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In a market with a lot of snowboard videos, filled with HD cameras, budgets in the millions and corporate sponsors, these are the people who still run with scissor, charm cobras, wear black socks with brown shoes, live off the dollar menu, get twisted, piss into the wind, wear jean short shorts, smash pumpkin, and still keep it real. Good people, great locations, fun times and Bad Ideas.

Riders: Jake Olson-Elm, Wyatt Glynn, Madison Ellsworth, Chad Otterstrom, Ricky Tucker, Austin Julik-Heine, Pat Camparano, Austin Young, John Hodge, Erich Dummer, James Frederick, John Pape, Pat Lynch, and Friends.

Price $21.45 - List Price $24.95

Bad Ideas


Blue Bird Movie

Price $19.99- List Price $24.95

Bozwreck 2

Price $19.95 - List Price $24.95

This snowboard video has riders like Sliver Serino, Stefan Echo, Brendon Dury, Nick Geissen, James Whitted, Cody Boan, Dakoda Fanning, Matt Foster, Brett Christi, Duncan Barnes. CHUCH!!! Is a Flick Based in north lake Tahoe based on friends, great riding and the brotherhood that is snow boarding for us. Every person in this movie has made countless personal sacrifices to find them selves where we are today. we live eat and sleep riding, form our Filmer's getting the shoot and our riders killing it. This movie is a year of us sleeping in car working two or three jobs and still riding 150 plus days ... we are snowboarding.... snowboarding is our savior and our passion. We are a different dread.... CHUCH!


Price $10.00 - List Price $24.95

Price $3.99 - List Price $19.95

Gold Country

Team Thunders new snowboard video - journey through the Wild West on a search for "Gold Country"... Filmed entirely in the Great Wild West of America with the latest HD equipment, "Gold Country" Pays homage to the great western states that it's riders call home, and paints snowboarding in a light that anyone with true love for the sport can relate to--no monster SUV's, no brand new snowmobiles, no heli cams, and no over the top antics--just a group of friends traveling the country, sleeping on crowded floors, and snowboarding wherever they can.

Featuring: Will Tuddenham, Codie Comrie, Ben Gustafson, Jake Welch, Harrison Gordon, Desiree Melancon, Laura Hadar, and many others...

Follow Tadashi Fuse and his handpicked roster of riders through their fun filled travels in Heart Films Volume 3 snowboard video... Filled with tons of bonus footage that will keep you entertained all season long. See why Heart Films is considered the Mack Dawg of Japanese snowboard producers. Subtitled in English for your enjoyment. Riders: Tadashi Fuse Shota Suzuki Hiromi Takahashi Akifumi Hiraoka Adachi Futa Sachi Tanaka Takafumi Konishi Donn Hor Kousuke Wakisaka Natasza Zurek and friends....

Price $19.99- List Price $24.95

Heart Films Vol. 3

Knock On Wood

First Tracks Productions presents the snowboard video Knock on Wood, featuring today’s and tomorrow’s top snowboarders tempting fate in the backcountry and streets of North America, Europe and Japan. Shot in brilliant HD by filmers who ride, Knock on Wood will remind you why you love to snowboard.

Riders: Cody Lewis, Alexis Roland, Ryan Johannesen, Mike Abeliuk, Fredrik Evensen, Chase Harriman, Ben Wynn, Jordan Nield, Jukka Eratuli, Chris Bartkowski, Drew Brighton, Randy Marino, Dave King and more.

Price $19.95- List Price $24.95

Pleasure Inc

HOT snowboard video title

Price $21.45- List Price $24.95

Welcome to ‘Pleasure inc.’ where good times is what they are made of. Follow the new line up of international riders with this snowboard video, riding their favorite spots around the world. Everything from fun riding to serious big backcountry booters, freeriding to street, back yard sessions to pillow lines, ‘Pleasure Inc.’ is a true reflection of our passion for snowboarding. Progression is what snowboarding is all about and in that sense, all this year’s movie has been shot with HD cameras. Hope you’ll enjoy watching this new flick as much as we did making it. So sit back, relax and enjoy!

Riders list : Benji Ritchie, David Melancon, Alex Cantin, Reno B, Etienne Gilbert, Matt Dano, Max Baillargeon, Shin Campos, Hans Ahlund, Gaetan Chanut, Kareem El Rafie, P-O Houde, Charles Gagnon, Brian McClatchy, Paul Gonzalez.

Runway films is proud to present it's second snowboard video, "See What I See", a compilation of the most progressive riding from the world's best female riders in 2008. Upping the ante from last year's LA LA LAND, this is a movie not to be missed as the platform has been raised with scenes of riding the historical streets of Quebec City, snowmobiling the vast glaciers of British Columbia, lapping many of the major US parks, and reflecting upon what one's mind would conceive as their own snowboarding lifestyle. Wth new tricks in the bag, stakes are high, and this film is destined to direct your attention to the progression of female riding.

Riders: Natasza Zurek, Anne Flore Marxer, Desiree Melancon, Erin Comstock, Cheryl Maas, Gretchen Bleiler, Kimmy Fasani, Raewyn R, Meghann O'Brien, Leanne Pelosi, Kjersti Buaas, Robin Ban Gynn, Jamie Anderson, Izumi Amaike, Janna Meyen, Jacqui Berg, Marie France Roy, Victoria Jealouse, Coleen Quigley, Chanelle Sladics, Amber Stackhouse, and more...


See What I See

Price $24.95- List Price $26.95


HOT snowboard video title

Price $9.99- List Price $24.95

This winter Autumn Line took snowboarding into the future, with a look from the past. "They traveled the globe hitting up hidden pow zones, never before seen steret rails, amazing terrain parks, and all the weird side-of-the-run sopts that make snowboarding fun." Technicolour brings you raw snowboarding, the way it should be, in living colour.

The soundtrack for this snowboard video takes you on an emotional ride, reminiscant of the progression through any day you've ever been snowboarding. Brimming with creative talent, Autumn Line has put together a cinematic experience unlike any other this season.

Riders: Gabe Taylor, Brendan Hayes, Eric Fernandez, Greg Hahn, Jake Devine, Lance Machado, Ben Bilocq, Matt Hammer, Cody Rosenthal, Spencer Link, Jake Olson-Elm, Cody Rosenthal, Scott Blum, Brett Butcher, Peter Benchetler, & Friends.

The new snowboard video by Isenseven "Teenage Love Graffiti".

This Cinetastic 32-bit Snowboard Super-Experience DVD which will be released fall 2008 will feature the riding of Erik Botner, Michi Zirngibl, André Kuhlmann, Christophe Schmidt, Torgeir Berre, Fredrik Evensen, Ethan Morgan, HC Bergheim, Joonas Mustonen, Peter König, Ludwig Lejkner, Tobi Strauss, René Schnöller, Xaver Hoffmann, Fipse Strauss and will be full of stuff you love: young Euro shred kids flying, falling, jibbing, bonking, drinking - all captured with high-def cameras and put together in a lovely way that makes you wanna party with your shred stick.

Teenage Love Graffiti

Price $9.99- List Price $29.95


Throw Your Panties

Price $19.95- List Price $24.95

 From the same immaturity level that brought you snowboard videos like Sandbox, Flavor Country and Time well wasted now Andrew brings you the film called “Throw your Panties”. When asked why he wanted to make this film Andrew had this to say, “I like watching funny people say funny things and I also like snowboarding so why over saturate one or the other. I want to mix them both together in an overflowing martini glass and drink down that concoction and call it Throw your Panties… duh”. With riding and other bull shit from Dustin Craven, Tobias Karlsson, Andrew Hardingham, Ryan Hall, Dwain Wiebe, Ingemar Backman and Jonas Guinn. The film follows these riders for one year through Andrew’s somewhat demented and very twisted perception of snowboarding. Just look at them shoes, i mean there just sitting there so why not try those shoes on. I know you’ll love the fit. This is a must have for core shops that need something new, entertaining and energy charged. It’s guaranteed to make you and anyone who watches it a little bit stupider. TYP is not for little kids. -Candy

Welcome to the home of the 07'-08' Bald E-Gal film Trees Please. This is a documentary style snowboard video featuring Midwest Riders Dan Brisse, Ezra Jacobson and Idaho native David Kunz. We all know these kids can shred but keep an eye out for cameos from Bjorn Hartweger, Josh Sherman, Mike Casanova, Tarek Husevold, Jonny Martens, Jake Olson-Elm, Tony Conrad, Mike Roeder, Brandon Larson, Matt Faust, and more...

Trees Please

Price $19.99- List Price $24.95


Price $19.99- List Price $24.95

Riders : Jeremy Cloutier, Phil Jacques, Frank April, Louif Paradis, Nic Brunette, Dan migno, Greg Jardins, LNP, P-o houde, Nic houle, Ben Bilocq, Jordan Bell, Kael Hill, Jason Dubois.

It’s the year 2008 and most of the population is hiding indoors from the cold winter. These kids, however, would rather live their lives outside in the sub-zero weather. They seek out some of the most cold and polluted cities, and destroy all the urban structures and obstacles in their way. It’s only a matter of time before these single minded shreds take over this game… WHAT!

The snowboard video "Winter Renaissance is an epic adventure into a season of pure winter bliss" We have ventured into some of the most remote places in the Cascade mountains to truly capture a beautiful winter full of excitement! Featuring the styles of some of the most dedicated and passionate riders around. With unique and never seen before locations this is a one of a kind movie. Featured riders; Eric Jackson, Nick Ennen, Tarek Husevold, Scotty Witsil, Nathan Lind, Sammy Luebke, Tim Carlson, Lucas Debari, Kurt Jenson, Pat McCarthy and many more...

Price $19.99- List Price $24.95

Winter Renaissance

Workin Out The Kinks

HOT snowboard video title

This year, At Once Productions has decided to put a spin on the traditional snowboard video. Workin' Out the Kinks is a film about the challenges of being a professional snowboarder. In order to bridge the gap between snowboarders and the general public, WOTK highlights some of the obstacles snowboarders have to overcome to become professional. WOTK tells this story through interviews, soundbytes, and incredible footage that includes urban rails, backcountry, unique and original tricks, and contest footage.

Price $21.45 - List Price $24.95

Price $19.45 - List Price $24.95

A Theory Of Revolution

Guns Out

Catapult yourself into the future of snowboarding with Guns Out, a snowboard video by Eddie Grams and Tyler McLeod. Riders with every kind of hairstyle will take you to locations in Utah and all over the continent to go boarding, and it's all edited to the beat. This movie will make you want to take your socks off.

Price $19.99- List Price $24.95

New european snowboard video production featuring nicolas droz, pierre rué, paul lambersens, arthur girault, caroline béliard, max delayen, laurent gougain, aymeric tonin, silvain monney, mickey leblanc, devun walsh and many more....

Price $9.99 - List Price $25.95


These Days

These Days Transworld SNOWboarding Productions snowboard video. All you need to know is that this is produced by the world’s #1 snowboarding magazine, Transworld SNOWboarding. This film delivers the most progressive and current riding—fresh faces, fresh lines, fresh tricks. Expect standout parts from Aussie transplant Robbie Walker, Sweden’s Jonas Carlson, and Northwest new jacks Nick Dirks and Lucas Debari. But don’t sleep on the rest of the gang, with Tim Eddy, Jonas Michilot, Louif Paradis, Dustin Craven, and Chad Otterstrom rounding out the roster. Filmed throughout the Northwest, up and down the Rockies, deep into the interior of British Columbia, and down every alley in Eastern Canada in search of the never-been-shredded, These Days doesn’t disappoint.

Price $17.99 - List Price $19.95

Still Bastards

List Price $24.95

Double Feature: “Still Bastards” will also include “Little Bastards” available for the first time ever on DVD with new footage added!

This is a big moment for old and new Wildcat’s snowboard videos fans alike. Almost a decade since the release of “Lil Bastards”, Wildcats and Is Design have teamed up to produce Still Bastards, the sequel to the snowboard video that kicked started the Wildcat’s legacy. With Devun Walsh and JF Pelchat at the helm you better believe this highly anticipated sequel is crammed packed full of late night antics, including but not limited to extreme radness, excessive drinking, the damaging of public property, insults directed towards innocent people, horribly good dancing, the invasion of personal space, smart ass remarks, terrible rapping, drunken mumbling, beautiful women (hopefully) and an overall talent for poor decision making. All this action is of course peppered with hotshot stunts performed by a world-class cast of snowboard mega stars and the up and comers eager to carry the torch. Features: Devon Walsh, Ikka Backstrom, Eero Nimela, Kale Stephens, Chris Brown, Chris Dufficy, Mikey Rencz, TF Pelchat, Benji Ritchie, Reno and Tadashi… Locations: Whistler Backcountry, Vancouver, Interior BC, Europe, Japan and more.

Bonus Footage: Rider commentary, Deleted scenes, late night comedy, classic videos from the furious blog, interviews and teasers!

Time Well Wasted

HOT snowboard video title

Sandbox is back again for 2007. Time Well Wasted is a 16mm snowboard video film that has been developed by the boys who brought you their 2005 self-titled release: Sandbox and their 2006 release: Flavor Country. Unique footage, good riding and fun are the focus once again for this crew. A bunch of new faces and new sponsors mixed with even better production quality will give this project a great look and just make you want to go riding. Andrew Hardingham, Kevin Sansalone, Mark Sollors, Andrew Geeves, Rube Goldberg, Ryan Hall, Brendan Keenan, Rusty Ockendan, Andrew Skelhorn, Max Ritchie, Steve Cartwright, Dwayne Wiebe, Kael Hill, Kevin Griffin, Geoff Brown, Andrew Burns, Mike Sudermann, Mikey Pederson and Logan Short are the feature rides in this project.

Price $19.99 - List Price $24.95


Price $9.99- List Price $24.95

MONTREAL and FROSTED FLAKES snowboard videos were perhaps some of the most comprehensive DVDs released to date, and their follow-up proves a similarly colossal achievement, with significant extra footage and a multitude of worthwhile bonus features. Imagine a movie that consists of the best snowboard footage ever shot by Sunset Films. Sunset has re-opened its vaults to produce the greatest moments of Sunset Films since 2003. TOGETHER documents the evolution of Sunset Films and the uprising of snowboarding. This film consists of the most outstanding riders and never seen before footage and more....

Riders: Yan Dofin, JP Walker, Max Legend, Danny Kass, Reno B., Seth Huot, Hans Ahlund, Max Henault, Risto Mattila, Matt Dano, JF Fortin, Antti Autti, and many more...


UNITE! is a triple feature snowboard video dvd featuring the Trilogy Arts Team. It is a look into the 3 boarding cultures of surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding, giving them each their own film. This DVD exzemplifies these arts and certain indivuals involved in keeping the 3 united in their daily lives.

Featuring: Ryan Wichert,True Love, Christian Koch, David Wichert, Kurt Jenson, Tim Carlson, and others. The Skateboarding of Brice Niebuhr, Vito Luppino, Garret Maxhiemer, RedHawk, and others. The surfing of Brad Johnson, Tyler Anderson, Miles Wallace, Landon Smith, Randall Rodstoker, and

List Price $19.95

Walk The Plank

$19.95 - List Price $27.95

From street rail slaughtering in Sweden and Russia, deep powder and pillow riding in Japan and Canada, to technical tricks on big backcountry kickers in the Alps, this is one of those snowboard videos that shows everything snowboarding is about. Wrapped in artistic 8mm film intros and sporting the extra flavor of cable cams, dollies and paraglide angles, “Walk the Plank”, is the newest 16mm snowboard experience from the Pirate Crew. To top it all off, it comes with a 100 page Artbook!

Riders: Gigi Rüf, Marco Feichtner, Anne-Flore Marxer, Lukas Goller, Hans Ahlund, Björn Hartweger, Chris Sörman, Eirik Haugo, Danny Larsen, Andreas Monsbe rger, Jocki Köffler, Aleksi Vanninen, Hannes Metzler, Martin Sandberg, and Dmitry Fesenko.

Price $19.99 - List Price $24.95

Whiteout Season 4

In their fouth year, Whiteout is happy to present you with the riding and filming from another snow season in Whistler, British Columbia, and abroad. Their new snowboard dvd release this year is entitled “Whiteout”, and will promise to deliver the same quality rider-owned-and-operated, filming, riding, and editing that Whiteout has delivered in their previous releases. Riders: Jesse Fox, Tadashi Fuse, TJ Schneider, Eero Niemela, Mikey Renez, Trevor Andrew, Benji Ritchie, Chris Brown, Kale Stephens, Alex Auchu, Paavo Tikkanen, Jaakko Seppala, JF Pelchat, Matt Dano, Reno B, Shin Campos and Rube Goldberg. Length: 30 mins!

Price $19.99 - List Price $29.95

Totally Board 12
White Balance

In a sea of over hyped, over saturated snowboard videos, White Balance stands true and delivers the whole spectrum of snowboarding. From the inner city handrails to the highest peaks in Alaska, this movie is what snowboarding is truly about. Standard Films travels the globe with some of the best snowboarders in the world and upcoming talent. Starring Terje Haakonsen, Erik Leines and many more!

DVD or VHS  

Best Of
Totally Board Series

Price $9.99 - List Price $29.95

Imagine a movie that consists of the best footage from all the Totally Board
snowboard videos ever shot by Standard Films. Standard has re-opened its vaults to produce the greatest moments of the Totally Board Series. The Best of TB documents the evolution of Standard Films and the uprising of snowboarding. This snowboard video consists of the most outstanding riders along with insightful interviews, never seen before footage and more…. The Best of TB is a must have for any snowboard video collection..

Craziest descents of all time
Jib section
Most wicked slams
Retro section with Perata, Farmer, etc…

List Price $24.95


From the creators of the hit, BREAKING GROUND snowboard video, comes Alterna Action Films latest creation, REFLECTION. This film will showcase some of the most talented riders in the world, in the most unique and remote areas around the globe. It will include the most progressive filming techniques including cable caming and helicopter follow cams in the backcountry. Our goal is to bring out the subtle moments that are part of a great day of riding. Such as the concentrated look on a riders face before he drops in, the beauty of the backcountry, the pressure of an edge digging into the lip of a takeoff, or the simple joys of sessioning a jump with your buddies. Don't miss out on one of the most progressive films out this year.


Diary - WildCats 3

Price $9.99 - List Price $24.95

BONUS:60 minutes including 15 minutes of bonus footage highlighting behind the scenes secrets, bloopers, knee slapping extras and interviews that didn’t make the final cut.

Welcome to DIARY, Whiteout Films’ third and most creative collaboration to date, featuring all your favorite personalities from the Wildcats’ lair and beyond. This unique and extremely entertaining introspective is sure to bring the viewer closer than ever to the fabled realities of what it is actually like to be a professional snowboarder. Each character in the Wildcats lineup was painstakingly followed, day in and day out, 24 hours a day, for one whole week to give you DIARY. Everything from snowboarding to sleepwalking is documented. This snowboard video wields the exclusive production and editing talents of Rob Dow, Devun Walsh and Dionne Delesalle. They’ll take you from Western Canada, to Quebec, New York City, across the seas to Italy, Austria, Sweden, France, and over to Japan. Focusing on the animated likes of Chris Dufficy (this year’s Nixon JibFest Best Trick winner), Bjorn Leines, Devun Walsh (Jumper of the Year, Snowboarder, Dionne Delesalle, Gaetan Chanut (Top 10 Riders List in Snowboarder Magazine), Jf Pelchat, Kale Stephens (Transworld Snowboarding’s Best Video Part nominee), Chris Brown, Tadashi Fuse, Paavo Tikkanen (Transworld Snowboarding’s Rock Star of the Year nominee), Max Jenke, Dave Cashen, Jacob McIntyre, and Pete Anderson; DIARY promises to be our biggest and best yet for 2003 2004. 60 minutes including 15 minutes of bonus footage highlighting behind the scenes secrets, bloopers, knee slapping extras and interviews that didn’t make the final cut.



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