Travis and the Nitro Circus Crew head full throttle into the gears of insanity. Witness Travis’ triumphant return to the Grand Canyon where he barely survives. Then watch the madness at the legendary Castaic shoot where dirt bikes, monster trucks, helicopters and a trophy truck hit the air in orchestrated chaos.

Nitro Circus 5: ThrillBillies

Price $19.95 - List Price $29.95

BadSeed Community

Featuring some new riders and some of the Ogs of Badseed like Travis Hart and Drew Petrie. TJ Russell makes a special appearance with his World record backflips and insane variations. Scott Curry joins the crew along with Smitty and Big Benn the 1 Legged 50 rider and many others.

Price 22.95 - List Price $24.95

Eatin Sand has it all in off road video motorsports action in the dirt and sand. Travel to Readsport, Oregon for Dune Fest as well as Pismo Beach, Glamis, and Imperial Sand Dunes in California to see the most insane riding locations in the United States. Watch a plethora of motorcycles, sand drags, ATVs, off-road trucks, sand rails, dune buggies, trophy trucks, rhinos and other weird and wild vehicles converge by the thousands at world famous riding locations. You'll see riders get huge air, perform incredible tricks, get spectacular wheelstands, tip over, get stuck and wipeout. You'll see motorcycles get bighair with huge snad dune jumping and crashes that hurt while you watch. Eatin Sand! is set to an original music sound track that keep the action moving fast and furious. 52 minutes.

Eatin Sand

Price $10.00 - List Price $24.95

Baja Diaries
with Travis Pastrana


Told through the eyes of Travis Pastrana, the 11-time X-Games Gold Medalist who’s known for his aggressive riding and daredevil style, Baja Diaries off road video documents the trials and tribulations of Team Nitro Circus as they try to conquer the world’s most famous off road race.

Joining Travis for this incredible journey is motocross legends Rick Johnson, Andy Grider, Neil Grider and Gregg Godfrey, as well as maverick CEO Gabrielle Mazarollo and truck racer Wade Kelson. Baja Diaries follows Travis and his motley crew as they race against the best across 1,000 miles of unforgiving Mexican desert. Whether on a bike, in a truck or just on foot…Baja Diaries is around the clock action. Never before have cameras gone this deep into Travis’ world…or his head. We follow the guys through every twist, turn, broken axle, flat tire and busted transmission. Will they win or will the challenge be too much even for these legends of the sport? A must for Pastrana fans, Baja fans, race fans, action sports fans or just fans of good storytelling…Baja Diaries is a documentary about a world of speed, color and excitement.

Dirty Money 4x4

Rockcrawling fanatics sell engagement rings, engage in questionable bets, and sell blood all to pay for their “Dirty Money” habit. In Dirty Money 4x4 off road video Rock Crawlers and Racers unite for a fast paced, explosive 4x4 experience. Dirty Money 4x4 features the best of the 2004 UROC events XRRA Rock Racing, and freestyle rock stomping. Raising the stakes makes 4x4 more intense, and S.A.M 4x4 Films gives you a pit pass to the breaks, rolls, and finesse. Featuring drivers/spotters Johnny G, Nate Williams, John Williams, Josh Ayres and many more.


Take a deep breath and hold on tight, because this comprehensive rally video review of the 2005 season includes over three hours of left foot braking, handbrake turns and awesome speed, as the top names slug it out over eight grueling stages throughout Britain. Coverage includes the Evos, Imprezas and Focuses competing in the Scottish, Jim Clark Memorial, Manx International, Ulster International, Yorkshire, Pirelli International, Rally of Wales, and South of England rallies.

British Rally Championship 2005

Price $29.95 - List Price $34.95

Welcome to Mud County! Strap on your boots, fire up your engines and hold on for some good, clean fun in the Mud. The Mud County off road video DVD features incredible footage from the famous High-Lifter Mud Nationals in Texas, as well as the first annual High-Lifter East Coast Mud Nationals in Georgia.

The Mud is deep & the riders are wild; as Quads, UTVs and amazing mud machines compete in the muddiest events in the world! See all the mud lovin’ characters that were born to live in Mud County, and rock out to an all new original soundtrack. 60 minutes of non-stop muddin’ fun!

Mud County

Sale Price $13.95 - List Price $19.95

The ATV Movie: Revolutionary

The ATV Movie: Revolutionary is your front row seat to see the best ATV riders in the world doing what they do best! Follow the rising stars of this exclusive motor sports world from the best ATV motocross practice tracks to the secret back yard riding sessions of the top ATV Freestyle teams. Insane riding, high flyin’ stunts, intense interviews and commentary from the superstars of the ATV world. “The ATV Movie: Revolutionary” makes it easy to see why stardom never happens over night.

Sale Price $13.95 - List Price $19.95

Official off road video of the SCORE Baja 500. With expansive course coverage and dramatic action down to the very last miles this broadcast is a testament to the true challenge of Baja.

Price $22.45 - List Price $24.99

The Score Baja 500 2007

U.S. Rally Championships 2005

Price $22.45 - List Price $29.99

United States Rally Championship 2005
The USA has some of the most breathtaking stage mileage in the world, and the awesome footage from the 2005 inaugural United States Rally Championship makes for spectacular viewing!

This official rally video review kicks off the season with the cherokee Trails International Rally in Cleveland, Tennessee then across the country to the Subaru Rim of the World International Rally in Lancaster, California, returning to the East Coast with International Rally in New York. Finally we round up this all new event with the final round results and post-race analysis.

All the best championship highlights are captured here by trackside and on-board cameras, alongside service interviews and round-by-round results tables, providing the ultimate coverage of this fantastic championship.

World Famous
Off Road Racing 2

Price $10.00 - List Price $29.95

This special edition motocross video 2 DVD set includes non-stop action from all the rounds of the World Enduro Championships and from the International Six Day Enduro from 2005. It’s two powerful off road racing DVD’s in one great video package.First, it’s the world most famous off road race from Slovak Republic, it’s the International Six Day Enduro. This off road motocross video DVD shows you all the incredible action from the world’s most famous off-road Enduro. Top Results Enduro 3 class 1. David Knight (KTM Enduro Factory Team Farioli) 2.. Seb Guillaume (Gas Gas) 3. Alessandro Zanni (Honda). Next, you get to travel the world over to see the world’s greatest enduro riders compete for the world’s #1 position in the World Enduro Championships. Travel to Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Sweden, Slovakia, Greece and Germany. The 05 World Enduro Championships contains some of the greatest off road racing challenges of all time in one full length DVD. Two Disc Set over 90 minutes of non-stop action..

Strap in and get ready for fast paced, high energy prerunner action with this off road video dvd. Revalved takes you pinned through the dunes and the race course. Here comes a double shot of the suspension, on board, and high-speed pacing camera footage that you have come to expect from Bonzen Productions.



Baja 1000 Classic

Professional racers, movie stars, and thrill seekers from around the globe, race across the rugged and unforgiving Mexican Baja peninsula, in 1000 miles of punishing test of man and motorcycle, dune buggies, 4-wheel drive vehicles, and even passenger cars in this exhausting and epic struggle against Baja’s grueling terrain and each other. Actor James Garner, racing legends Parnelli Jones and Malcolm Smith all took part in this famous race documented in the motocross video.


Price $22.45 - List Price $24.95

Return To Power

Raw power and broken parts inspired this off road video dvd production after an initial trip down to Alabama. SWG Productions have traveled the Deep South to capture the insanity that they brew. These wheelers talk slow and carry a huge right foot to battle the mud, rocks, and trees that make the Southern runs memorable and amazing.

A heart pounding, action packed off-road video dvd. Highlighting a new championship determined team with Mark Post and Rob MacCachren as they dominate the desert race world.Included features on Terrible Herbst, Baldwin Motorsports, SCORE, CORR, BITD race series and more!

Price $10.00 - List Price $24.95

Riviera Racing 3

Riviera Racing

Come take a ride with top Trophy Truck drivers Mark Post, Nick Baldwin, Jerry Whelchel and Curt LeDuc as they journey through Nevada, Mexico and California in some of the toughest desert races in the world. These off-road racing trucks are intense and some of the fastest ever built. Extreme helicopter, in-car cam and ground footage in this killer off road video.

Price 22.95 - List Price $24.95

Riviera Racing 2

Off-Road truck racing video at it’s best with drivers Mark Post, Nick Baldwin, Curt Leduc, Todd Deduc, Herbst Motorsports, with a tribute e Jason Baldwin. This off road video takes you to the Baja 1000, 500, San Felipe 250, Laughlin Desert Challenge, Vegas to Reno 500, Short Course Racing at Crandon and Chula Vista.

Price 22.95 - List Price $24.95

Price 22.95 - List Price $29.95

Side X Side Mania

Side X Side Mania UTV video is about the baddest UTV’s in the world and the pilots that drive them. See TMW Offroad build the “Ultimate RZR” with an MCXpress Turbo and suspension by Holz Racing. Check out the 110’ RZR Jump in St. Anthony, Halloween in Glamis, DuneFest in Oregon, the Moab UTV Rally,Terrible’s 250 Desert Race, WORCS Racing and the Hayabusa and R1 powered UTV’s at the“SideXSide Mania Invitational” shoot out in Glamis. Great fun at the the Highlifter "MudNationals"!This is a gear head video with lots of tech tips and discussion about how people modify their UTV's. Fun for the whole family and over 2 hours long with NO headbangin music!!

MoROC, Missouri Rockcrawling and Offroad Competition rockcrawling video, celebrated it's first successful year organizing competitive events around Missouri. This 2005 MoROC events dvd contains footage of these events, both the woods race and the rockcrawl. The woods race, held at Potawotami Offroad Park in Fulton, Missouri, had 9 competitors of different vehicle classes show to compete. Each competing team had to successfully complete each of the 13 obstacle courses within a specified time. The team with the fastest time, wins. Each course was designed, not to break the vehicles, but to test the drivers ability to manouver the offroad vehicle over everything in his path. Rocks, mud, sand, hill climbs, logs, and off-camber angles were only some of the obstacles. The rockcrawling competition, held at the Sayersbrook Bison Ranch in Potosi, Missouri, had 6 competitors pushing their vehicles to their limits. This Rockcrawling dvd contains great footage of the teams competing and great driver/spotter interviews. This dvd, as well as the events, are the first of many.

MoRoc 2005

Price $4.99 - List Price $25.95

Forged Steel Vol.#1

A first of it’s kind off road video DVD magazine featuring highlights from SCORE, MORE, CORR, SNORE, and MDR with special spotlights on drivers Andy McMillin, Curt Geer and Robert Anderson. With a special tribute to Corky McMillin and Jason Baldwin. Music by Skill of Lying, Empty Handed, Almost Heroes, Zero Dependence, Forthmorning, AYVA and Ben Michael.


From the producers of the BUILT FROM NOTHING off road videos comes this new action-packed feature. Take a wild ride from trackside of adrenalin filled short course truck racing, to the rock whoops and silt beds of Baja California. With an action packed sound track and HD video the sights and sounds are so real you can almost smell the fumes of race gas and see the dust traveling through the air.

Price $9.99- List Price $24.95

The Next Level

Mountains & Mud

Tired of sand quad videos? If you are, then sit back and hold on as award-winning film director Thomas Opre takes you on a wild 4x4 ATV video ride. No sand and no two-wheelers in this movie -- nothing but big mountains and deep mud. Opre travels with his cameras catching epic 4x4 quad video action throughout North America.



Sand Addiction

Step into the world of the fastest growing recreational sport around. The publishers of Sand Addiction Magazine have pulled out all the stops and taken the sport we love and animated it. Jump on board and strap in as we explore not only our own sandy backyard but take a peak at what’s really on the other side of the fence. From Glamis CA, to St. Anthonys, Idaho along with the competitive racing world of the infamous Baja 500, this is a journey you won’t soon forget.


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