The premise of this ski video is quite simple… having fun! “Catchy Title” follows around a group of Utah rippers having fun in the pow, on urban rails, cliffs, backcountry features, park and pipe. Action footage as well as interviews give (option one) a documentary feel, but don’t forget about (option two) which offers up a secondary edit that will be more of a “traditional” ski film with skiing and music. “Catchy Title” satisfies the music junky and narration junky in one fell swoop. Both versions will be on one disk. Alta, PCMR, Brighton, Mammoth, Timberline, Northstar-at-Tahoe, Salt Lake City, backcountry. Riders: Blake Nyman, Jordan Seldin, John Symms, Jonas Marcinko, Kyler Cooley, Ahmet Dadali, Stu Halverson….

Catchy Title

List Price $29.95

The Candide Thovex team now in its own production running with WW-film from Lionel Genin. Candide’s enjoy of studios brings Rastafaride 7 “Seventh Heaven.

Riders: Candide Thovex-Andreas Hatveit -J F Houle -Xavier Bertoni -Kevin Roland-Arno Kugener -Thomas Krief -Richard Permin -Manu Gaidet -Xavier Delerue....

Locations: Colorado - Canada - Alaska - France -Switzerland - Norway - Russia..

Rastafaride 7:
Seventh Heaven

List Price $24.95

In the winter of 98/'99, during the La Niña storm cycle, the Mt. Baker Ski Area received just less than 100 feet of snow. At a total of 1140 inches, this was the most snow ever recorded in one year, anywhere! Seven years later, following a season of drought brought on by El Niño, the opposite storm system, La Niña returned to Mt. Baker and set a new record: The most snowfall ever recorded in one month! Right On Brother’s Return of the Niña begins with the world record season and follows various local athletes (skiers, snowboarders, and telemarkers) as they progress over the next seven years. Characterizations of these athletes, Mt. Baker, and La Niña will tell the story from a catastrophic avalanche in ’99 to La Niña’s triumphant return in 2006. The film concludes with 16mm footage from ’06-’07, and sets up for next year, which is said to be another La Niña season and may see even more snow-fall than ’98/’99. Athletes: Zach Barret, Dean Collins, Lucas Debari, Blair Habenicht, Justin Health, Tarek Husevold, Dustin Geesaman, Jeff Giffin, Zack Giffin, Sam Giffin, Sean Mansfield, Jonathan Martens, Patrick McCarthy

Locations Shot: Mt. Baker, Washington.

Return Of The Nina

List Price $19.95

Welcome to the next step in the evolution of ski videos: a movie that combines action skiing from the top level of the sport, with an in-depth look at the lives of these people who are totally devoted to the sport. The Sublimation Experiment (TSE) will speak to anyone who is passionate about skiing/ snowboarding, the lifestyle, and concerned about the future of mountain communities and pristine backcoutry locales. Through snowboarding, telemarking and skiing in competitions to chairlift and snowmobile accessed backcountry, to human powered multi day expeditions and ski mountaineering, these athletes showcase their skills, while uncovering their obligations to the environment. TSE will be set to a backdrop of stunning cinematography, in remote and unique backcountry settings with an original soundtrack, inspired by the film. The winter community is ready for movies that appeal to the viewer on a level other then just adrenaline.

Sublimation Experiment

Price $19.95 - List Price $24.95

Grab your gear, jump in the car and take the road less traveled. Join the infamous Meathead crew as they roam windswept backcountry summits and grimy city streets from Ohio to Newfoundland in search of the finest Eastern skiing. This ski video was filmed in High Definition and Super 8mm, Wanderland is an unforgettable ski odyssey through the winter of 2007. The Meatheads had to pour over dozens of maps, endure record-breaking blizzards and brave 30 foot Atlantic wells in their quest for the best. Welcome to the real East Coast. Welcome to Wanderland...


List Price $29.95

GROUNDED dvd made by filmmaker Itai Nemovicher is a killer skiing video. From the maker of ah-MIG-dah-la dvd.

Price $14.95 - List Price $19.95


Mind The Addiction


MTA is a unique look at the lives of twelve athletes. Spend the year traveling with Micah Black, Jeremy Jones, Jeremy Nobis, Jon Olson, Candide Thovex, Johan Olofsson and Kent Kreitler to name a few. You will see what it takes to be them. Every rider will sport the head cam and take you inside their mind, on the mountain, and into the addiction that is riding. Cliff Hucks, Deep Powder, Jibbing, Big Mountains, BASE Jumping, Skiing and Snowboarding. The most complex array of footage this season. .

Subject To Change


This jib release promises to be ground zero for the most sick and twisting antics of the year. Check out this season's new school gap and grind in Summit County, Grizzly Gulch, British Columbia, Mt. Hood, Tahoe, Wyoming, and competitions from around the globe. Thovex, Trois Phillipes, Moseley, Raps, Hall, Sprang, Mercon, Tufflemire, Collins Bros., Easley, Laroche, Cusson, Dorian, and many more.



This film documents the recent advancement in the sport of telemark skiing. This project is a collaborative effort by some of the foremost telemark skiers in the sport, combining the talents of: Three time National Telemark Champion Heather Paul, 1999 Telemark Freeskiing Champion Scott Murray, Canadian National Team Member Paula Steinheber, Eastern National Telemark Mogul Champion Josh Murphy and many others! Featuring footage shot in Alaska and Norway, among many other great locations, this video also has historic footage from the sportís beginnings.

Unparalleled 2


This second film documents the next phase ofadvancement in the sport of telemark skiing. This project is a collaborative effort by some of the foremost telemark skiers in the sport, combining the talents of: Three time National Telemark Champion Heather Paul, 1999 Telemark Freeskiing Champion Scott Murray, Canadian National Team Member Paula Steinheber, Eastern National Telemark Mogul Champion Josh Murphy and many others! Featuring footage shot in Alaska and Norway, among many other great locations.

30 Minutes.

Unparalleled 3


Unparalleled 3: Soul Slide takes you on an introspective journey to the satin edges of winter's blanket with the world's top freeheel
freeskiers. What moves within us when the earth moves beneath us? What happens when our soul slides? Filmed on location in California, Utah, Colorado, France, Norway, and remote corners of British Columbia, Soul Slide features the athletic talent and unique lifestyles of the world's top freeheel skiers. The film stars BJ Brewer, Frode Gronvold, Henrik Haaland, Charlie Cannon, Lorenzo
Worster, Sarah Clemensen, Max Mancini, Scott Schield, Ben Dolenc, Mark Sanders, Pete Gallup, and Scott Murray. Music by Puracane, Sneaker Pimps, G. Love and Special Sauce, Cruiserweight, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, Mappari, Vogado Project, Greyboy.

Unparalleled 4: The Lost Season is the fourth film in Unparalleled Productions' award winning series of Freeheel films. A different kind of ski film born of a different group of skiers, The Lost Season follows Lorenzo Worsted, Max Mancini, Scott Schield, Ben Dolenc, Mark Sanders, and Ty Dayberry along with rising stars Hilary Larkin, Seth Steffen, Cody Smith, and Decker Jory. Through their talent and enthusiasm for freeheel skiing we see not only possibility, but a zeal for life that affects us all and provides an appreciation for times passed and an awareness for the speed with which we each lose our own season.


Unparalleled 4
The Lost Season

Free Time


FREE TIME: Techniques for Modern Freeheel Skiing Modern freeheel skiing has made huge strides in recent years with advances in equipment technology, and an exciting new style has emerged.

FREE TIME: Techniques for Modern Freeheel Skiing gives you the tools to hone your skills in winter's fastest growing sport. With tips from the pros and instruction for the basic beginner and aggressive expert, FREE TIME provides the information you need to improve your freeheel skiing. Join Unparalleled Productions and the world's top freeheel skiers to make the most of your FREE TIME.

Tough Guy Productions raises the bar in this season’s extreme telemark ski video dvd film with "SESSIONS". The film fully captures the lure of the backcountry – it’s beauty, brilliance, and addictive draw. Featuring the top skiers in the industry crushing lines in Canada, Alaska, Norway, California, Colorado and Utah. Starring: Max Mancini, Leslie Ross, Sarah Clemenson, Mark Tieszen, Dylan Crossman, Torkel, Seth Stefen, Asbjorn Naess, Johnny Lyons, Antte Lauhamaa, and the PowderWhores.

Price $3.99 - List Price $29.95

Total Telemark 5 - Sessions

PowderW Productions is back with their third powder filled backcountry skiing video. PW07 takes the viewer to the ends of earth in search of never before skied terrain and untracked pow. The tele worlds best athletes display their skills in British Colombia, Baffin Island, The SawtoothactTms, The Chugach and back home to the Wasatch Mountains. Known for their ability to capture the "White Room", PW delivers their deepest pow segment ever. Dave Stratton, Andy Jacobsen, Charlie Cannon, Will Cardamone, Noah and Jonah Howell make up the primary players on this years roster. Nick DeVore has a breakout performancewith his mind blowing Alaska lines and his amazing showing at the Alpine Freeskiing Competition where he defeats many of today's top Alpine skiers on his Telemark gear. This film is hands down the best display of Telemark skiing the world has yet to see. Powderwhore 07 is the premiere telemark video movie of the season. Locations: Utah, Idaho, Alaska, Canada. Athletes: Nick Devore, Andy Jacobsen , Will Cardamone, Dave Stratton, Noah Howell, Jonah Howell, Andy Rosenberg Charlie Cannon, Darrel Finlayson, Mischa Zitkova, Sam Cox and more.


List Price $29.99

In the explosive world of snow sliding exists the tight niche of Telemark Skiing. Tough Guy Productions owns this era, niche, and movement. TGP stands true in representing the Soul of modern free-heel skiing. Tough Guy Productions has captured yet another season and is excited to release INCOGNITO--Total Telemark IV. Check out an epic season's worth of footage shot on location in-- Alaska, Norway, China, Russia, and North America. Incognito unmasks the true spirit of the world's best athletes who personify the sport of telemark skiing. You will be captivated as they master powder, chutes, trees, cliffs, rails, parks and competitions. This is a great telemark skiing video dvd.

Incognito:Total Telemark IV

Starring the all the best. Be sure to open up the outrageous hidden footage in this skiing DVD's Extra's called "Snip--Its". The crew at TGP thinks Incognito is sure to change your life!

Price $3.99 - List Price $29.95

Starring-Sarah Burke, Garrett Brittain, Dave Crichton, Josh Novotny, Boyd Easley, Jon Olsson, Corey Grinnell, Three Phils, Ben Grunow, Schrab Brothers, Tanner Hall, Rex Thomas, Scott Hibbert, Chris Turpin, Derek Klick, Rory Will, Max Kuszaj, Andy Woods, Kristi Leskinen, Steele Spence, Marc Belliveau, Matt Sterbenz, Candide Thovex, Mickael Deschenaux

Price $4.99 - List Price $25.95

Strike 3

Cold Fusion

Warren Millers amazing recent Home video release.

Price $17.95 - List Price $25.95

Description: TGR's latest film takes a glimpse into the future of riding. The disciplines of big mountain and jib fuse together to begin the next major phase in the progression of riding. See the visionaries of the revolution step up and change the game. Jeremy Jones, Micah Black, and Kent Kreitler add freestyle to their big mountain repertoire. Unknowns Sage Cattabriga and Marc Andre' Belliveau incorporate big mountain to their freestyle game. Jeremy Nobis recovers from injury and tames Alaka. Legend Scott Schmidt examines the state of the sport as he shows us around Island Lake Lodge. Wonder kid Travis Rice shows us why the freestyle snowboard world has all its eyes on him.

List Price $9.99

The Prophecy

Los Alamos

The sequel to Area 51, Los Alamos goes lunar, totally covering the new school freestylers. The air squadron seeking out the best runs from huge back country gaps. Check huge rails, 120+ ft. gaps, huge table tops, 18 foot half pipes.



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