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Moto The Movie 3

The formula for the production of the motocross DVD video MOTO 3 is simple: instill unrivaled dedication and passion to yield the most progressive MX film of all-time! Along with the most technologically advanced cinematic tools available, we’re working with the biggest names in the sport in the most epic of locations to deliver the next evolution of moto films! Staring: Ryan Villopoto, Ken Roczen, Justin Barcia, Taylor Robert, Shane Watts, Jeffery Herlings, Adam Cianciarulo, Kyle Redmond, Cody Webb, Destry Abbott, Colton Haaker, Ryan Sipes, Kevin Rookstool, and many more.....

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Years in the making, Powerband Films has gone all out for their latest motocross DVD release On the Pipe 6, "Pack it Up". They traveled the world in search of the best compounds, freeriding and freeriders. The result is a progressive FMX and freeride movie. “Pack it Up” to Alicante, Spain and visit Andre Villas’ training facility with the Pages brothers and Edgar Torrenteras, there we captured the most technical ramp riding session in history. “Pack it Up” to Minerve, France and witness Jeremy Rouanet’s European ultimate freeride line. “Pack it Up” in the States and travel to North Carolina where we tour the Joe Gibbs’ private MX track with Josh Grant. Watch Team USA in Denver, Colorado defend the MX Nations title against the world’s best racers. Head to the most remote freeride zones in California and Arizona with the Godfather Mike Metzger and witness an awe-inspiring display of natural terrain riding. Follow the up-and-coming freeride phenomenon Brody Wilson from California to Montana ending the journey at Wilson’s compound in Massachusetts for an intense look at the east coast riding scene. Witness the NVHC crew crush the newest tractor built freeride 6 pack line in Red Bluff, California. Get an exclusive look into the Metal Mulisha compound at Deegans house as Twitch, Potter and crew flip the biggest dirt jump in history. Hang with the Robbie Maddison at his brand new compound in Temecula, California. “Pack it Up” and travel to Picton, Australia with Maddison to his very own Red Bull X-ray event on the biggest freeride jumps seen in Australia. OTP6 features the most elite FMX riders across the globe, riding new spots, with amazing cinematography and helicopter shoots for a different perspective and feel. Without a doubt, OTP6 will make you get off the couch, “pack it up” and head to the hills. Riders include: Josh Grant, Andre Villa, Charles and Thomas Pages, Edgar Torronteras, Robbie Maddison, Brian Deegan, Mike Mason, Adam Jones, Beau Bamburg, Todd Potter, Jeremy Stenberg, Taka Higashino, Brody Wilson, Mike Metzger, Paris Rosen, Jackson Strong, Robbie Adelberg, Javier Villegas, Dan Pastor, Levi Sherwood, Lance Coury and many more. Bands include: Swollen Members, Rise Against, Strung Out, The Black Pacific, Steel Panther, Accept, Death Angel, In Flames, TSOL and more. This is one of the most epic motocross DVDs ever made and is a must have. Produced and Directed by: Jay Schweitzer and Mike "Mack Dawg" McEntire.

On The Pipe 6

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Fleshwound Films once again raises the motocross video bar a notch with Crusty Demons: Nine Lives, the newest edition of the Crusty motocross videos series that helped launch the freestyle revolution.

The Crusty crew traveled to remote locations in Australia, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Nevada and Utah to capture the most extreme action, sickest stunts and radical maneuvers, including Ryan Capes’s record-breaking 260’ jump, monster truck competition, dirt bike video action, and some of the craziest stunts ever filmed.


Crusty 9

This dirt bike video includes all the sick motocross stunts that made you love the Crusty motocross video series, and more. Watch Mike Metzger, Greg Nevolo, Seth Enslow and others perform death defying stunts in far away exotic locations. Full tilt crazy moto action packed with insane dirt bike video crashes and the Crusty ingredients you have come to know and love!


Crusty 8

DVD or VHS  

Travis and
The Nitro Circus 2



Godfrey Entertainment and dirt bike superstar Travis Pastrana have teamed up again to film “Travis & The Nitro Circus 2” (“NC2”). In addition to jaw dropping antics by Pastrana, NC2 is stacked with riding action from a who’s who list of the motocross world. This list includes “Cowboy” Kenny Bartram, Nate Adams, Ronnie Renner, Matt Buyten, Drake McElroy, Jesse Olsen, and many others. This year the Godfrey Crew took the riders all over the map in search of new and interesting places to ride. NC2 has been filmed in Hawaii, Austria, Czech Republic, Italy and the USA. Godfrey Entertainment has remained true to its proven formula of interspersing mind-blowing action by top athletes with highly entertaining (and questionable) antics by the legendary Nitro Circus clowns. NC2 contains stunts that have never been attempted before and other stunts which no human should ever try again. This is a great motocross video and also a great dirt bike video!

Travis and the Nitro Circus

$ 24.95

This is Travis Pastrana like you have never seen. This big budget motocross video is filled with great freestyle of massive daring, cool shots and total anarchy mixed with killer dirt bike video action. You have to see this to believe will laugh, you will howl and you most certainly cringe at some of this action! The best Travis motocross video to date!


Seth - The Hard Way

Witness Seth Enslow's attempt to break a world record jump at Mike Cinqmars house, only to over jump his landing, crash hard on his head and nearly lose his life. After being flown away by Lifeline helicopters, Seth managed to come back & put together this dirt bike video. Not only will you see that brain bashing crash, but there is tons of other unreal footage of this moto-air icon going full throttle for his own cameras and not holding anything back. If you like Seth Enslow, you should buy this motocross video, it is one of the best ones ever made.

DVD or VHS  



The Great Outdoors 2


Don't miss this follow up to the original "Great Outdoors" motocross video release featuring an in depth look at the 2003 AMA Outdoor Motocross Nationals. This one great racing motocross video and is one of our top 10 motocross videos.





The Staff of TransWorld Motocross magazine takes you behind the scenes with "Crush",one of the most important motocross videos of the year. A host of the best racers, freestylers and absolute madmen of the sport all try to outdo each other with the craziest riding ever caught on a dirt bike video. You'll see racing stars like Mike LaRocco, Kevin Windham, and Grant Langston at play in their own backyards, while top freestylers like Nate Adams and Mike Metzger go off on huge, never before seen natural terrain gaps. The best riders, the best spots and the best music all add up to full crush mode in this must-see 16mm motocross video.

On The Pipe

Featuring: Dustin Miller, Nate Adams, Jeremy McGrath, Drake Mcelroy, Ronnie Renner, Beau Bamburg, Mike Metzger and many more. This is the only film of 2005 which actually shows the sport of freeriding and natural terrian as it truly exists.

From Producer Jay Schweitzer of "Crush" and the MOTO XXX motorcycle videos in conjunction with Mike McEntire A.K.A Mack Dawg Productions a new prodigy of film entertainment explodes into moto reality. Watch the heaviest crash of the year as Dan Pastor self destructs over 230 feet to flat and live to talk about it. Head to the Hills for an exclusive look at the first ever natural terrain contest "Ride to the Hills" with 150 foot hill jumps, hips and 160 foot step ups. Go back to where freeriding started in Reche Canyon and ride with Parsons and Twitch of huge step ups and the first ever wall ride. Witness Colin Morrison jump over a 150 foot moving train 5th gear. Travel to Mammoth for the last MX national in the Southern Sierra's. Check out the newest fun boxes and jibs in the biz at Jesse Olson's House. This 16 mm motorcycle video has it all from racing to the best natural terrain ever caught on film.


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