinations in the world. Now, with the release of "Next In Line", he continues to prove that young pros like Ryan Turner, Timmy Reyes, Brett Simpson, Ryan Carlson, Shaun Ward, Micah Byrne and their boys are stepping up to the plate in a big way.

Plenty of West Side ripping in California fill out a surfing video designed to amp you up and get you stoked before you paddle out.

Starring: Andy Irons, Kelly Slater, Bruce Irons, Kala Alexander, Jamie O'Brien, Kalani Chapman, Makua Rothman, Dustin Barca, Damien Hobgood, Tim Reyes, Brett Simpson, Ryan Carlson, Goose, Shaun Ward, Ryan Turner, Micah Byrne, Dean Morrison, Parko, Charlie Carroll and many more! Locations: Indonesia, California, Tahiti, Hawaii.

Next In Line

Price $19.95 - List Price $24.95

This Way Up

Price $29.95

From Mick Fanning tearing at J-Bay to Jamie O’Brien barrelled at Backdoor, Rip Curl’s latest video – THIS WAY UP – redefines high performance surfing. Deeper, faster, harder, higher… From Mick Fanning tearing at J-Bay to Jamie O’Brien barrelled at Backdoor, Rip Curl’s latest video – THIS WAY UP – redefines high performance surfing. Fresh from the success of his profile video FANNING THE FIRE, the world’s fastest surfer joins Pipeline charger and new-school aerialist, Jamie O’Brien, to lift the levels of surfing progression in the latest visual feast from Rip Curl. A tight, fast, well-edited surf video, THIS WAY UP provides a glimpse of the future; with teen sensation Dane Reynolds boosting at Trestles, Australian prodigy Travis Lynch letting loose in Indonesia, and European junior champ Pablo Gutierrez threading throaty barrels off the coast of Africa. "I think the video has a really strong mix of raw energy and beautiful imagery," THIS WAY UP producer Brendan McAloon said. "Jon Frank has once again highlighted his reputation as one of the world’s leading surf cinematographers, and the surfing is simply state-of-the-art." The video starts with some inventive editing featuring Mick Fanning posing as a Fed Ex employee, and all the insane surf action is segued with short interviews; including Nathan Hedge talking about his love of Australia, Pancho Sullivan about surfing waves of consequence, and Fanning explaining why competition motivates him.

The Freedom

List Price $19.99


"Rise Above" is the first video release from Seven Films. Directed by Ryan Ray and D. Miele, Rise Above features:
· Hawaii's Winter 2002/2003--Backdoor, Off The Wall, Rocky Point and Pipeline featuring standout performances by Joel Parkinson, Andy Irons, Shane Dorian, Taj Burrow and everyone else who was ripping!
· Exclusive Mentawais boat trip footage of young guns Sean Moody, Brian Pacheco, Jason Shibata & Geoff Brack (and of course, Gavin Beschen)
· Mick Fanning, Mike Losness & Jamie O'Brien on The Search in Indonesia
· West Oz with CJ & Damien Hobgood, Andy Irons and more...
· 2002 Freesurf sessions at J-Bay, including a standout performance by Kelly Slater
· Shane Dorian solo dominating a ledging South African right-hander
· Andy Irons' Pipe Masters win and his World Championship moment
· California's Winter 2003, focusing on Orange County's favorite right-hand barrel

Rise Above



Learn To Surf
with Joe Surfer

Join Surfer Joe on his journey from clueless to cool, and discover the fundamentals of surfing along the way. Respected professionals and longtime surfers give you the information you need to enjoy our incredible ocean.

DVD includes 2 movies


The Outsiders

The Outsiders stars Current World Champion CJ Hobgood, and was Shot on location in various world locations like Australia, Mexico, Europe, Fiji, and the United States. It’s mixture of incredible surfing, tight cinematography and a diverse soundtrack provides an astounding visual experience for both surfers and non-surfers alike. “This movie digs deep into the souls of its stars, and delivers a message of hope that’s sure to stir the hearts of anyone who watches it,” says Jesse Schluntz, the video’s director.



Frame Lines features 45 minutes of Billabong’s best including, Parko, Rasta, Occy, Egan, Andy Irons, Taj, Margo, Dorian, Dylan Longbottom, Donavon Frankenreiter and some special guests.



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