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Crusty motocross videos are insane! Take a journey with the Crusty Demons through out Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania, the secret riding spots in America & exotic India. Crusty Demons "Dirty Dozen" is filled with the best riders in the world making the impossible possible! The highest selling dirt bike motocross video series continues!

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Crusty 12

Crusty 11
Chaotic Chronicles of The Crusty Demons of Dirt

This is a motocross video documentary showcasing the adventures of a ten year span taking dirtbikes all over the world and creating new careers for the top individuals in freestyle. It is the Dog Town and the Z Boys of motorsports. Crusty 11 is a great motocross video and is part of the best selling motorcycle videos series of all time. A must have for your collection!

Price $19.95 - List Price $29.95

Fleshwound films celebrates their 10th anniversary of the “Crusty Demons of Dirt” motocross videos series where adventure meets mayhem. Guaranteed to provide incredible cinematography and always on the pulse of the latest insane FMX tricks, “Crusty Demons X: A DECADE OF DIRT” will take you to ancient Mayan ruins, incredible Caribbean sand dunes, jungle adventures and the first descents into Mexican volcanoes. The “Crusty Demons” invade Australia for the fourth time for another blow out extravaganza before launching their wescoast assault on the united states. Also take a look back at our favorite places to ride…….This time it’s ridiculous!

Crusty 10

Price $19.95 - List Price $29.95

The world's greatest FMX riders performing the world's greatest tricks. Featured riders include Brian Deegan, Seth Enslow, "Mad" Mike Jones, Ronnie Faisst, Nate Adams, Twitch, Dayne Kinnaird, Bubba and more! here!


Crusty Demons
Global Assault Tour

Crusty 6 is a wild fury of intense video action and crashes. Shot on location in exotic locations! This motocross video dvd rock's hard, you will be hitting rewind over and over! Take a trip with Fleshwound Films and Crusty Demons of Dirt as they go off the map and into uncharted territory for more intense motocross action. From the black sand beaches of the Hawaiian Islands to the ancient Inca ruins of Peru, you can expect the unexpected from all your favorite Crusty tour guides as they explore all new locations around the world. Experience the journey, as metal and man mesh in an action adventure that brings freestyle motocross to The Next Level..

Crusty 9

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This motocross video includes all the sick motocross stunts that made you love the Crusty series, and more. Watch Mike Metzger, Greg Nevolo, Seth Enslow and others perform death defying stunts in far away exotic locations. Full tilt crazy moto action packed with insane crashes and the Crusty ingredients you have come to know and love!

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Crusty 8

Crusty 7

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The Crusty fix is here! Crusty 7 is in the house and ready to please once again. Get ready for more motorcycle video madness and antics beyond your belief.

Seth Enslow, Mike Jones, Carey Hart, Paul 21, Larry Linkogle, Tommy Clowers, Beau Manley, Colin Morrison, Kainoa Kama, Brian Deegan, Mike Cinqmars, Ronnie Faisst, Clifford Adoptante

Crusty 6

Crusty 6 is a wild fury of intense moto action and crashes. Shot on location in exotic locations! This motocross video rock's hard, you will be hitting rewind over and over!

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Crusty (5) 2000

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The Metal Millennium. Is the completely out of control motocross video dvd thrill ride of sick crashes, huge monster airs and all the usual Crusty madness. Join the creative team of Fleshwound on the front lines as they wreak havoc in Japan, Australia and across America. The Crusty stars include Seth Enslow, Carey Hart, Deegan, Pastrana, Metzger, Faisst, Larry Linkogle, Cinq, Trevor Vines, Mike Jones, Clifford Adoptante, Bubba and many more!
30 minutes

Crusty 4

" The name speaks for itself "

Starring: Hart, Pastrana, Enslow, Deegan, Lawrence, Albrecht, Jones, Rusty, Castillo, Pederson and tons more.
Locations: include France, Costa Rica, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, California.
40 Min.

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This motocross video includes all the sick motocross stunts that made you love the Crusty series, and some. Watch Mike Metzger, Greg Nevolo, Seth Enslow and others perform death defying stunts in locations such as Brazil, Florida, California, and Nevada. Music by White Zombie, The Offspring, Agent Orange, Ministry, and others.
30 Min.

Sale Price $19.95 - List Price $29.95

Crusty Demons of Dirt

Crusty Demons Of Dirt
The Crusty Years
(Crusty 1-4)

Crusty Demons of Dirt The Crusty Years Motocross DVD Box Set 1 - includes all the first 4 Crusty movies in one epic DVD box set.

Sale Price $39.95 - List Price $54.95

Crusty Demons of Dirt Box Set: Vol.2 (5-8)

With this motorcycle video dvd box set you get the Crusty Demons of Dirt #5-#8 in their entirety plus great bonus sections and never before seen footage.
A must have for any Crusty fan!

Sale Price $39.95 - List Price $59.95

Travis & The Nitro Circus 4 Lock'N Load

Price $22.95 - List Price $29.95

Look ma! No hands! It’s loud. It’s loose. It’s the Nitro Circus. Theye rounded up the crew packed the powder now it’s time to “Lock and Load” , and put the fire in the hole. Erratic, random chaos is the flavor. Straight doses of ADHD players is the source. It’s our beloved Travis just being Travis. Anyone who is involved with these stunt motocross videos is freakin’ nuts! You in? Caution idiots ahead. Don’t get too close or you might lose a finger. Lock and Load motocross video features the best riders in the world doing stunts, gone good, gone bad. (C’mon, it IS Travis) Join the Nitro Circus crew as they crash their way across the world. Featuring: Travis Pastrana, Ronnie Renner, Street Bike Tommy, Special Greg, Kenny Barttram, Monster truck Cam, Andy “Hasslhof” Bell, Tenacious J, Mat Rebau. Shot on location in: United States, Romania, Austria, England, Canada, Mexico. One of the most popular stunt motocross videos out right now.

This limited edition box set includes NC1, NC2 and NC3. All these stunt motocross vidoes have been digitally remastered and include directors’ commentary by Travis Pastrana and Gregg Godfrey. Also included is a special bonus DVD filled with tons of hilarious outtakes and never before seen NC footage. Go behind the scenes of these epic motocross videos and get to know the individuals of the Nitro Circus Crew. Packaged together in a limited edition embossed metal collector’s case!

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Nitro Circus
Collector's Box Set


Travis & The Nitro Circus 3

Price $19.95 - List Price $29.95

NC3 is categorized as a Freestyle Motocross video. However, just like Travis Pastrana is much more than just a freestyle motocross star, the Nitro Circus series goes way beyond simply being a freestyle motocross video. It is a dirt bike dvd about pushing the limits of human ability and spirit. Sometimes this comes across as heroic and other times as sheer insanity. In either case, NC3 is full of the most gnarly stunts you’ve ever seen. Join Travis Pastrana and the rest of the Nitro Circus clowns as they travel the world in search of the next big stunt or adventure. NC3 is being filmed in the U.S., Canada and throughout several countries in Europe.

Check Out The Trailer

Travis and
The Nitro Circus 2

Sale Price $18.95 - List Price $24.95

Godfrey Entertainment and dirt bike superstar Travis Pastrana have teamed up again to film “Travis & The Nitro Circus 2” (“NC2”). In addition to jaw dropping antics by Pastrana, NC2 is stacked with riding action from a who’s who list of the motocross world. This list includes “Cowboy” Kenny Bartram, Nate Adams, Ronnie Renner, Matt Buyten, Drake McElroy, Jesse Olsen, and many others. This year the Godfrey Crew took the riders all over the map in search of new and interesting places to ride. NC2 has been filmed in Hawaii, Austria, Czech Republic, Italy and the USA. Godfrey Entertainment has remained true to its proven formula of interspersing mind-blowing action by top athletes with highly entertaining (and questionable) antics by the legendary Nitro Circus clowns. NC2 contains stunts that have never been attempted before and other stunts which no human should ever try again. This is a great motocross video and also a great dirt bike video!

Travis and The Nitro Circus

Sale Price $18.95 - List Price $24.95

This is Travis Pastrana like you have never seen. This big budget stunt motocross video dvd is filled with great freestyle of massive daring, cool shots and total anarchy.

On the Pipe 2
Still Smokin'

Price $22.95 - List Price $24.95

In the ever evolving sport of motocross there is only one company which not only strives to bring you the best cinematic motocross videos but also helps to push the sport to the next level. Powerband Films brings you On the Pipe 2 "Still Smokin". This year Powerband has built over 18 new huge freeride jumps for this motorcycle video specifically. Travel to 4 different outdoor nationals. Watch the best helicopter footage ever seen in any moto film from Jackpot Ranch, Danimals Domain and Sand Hollow Dunes as riders connect multiple 150ft jumps in a row. Visit the 2 time 125 supercross and outdoor champion Ivan Tedesco's in his outdoor training grounds. Score the exclusive pass into Ricky Carmichaels own backyard in Cairo, GA for the DC shoot. Finally end it all with the biggest jump ever in history as Ryan Capes smashes the world distance and height record with a 310 foot air 58 feet high in Seattle, WA. Bands include: NOFX, Pennywise, Turbonegro, Swolen Members, Luna Coil and more. Shot entirely on super 16mm and HD no other video can compare with the content and quality. Get ready for the ride of your life!

Seth 2

Sale Price $17.95 - List Price $24.95

The Long Awaited for Sequel to Seth The Hardway motocross video.

Seth - The Hard Way

Witness Seth Enslow's attempt to break a world record jump at Mike Cinqmars house, only to over jump his landing, crash hard on his head and nearly lose his life. After being flown away by Lifeline helicopters, Seth managed to come back & put together this flick. Not only will you see that brain bashing crash, but there is tons of other unreal footage of this moto-air icon going full throttle for his own cameras and not holding anything back. If you like Seth Enslow, you should buy this video.

Sale Price $19.95 - List Price $24.95

Global Addiction

Sale Price $19.95 - List Price $24.95

You are invited to witness one of the most insane, outrageous motocross videos ever created — "Global Addiction” . This pulse-pounding film shows Travis Pastrana pull off a never-before-attempted jump into the Grand Canyon. The video also stars today’s top freestylers “Mad” Mike Jones, Kenny Bartram, Nate Adams, Jake Windham and many, many more as they tear up Utah’s best riding terrain.

The Adventures
Twitch & Scummy

Sale Price $19.95 - List Price $24.95

Jeremy Stenberg as "Twitch" - Colin Morrison as "Scummy"

Mike Metzger, Beau Manley, Ronnie Faisst, Brian Deegan, Tyler Evans, Doug Parsons, Seth Enslow, Kotton Mouth Kings... and much more in this crazy motocross video.

Revelation 199

Sale Price $24.95 - List Price $29.95

TRAVIS PASTRANA!!! This motocross video highlights the amazing talents of Travis Pastrana as he criss-crosses the globe with the quest to be the best MX rider in the World.
Riders include Kenny Bartram, Drake McElroy, Kevin Windham, Mike Cinqmars, Chuck Carothers, Davi Millsaps, Shane Bess, Billy Laninovich, Doug Parsons, Clayton Miller, and others.

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