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Starring PAUL THACKER, HEATH FRISBY, CHRIS BURANDT, GEOFF KYLE, BRETT TURCOTTE, CODY BORCHERS, CHRIS BROWN, DAN TREADWAY, CORY DAVIS, and introducing KALLE "KJ" JOHANSSON Once again the Slednecks team has taken snowmobiling to a whole new level. The Slednecks 13 snowmobile video DVD features some of the most progressive riding our cameras have ever caught on film. Heath Frisby returns to the film series with the goal of winning Gold at X. Chris Burandt's technical tree lines will leave you speechless. Paul Thacker and Cory Davis turn Alaska into a playground. Dan Treadway, Chris Brown, and Geoff Kyle rip up some of the deepest powder ever to hit British Columbia, while Cody Borchers and Brett Turcotte take freestyle tricks to the backcountry. Slednecks 13 also introduces a new star that is redefining backcountry riding with amazing drops and technical lines. Shot on beautiful High Definition, the cinematography is almost as good as the riding. Slednecks 13 is the best film they have made in years!.....

Slednecks 13

HOT snowmobile video title

Price $22.95 - List Price $29.99



2 Stroke Cold Smoke 13
(Frontier The 13th)

HOT snowmobile video title

Price $24.95 - List Price $29.95


Another epic snowmobile video DVD from Frontier Films. Showing another winter of slashing powder, over the top hillclimbs, free falls, endless backcountry hits, whips and ripping throttle. Frontier films spends their thirteenth winter storm chasing the mountainous big foot country in search of the perfect sledding terrain. From the rockies to the outreaches of the yukon territories and up north to the famed alaska. All along the way scanning for big foot. It’s a crazy drive to document these famous athletes who live in the land of sasquatch. On the cover Kyle Armbrust is back after 3 years of knee rehab. He is on mission to ride. Bigfoot spotted. Other ripping riders include, Ross Mercer, Randy Sherman, Dan Phillips, Geoff Kyle, Dan Treadway,the Cormier Brothers, Ryan Britt, Ryan Phillips, Rob Alford, Cory Davis, and Paul Thacker. Plus the roops of hazard crew and the summit savage Canadians! Oh yeah and Ashley Chaffin shows the boys a thing or two. Look for a few other well known sled film stars. All shot in hd and edited to some fine tunes. Fun for the entire family. The 2 Stroke snowmobile video DVDs are awsome!!

The snowmobile video DVD Boondockers 7 is epic! Every sport has its ultimate prize. The hole in one, the trophy, or just making it through the finish line… In the sport of snowmobiling, there are as many different styles of riding as there are riders. The flatlander might be happy with a freshly groomed trail, a racer is always looking for the fastest time, and the hillclimber is eyeing that next big chute. For us boondockers though, the ultimate reward is deep powder in the most challenging terrain, or as we like to call it, “First Tracks.” Join us as we travel through the Rocky Mountains of the United States and Canada in search of first tracks and new riding locations. Experience the highs and lows of the season, the successes and gut-wrenching failures, and of course the ridiculous deep powder days. Filmed in 1080HD. Appropriate for audiences of all ages. Starring: Geoff “Phatty” Dyer, Rick Barker, Dan Gardiner, Justin Cowett, Matt Entz, Kris Kaltenbacher, Dan Davidoff, Ryan Nelson, Shane Kynaston, Erik Woog, Julian Grimes, and Many More….

Boondockers 7

Price $21.95 - List Price $25.95

Mountain Mod Mania 8

The year of POWDER and HORSEPOWER! Mountain Mod Mania 8 snowmobile video DVD showcases the baddest mountain snowmobilesand the superstars that pilot them! It all starts out with the worlds baddest mountain sled, the "Ultimate Ski-Doo", 1200 cc's of Powderlite Turbocharged 4-stroke power wrapped around a C3 Components Carbon Fiber Chassis and Nextech suspension. 470lbs and over 400 Horsepower!Deep POWDER, Horsepower and a Helicopter...close your eyes and imagine the sensation! What went wrong at the Big Iron Shoot Out, lessons we need to learn.See the Micku's pilot they're C3 Carbon sleds and conquer never been done before chutes at theMMM Invitational at the "Valley of the Chutes".

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From the makers of 2 stroke Cold Smoke snowmobile videos, this new title has a kicking soundtrack and is packed with sick freestyle tricks, huge air, monster gaps, with the best riders taking the sled to the next level! Riders include - Nelson, Armbrust, Adams, Brill and many other.

Killin' It
2 Stroke Cold Smoke 4

Price $9.95 - List Price $24.95

Braaap 10 / Best Of Braaap

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Price $25.95 - List Price $29.95

Celebrating 10 years of Braaap snowmobile videos-- 2 great movies 1 great price. 120 minutes of awesome Braaap extreme snowmobile entertainment. This 2-movie set takes you through our first 9 films in the Best of Braaap. Braaap 10 features great big mountain riding from British Columbia and Colorado. Energizing sound tracks with all your favorite riders such as Kyle, Alford, Treadway, Sandoval, Burandt and lots of new faces as well make this 2-disc set a must for Braaap fans.

Slednecks 7

From the 7 time winner of the Action Sports Videos best snowmobile video award comes Slednecks 7. This two disc set includes one DVD focused on big mountain riding with the top pros including Jay Quinlan, Chris Burandt, Rob Alford, Geoff Kyle, BJ Murray, Dane Ferguson, Paul Thacker, Jason Semler, Dan Phillips, Jimmy Blaze, Seth Wells and others pulling amazing stunts, drops, and powder lines on natural terrain. A return to the big mountains where Slednecks was born. The second DVD in the set features the high flying antics of the sports top freestylers like Kourtney Hungerford, Ryan Britt, Heat Frisby, Lee Stuart, and many more. With over 90 minutes of insane snowmobile video action and DVD bonuses. Filmed in Alaska, Canada, and all over the lower 48. The best snowmobile video series in the world just got better!!

List Price $29.95

HOT snowmobile video title

Imagine the exhilaration of accomplishing things no one else ever has. Imagine conquering the tallest ascents ever attempted on a snowmobile. Smashing World Records... Climbing first ascent after first ascent... Imagine climbing almost 1 mile VERTICALLY on a sled in just over 2 minutes!! The Thunderstruck 9 snowmobile video DVD will surely go down in history for many reasons! We truly had the deepest powder we've ever filmed in. We conquered over 30 never-seen-before climbs! We smashed the standing records (unofficial) for the tallest climbs ever by a snowmobile. We traveled all over the Rocky Mountains following the sun and good snow. And now Team Thunderstruck presents it to you in Thunderstruck 9. Far and gone the most intense riding season ever put to DVD. Award winning filmmaker Jim Phelan presents TS9!.

ThunderStruck 9

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Price $23.95 - List Price $29.95

Check out our huge selection of snowmobile videos and dvd movies.
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