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skateboarding videosSKATEBOARDING VIDEOS

 Globe’s UNITED BY FATE film series has become one of the most watched skateboard video projects of all time, with 6 EPISODES that have been VIEWED millions of times online. Here in one place are all of the unique EPISODES—with the enigmatic BLACK VAN pursuing the GLOBE TEAM from all corners of the globe. Now you can finally find out what FATE has in store for the TEAM.

This Collection also contains the never before released FULL-LENGTH FILM VERSION with new footage from MARK APPLEYARD, CHRIS HASLAM, JAKE DUNCOMBE, DAVID GONZALEZ, RYAN DECENZO and the rest of the GLOBE TEAM as they become UNITED BY FATE. Now you can own this SPECIAL EDITION 2 DVD set of the entire Globe UNITED BY FATE series, plus the FULL FILM-LENGTH VERSION, all the behind-the-scenes and extras in this Limited Edition collection. UNITED BY FATE is some of the best skateboarding ever laid down by the world’s BEST.

United By Fate

List Price $29.95

Make Friends
With The Colour Blue

List Price $29.99

Blueprint skateboard presents its first full length skateboard video release in 5 years. Blueprint was the first UK company to make an impression on the worldwide skate scene, promoting British riders and rugged UK skate spots. Since its inception in 1995 it has become a fully fledged international skate brand, whilst still retaining its original concept and flavour.

The new release 'Make Friends with the ColoUr Blue' promises to include the same look and feel of its previous and highly respected skateboard videos, but features new faces from Europe and the USA.MFWTCB is shot on location in the UK, East coast of the USA, Europe, China & Russia. Featuring Paul Shier, Mark Baines, Colin Kennedy, Nick Jensen, Marty Murawski, Danny Brady and Blueprint's Am team.

Pray For Me Redux

REDUX new version of PRAY for ME. The old one is out of print now. 2 discs. A ton of new footage. Subtitles galore. NFK biker feature. Never before seen vert footage of Jason, and more…..

List Price $29.95

Mind Field

List Price $29.95

ALIEN WORKSHOP’s Mind Field - Definitely the skateboard video of the year. A document of the team rider's and company's individuality, MIND FIELD draws on the iconoclastic visual style of Alien Workshop's past video projects while propelling skateboard videos into an uncharted realm. Featuring: Heath Kirchart, Josh Kalis, Anthony Van Engelen, Mikey Taylor, Omar Salazar, Dylan Rieder, Jason Dill, Steve Berra, Rob Dyrdek, Arto Saari, Grant Taylor, Jake Johnson, Tyler Bledsoe.

Comes w/ a 60 page booklet and solid bonus features…

Killer Volcom team skateboard video. Over the course of the month of May, the Volcom skate team posted up in an apartment in Brooklyn New York with the sole purpose of skating epic New York spots. Packed with raw skating and insightful commentary, ALL THE DAYS ROLL INTO ONE is a behind the scenes glimpse into the constant ups & downs of trying to skate on demand in a hectic city. Featuring: Darrell Stanton, Nick Dompierre, Chima Ferguson, Dennis Busenitz, Danny Cerezini, Filipe Ortiz, Caswell Berry, Brandon Westgate..

List Price $24.95

All The Days
Roll Into One

Sick Boys

List Price $29.99

Mack Dawg Productions to Re-Release Legendary Skateboard video “Sick Boys” on DVD. In 1988 Mack Dawg Productions released a skateboarding film called “Sick Boys”. Shot entirely on Super 8 film “Sick Boys” documents the early street skating movement in San Francisco along with footage of select demos, skate camps and competitions from those formative times. The film primarily focuses on legends Tommy Guerrero, Mickey Reyes, Bryce Kanights, Mike Archimedes, Natas Kaupas, Julien Stranger, Jim Thiebaud, Ron Allen, and Steve Caballero as well as shots of Christian Hosoi, Tony Magnusson, Eric Dressen, Danny Sargent, and many, many others. Free from outside control or industry support, “Sick Boys” was produced without any sponsors and had a limited distribution of 1,000 VHS copies worldwide. Sick Boys has become a cult classic that truly depicts how fun and care free skating was 20 years ago. From the roots of the whole street movement to classic road trips and excursions “Sick Boys” remains relevant to this day. In order to commemorate this visual history, Mack Dawg Productions is proud to re-release “Sick Boys” for the first time on DVD.

Included extras within the re-release are the “Sick Boys to Men” never-before seen interviews with Tommy Guerrero, Mickey Reyes, Bryce Kanights, Mike Archimedes, Natas Kaupas, Julien Stranger, Jim Thiebaud, and Ron Allen. These 2008 interviews provide great insight into the way skating was back then and how being a skater featured in Sick Boys has changed and intertwined their lives. Also included is a collector’s booklet with classic photographic images from Bryce Kanights, Tobin Yelland and Luke Ogden.

Weenabago Projekt 2: Crossing America

Price $17.45 - List Price $19.99

"The Weenabago Projekt" skateboard video began as a concept in the mid-2000’s as a road trip in which a '70's motor home was filled with a collection of diverse skaters and hit the road from Huntington Beach, rocketing non-stop to Vancouver and then finding it’s way back through coastal and central California until they come over the "grapevine" back into LA three weeks later.

Now the second installment of the concept is complete “The Weenabago Projekt/Crossing America” in which this time Tosh and friends transverse America from the West to the East ending up in New York City with all the skating and adventures in between as they go from the breakdown motor home of journey number one to the vehicle up-grade to a Sprinter for the new version “Crossing America”.

"The Weenbago Projekt 2/Crossing America" is a SKATEBOARDING film of the journey developed by TOSHTOWNSKATE, Inc. , KRISTIAN McCUE PRODUCTIONS and creative direction of MADSTEEZ and the filming of JAMES WILSHKE, principal photography of BART JONES with co-production from The ActivEmpire.

The skaters are, TOSH TOWNEND, NEEN WILLAMS and PAT PASQUALE and other prominent skaters on the journey including CHRIS SENN and all the characters they meet as they transverse coast to coast. Produced byThe ActivEmpire.

Dysfunctional Family

Sale Price $9.99 - List Price $19.95

The second skateboard video effort from a small grassroots skateboard company born in Hawaii, with team riders from across the country. Watch a gritty glimpse of the team skating in Hawaii, the States, Europe, and even China. Step into Katch 1's world of moving freight trains, skate rats, and angry grandmas. With better skating, new team riders, new trains, new artwork, and new animation, this film is sure to be entertaining. Also included is Sean Reilly's own bonus section, as well as slide shows and a fully functional menu created by Katch 1. Starring Bob Gnarly, JZ, Adrian Mcelhaney, Dave Davis, Chris Kays, Sean Reilly, Kale Sandridge, Choppy Omega, Brendan Leung, Katch 1, Trevor Uriona, Billy Wilson, Craig Williams, and Ian Okui. Bob Gnarly melon grabs off a second story and busts an inward heel over the Santa Monica triple set in 2003. JZ grinds the Times Square 20. Choppy hucks himself over the largest gap at Burnside. Kale comes out of hiding. Adrian Mcelhaney with big pop and technical wizardry.

The final chapter of the Seasons skateboard videos series continues to shine a light on the Bay Area skateboarding scene as seen from the esteemed lens of Trevor Prescott. What makes this fourth video particularly endearing is that it happens to be Trevor's swan song; Trevor passed away in 2006 before finishing Seasons IV. To pay homage to the legacy of filming he left behind, Trevor's childhood friend (and fellow filmer/editor), Tucker Glasow, decided to pick up where Trevor left off. With the help of Trevor's family, Tucker gathered Trevor's unreleased footage while also shooting additional parts for the video. Two years later, Seasons IV is out, featuring an abundance of well-known pros and upcoming ams straight from the streets of the Bay Area. Seasons IV is a must have for anyone interested in the skate mecca that is SF. Not to be missed, of course is Trevor's amazing closing part. Featured skaters include: Silas Baxter-Neal, Josh Matthews, Danny Fuenzalida, Ben Stewart, Brian Delatorre, Mike Espinosa, Dave Abair, Zak Gonzalez, Karl Watson, Carlos Young, Stefan Janoski, Brandon Beibel and many more....

Seasons 4

Sale Price $9.99 - List Price $19.95

900 Films skateboard video features Tony Hawk crashing the scene at local skateparks across North America... and he's brining some famous friends with him. After a huge demo in Montana for the most excited crowd Tony's ever seen, the Secret Skatepark Tour goes underground, showing up unannounced at six different public parks over 10 days. Get the insider's perspective as top prods endure early morning flights and cramped van rides for the sake of giving back and making a direct impact on the kids who are out there skating every day. A tight crew- including celebrity superstar Bam Margera, teen phenom Ryan Sheckler, and the strongest ary of Ams ever assembled- headlines the most innovative grass- roots tour of all time. Feel the energy build while cell phone calls go out within minutes, hundreds of stoked fans drop everything to converge on the scene. See everything from the stunned looks on peoples' faces to the progressive sessions that change the way locals think about their own parks forever. Tony Hawk's Secret Skatepark Tour 3 breaks down the barricades and inspires another generation of kis by skating with them rather then for them..

Tony Hawks
Secret Skatepark Tour 3

Price $18.45 - List Price $19.95

  First off, Chris Cole. Could this kid get any more insane? He brings ridiculous skill to rails, gaps, ledges, and anything else you can think of. It's a very well rounded part, not just handrails for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Well, we suppose the kickflip backside noseblunt on a rail was the dinner part, but your jaw will drop. Plus, you can giggle for his whole section at his fresh to hesh makeover program, which is definitely a plus.

Another high point is John Rattray's part. He skates a million miles per hour killing sketchy looking European spots, doing it all with such a rad style. One line that stands out in my mind is the one where he kickflips a street gap, does a no comply revert going ten pushes fast, and finishes it off with a crooked grind down a fourteen stair hubba. Basically, this will make you want to skate.

Jamie Thomas also has a very strong part. He does the usual handrail routine, but what surprised us is how much he mixed it up. He has a lot of flip tricks over gaps, and even some ledge stuff. I'd have to say that this is probably his second best video part to date, just behind his part in Welcome to Hell. It also shows that he is still progressing, which is amazing, because he has been killing it for probably longer than you have been alive.


Dying To Live


In Bloom



"In Bloom " has just been completed. Featuring:
Tony Trujillo
Paul Rodriguez
Chris Cole
Mike Taylor
Evan Hernandez
Alex Gall "Train Wreck"



A Skateboarding Video documenting the three week Circa Footwear European Tour in June 2001. Featuring: Jamie Thomas, Chad Muska, Mark Appleyard, Colt Cannon, Chris Cole, John Rattray, Adrian Lopez, Sammy Baptista, and with a guest appearance by Tom Penny. Countries include: Olso, Norway- Stockholm, Sweden- London, England- Paris, France- Stuttgart, Germany-Zurich, Switzerland and Milan Italy.
45 min

Sale Price $5.00 - List Price $24.95



Mullen vs Song
Round 2

Let's get ready to rumble...with two of the world’s most technically radical street skaters. Check Rodney go ollie to ollie with Daewon Song. Plus guest appearances of more than 25 of the world’s top street skaters. Don King had nothing to do with this bout. Produced by Socrates Lenz.
30 Min

Hallowed Ground


Synopsis: Hallowed Ground. Directed by Scott Soens, this film was shot in its entirety in 16mm. Hallowed Ground is a documentary focusing on the lives of the Hurley International Skateboarding Team. This film features exotic locations such as Brazil, France, Switzerland, and the U.S. Highlight sessions with Bob, Lincoln and Mike on Bob's backyard ramp! A portion of the proceeds go to the Brenden Boreck foundation.

Starring:Bob Burnquist, Diego Buchiere, Kris Markovich, Steve Berra, Mike Vallely, Rodrigo TX, Lincoln Ueda and the rest of the Hurley International Skateboarding Team. Directed by Scott Soens. Produced by Poor Specimen Productions.

Music:Jack Johnson, Dread Lion, G. Love, Deadly Avenger, DJ Greyboy, Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals, Bonobo, DJ Logic, McRad, Turning Machine, Zero Zero.

How To Go Pro

Shorty Skateboards presents this amateur project starring four Ams –Sam Baptista (who turned pro at the premiere of this skateboard video), Torey Pudwill, Andrew Pott and Rodrigo Lima and a pro section featuring Chad Muska, Fabrizio Santos and Brandon Turner.


Pig Wood Slaughterhouse


Pig Wood is proud to present their first skateboard video release, Slaughterhouse. This skateboard DVD features Pig Wood's first pro rider, Anthony "Ragdoll" Scalamere, riding alongside the Pig Wood Ams Adrian Mallory, Charlie Castelluzzo, Lizard King, Sammy Baca, Shuriken Shannon and Slash. This group of amazing skateboarders lays it down on all terrain, bringing together one of the most slashing and creative teams in skateboarding. The team has worked hard and has gained respect from all who witness their talents. Slaughterhouse is what skateboarding is truly about: having fun, skating everything and anything yourself. Tune in and watch the chaos unfold!

Experience all the colors and angles of skateboarding with Tony Hawk, Matt Dove, Peter Hewitt, Andy Macdonald, Diego Bucchieri, Roberto Aleman, Bob Burnquist, Bucky Lasek and dozens of other top skaters.


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