Minds Wide Open

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From the producers of Four Dimensions - prepare to join a bigger and better team on a new journey of breathtaking windsurfing action and cinematography. With a spectrum of mind-bending angles shot in stunning locations. It's time to taste the future and keep your Minds Wide Open.

A film by Andre Paskowski, Sebastian Darr, and Michael Sumereder. Staring Ricardo Campello, Kauli Seadi, Marcilio Browne, Gollito Estredo, and Victor Fernandez.



Broken Water

Price $24.95 - List Price $29.95

Ryland Blakeney's strapless kitesurfing DVD Broken Water is the latest kitesurfing DVD to come out of Oz. It is shot by Shannon Stent and edited by Chase Burns and purely focused on wave riding. This kitesurfing dvd is the first dvd project from Ryland Blakeney and follows his travels over the last 12 months and the spots he and his mates hit . The filming of angles and lifestyle shot by Shannon Stent are insane and he is definately one of the best filmers in oz at present.

Ryland was stoked to work with Shannon to film for this project- Shannon Also filmed and edited Ben Wilsons films 'Coming Together' and 'The Unknown Road' and also 'Smack-Instructional'. The dvd is mainly shot in West Oz, Indo and NZ. It features the riding of Jake Gordon, Ben Wilson, Mike bergman, Ryland Blakeney, Corey Brown, Dale Stanton and a few others as they search for perfect wind and waves. there is some great clips of when things dont go right and also some footage of the heaviest waves ever kited. Also some waves never kited before and shows the lengths and distance travelled just to chase one swell!

It has a bit of everything as far as riding styles go. Mainly an unstrapped film but also featuring alot of strapped riding too. the sound track is 90% Oz and features some great tracks by Chasing Phoenix, Vaxed Versa, Isaac Paddon and others. This is one dvd that will be a must see.

The Unknown Road

Price $27.95 - List Price $34.95

Ben Wilson is regarded as one of the most influential wave riders in the world. This film is focused on his surf style approach to the waves, not comparing it to surfing, but showing it as an extension by using the kite to whip him in, like a jet ski would a surfer, then killing the power of the kite and using the power of the wave to ride the wave. The entire movie is unstrapped and shot all around the world. Also featuring Mauricio Abre, Moe Goould, Joel Becus, Jeff Tobias, Ryland Blakeny and Josh Mulcoy.

All & All Is All We Are

Price $26.95 - List Price $34.95

From Buster Tronolone, maker of iconic kiteboarding DVDs like Awake, Space Monkeys, and Unhooked 2 comes the latest snowkiting action from around the country.

Tronolone Productions Presents to you, Snowkiting at its finest, with the worldâ??s best snowkiters!
Snowboards, skis, big airs, flights, Idaho freestyle, and deep Utah powder lines. The most progressive snowkiting is all here in Buster Tronoloneâ??s latest vision of the great sport of snowkiting.
This is the way the world should see how snowboarding and skiing with a kite is the best way to have fun in the snow. Make room for another exciting hit DVD to add to the movie collection.

A film by Sebastian Tronolone Jr., aka Buster Tronolone, â??ALL & ALL IS ALL WE ARE" is the very first snow kite video from Tronolone Productions. Tronolone Productions has been producing the best kiteboarding videos since 1998. This is our first project focusing on the progression of snowkiting in 2010 to 2011. We are very excited to bring you this full length DVD featuring the best Snowkiters in the world, riding the best spots in the country and finding undiscovered snow kite locations in Oregon, California, Idaho, Utah, and Montana. Featuring Alex Peterson, Guillaume Chastagnol or better known as Chasta, Matt Thames, Chris Nester, Remi Meum, Sam Medysky, Jason Jerman, and Jacob Buzianis.

Project: Cloud 9

Price $29.99 - List Price $34.95

A group of snowkiters load into a tiny RV for a month-long trek across the Rocky Mountains. Filmed on location in Idaho, Montana, Utah, and Colorado, Project Cloud 9 showcases the daily adventures from riders who travel in search of wind, snow, and the ultimate natural terrain. From deep powder near the Kansas border, to roadside jibbing and climbing steep hills in the backcountry, this documentary will inspire anyone who loves kiting in the winter.

Produced by reknown snowkite pioneer Paul Macaj (The Next Chapter, 20/10), Paul has really upped his game this year by shooting in full high definition. In particular, Paul uses the new Panasonic hi-def camera which shoots high frame rates, producing stunning slow motion shots. And if there is one benefit to snowkiting in full-on freezing-ass winter conditions, it's that you are in some of the most beautiful, unspoiled natural places on the planet. That, and the clear mountain air and deep blue skies will make anyone want to take off for a month-long roadtrip through the Rockies.

Cloud 9 offers a huge variety of riding, from super smooth freestyle, to jibbing rails and natrual terrain, to freaky big air with 30 second hang times (I still can't get used to seeing that.). And the riders guide the viewer along with their commentary as they hit spot after spot after spot. It's clear that snowkiters participate in possibly the most unique niche sport in the world.

Big Windy

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Price $27.95 - List Price $34.95

DVD or Blu Ray  


HALEIWA, HAWAII - 4/22/10 - We are pleased to announce the newest kite surfing movie from Bilderback Productions. Big Windy is the awesome new movie from John Bilderback featuring Moehau Goold, Davey Blair, Reo Stevens, John Amundson, Josh Mulcoy, Mauricio Abreu, Ian Alldredge, Bertrand Fleury, Marc Ramseier, Guilly Brandao, Tuva Jansen, Kristin Boese, Ben Wilson, Pete Cabrinha, and more.

Shot throughout Micronesia, Polynesia and Indonesia. The potential and power of the wind has been harnessed and a clear cut message on how to protect our planet has been wrapped around another successful showcase of sick kiting action that you won't want to end.

"Bilderback takes you out into the line up with him, putting you deep in the action like no one else can."
- Jim Gaunt,Kiteworld Magazine

PKRA World Tour 2007

Price $24.99 - List Price $34.95


Price $27.99 - List Price $34.95

This year Morten Gjerstad pulled out all the stops to bring you the kiteboarding video Dimensions. An exploration of all sides that snowkiting has to offer in search of the hidden realm. Join a group of the world’s top kiters on an epic adventure as they continue to raise the bar of what’s possible.

PKRA World Tour 2007

Price $24.99 - List Price $34.95

Mexico & Tarifa
PKRA World Cup


Discover the turqoise liquid beauty of Mexico's Historic Rivera Maya region as the world's best kiteboarders showcase this year's newest tricks in this well made kiteboarding video. See Ruben Lenten pull fifty knot kiteloops in Tarifa, Spain. And enjoy an introduction to the Aaron and Ruben show featruing Gianni Aragno.

Price $24.99 - List Price $34.95




My Session

Price $17.99 - List Price $35.99


Learn to Kiteboard with style as Leading Edge Productions & Elevation Kiteboarding coach you through the key steps to riding upwind. By focusing on fundamental skills like kite control & body position, My Session helps speed up the learning curve, & prevent bad habits - before they start.

The lesson plan includes discussion of some general characteristics of wind, like speed and direction. Then there is a comparison of different kites based on aspect ratio, de-power, relaunch, and safety. There is also a discussion on the general evolution of kite design over the history of the sport. After that the DVD moves on to kite control, first using a trainer kite to go over basic kite flying skills and kite positions, showing how each is linked to flying the larger, more powerful kites. This provides the knowledge and flying skills required to get up and riding. But before you can ride it you need to know how to rig it. Rigging may sound easy but pumping up and laying out your lines can get messy, fast. Then the video coaches you through both assisted and self-launching techniques. Then you take to the water for your first downwind bodydrag, followed by body dragging upwind. The next step is the waterstart. Once you are up and riding basic stance, hand, and kite positions for all types of wind conditions are covered. Then learn how to turn around on a twin-tip.

Somewhere along the way you are going to crash your kite, so My Session shows you the basics of water relaunching. And finally, the lesson ends with assited landing and self-rescue. Learn to be independent, & safe - while still having fun. Starring IKO instructor Marie Leclerc and Mark 2 Dog.

Venezuela & Chile
World Cup

Price $24.99 - List Price $34.95

From Tronolone Productions comes a new in-depth look at the PKRA World Tour: Check out the picturesque flat waters of a Venezuelan Island Paradise as we find out what it takes to become the best competition kiteboarders in the world. Go on a kite surfari through the barrels of Chile's Matanzas Beach and get a glimpse of old Tarifa in the Aaron and Ruben Show bonus movie.

Auto Focus

Price $19.99 - List Price $29.95

The story-board idea behind ¿AutoFocus¿ kiteboard video dvd is to bring together a group of the most talented, style driven and highly respected professional kiteboarders for one month. Drop them into one of the worlds most exclusive riding spots Mamora Bay, Antigua, build the largest and most elaborate conglomeration of sliders, kickers and rails, let them ride their ass off and push themselves to new levels, with the rider leaving the destination satisfied with their performance and truly representing who they are as a rider. The ultimate goal¿ focus on progressing the sport of kiteboarding into a legitimizing new level.


Kiteboarding 101


Tronolone Production's (Unhooked, Awake) first in a series of instructional kite surfing videos does a great job at filling an instructional void at the intermediate level. Brings you unique and innovative options of being able to view either a full-screen version with the kite tricks front and center during the voiceover, or a split screen view with the host's instruction on the left, the action being completed on the right, and text below describing the scene. Definitely a maximum absorption value.

Kiteboarding 201


This is Tronolone Production's long-awaited sequel to Kiteboarding 101. Their popular instructional kiteboarding video expertly hosted by Shannon Best. 201, as you might expect, takes off where 101 left off. It'll start with front spins and all the variations and progress from there. The DVD will have the same bonus viewing features including five different languages. And of course, Shannon Best will break things down for you like only he can do.

Windsurfing 101

Price $19.99 - List Price $29.95

The instructors at Naish Hawaii windsurfing shop have been teaching all levels of windsurfing since 1979. The proven techniques in this video will make you feel like you're getting hands-on lesson along the shores of Kailua Bay..

Spare Change


After four years of kiteboarding, Jeff Tobias, Martin Vari and Ben Wilson had come to the realization that the future lies in the waves! Slingshot gave them this amazing opportunity by sending them around the world documenting their travels looking for the ultimate setups for riding the waves with a kite with this kiteboarding video dvd. The three of them were in total agreement - to make a movie from their SPARE CHANGE - and have complete control of it along with showing the fortunate lives they lead! Sound like a dream? Well here's how it all went down and where the vision came from.

Zero To Hero


New Release - Hot off the press! Confused about what entry level kiteboarding instructional DVD to get? Look no further, Zero to Hero is here, produced by Real Kiteboarding in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, the largest and most respected lesson center on the planet. This DVD contains the syllabus to their 3-day entry level kite camp, which was rated one of the top five adventure sports camps in the world by Outside Magazine. You will get the most thorough, cutting edge, and effective instruction translated directly from the Zero to Hero camp to this DVD - with sections on safety and responsibility, wind, trainer kites, flying 4-line and 5-line inflatables, launching, landing, tuning, bodydrags, and board starts...everything to take you from a total zero to a safe and self-sufficient rider. And how about some killer bonus sections? The main program teaches you how to kite, but the bonus sections teach you how to be a kiteboarder. There is a Coaches Tips bonus section, where several Real Coaches, both men and women, sit down to answer a multitude of rapid-fire questions that will help you stay safe while learning to kite and literally cut months off your learning curve.

Space Monkeys 2

Price $14.99 - List Price $29.99

The team at Tronolone Productions has done it again with one of the great new kite boarding videos of the season. Not content with ushering in the newest era of performance in kiteboarding with the release of Space Monkeys last year, they now present the most anticipated kite surfing videos of the year with part 2. While filming Space Monkeys 2 with Jeff Tobias, Will James, Martin Vari and Jaime Herriaz the Tronolone Productions team captured the best wave footage ever filmed! Edgy soundtracks and super tight editing has become Tronolone's trademark and has established them as the most popular kiteboarding video producers. Space Monkeys 2 will only further that reputation.

Soul Fly



Join 2004 PKRA world champion Aaron Hadlow, female wave ripper Ammy Naff, pro surfer turned pro kiter Josh Mulcoy, filmmaker Peter Trow (of course), and others on a wave rich journey to the enchanted waters of the Caribbean, deep into dusty Baja, Mexio, and all along California's diverse coastline. This kiteboarding video was filmed in colorful 16mm film and professional digital video, Soul Fly captures the essence of wave kiting as well as a look into the progression of freestyle riding. Experience this intriguing ride into the wind, the waves, travel, and soul.

And if you know anything about Peter, you'll guess that there's a serious dose of hardcore waveriding action, epic down-the line perfection, and heavy Santa Cruz power. Peter is also a stickler for clean, well-composed cinematography, and searches untiringly for the perfect soundtrack to create a masterfully edited film that appeals to everyone, one reason why Peter doesn't pop films out every six months. Reflecting Peter's surfing roots, Soul Fly is created with an old-time surf movie vein, but with the modern technical wizardry of kiteboarding today. Kiteboarding's current directional, wave oriented, style owes 100% hommage to Peter, who, by staying true to his roots, never relinquished his directional for either twin tip or wake style riding in his 6 years of kiteboarding. Combine that with the sport's youngest world champ, who can do anything on a kite, and Josh Mulcoy, the most stylish and pure surfing style kiteboarder today, and you've got a video that will headline your collection. A new kiteboarding video with soul.

The Next Chapter



It's about time we got a snowkiting video DVD in that was made in the US. We'll certainly give the Euros credit for pushing this sport into the future, but we've always had some killer locations as well, and some core groups of diehard snowkiters pushing the limits behind the scenes. Paul "Motz" Macaj is a pioneer of kitesnowboarding and a pro level guy at that. Now he's released a video that not only has some insane snowkiting in it, but chronicles some history of the sport as well. In fact, the video starts out pretty funny, with some clips of how goofy they were back when they were learning - you know, all of five and six years ago. Then the action ramps up into the modern era, culminating with the section on Guillaume "Chasta" Chastagnol, which will quite honestly leave you shaking your head in disbelief. The Next Chapter is filmed nearly entirely in Colorado, but in extremely varied terrain, from super flat powder, to bowly skatepark stuff, to back country heaven. And it is nearly 100% kite snowboarding, but the bonus section with Alex Peterson on skis is a must-see stunt. Other riders include Motz, Mark Doyle, James Brown, and friends. But just for the 20 minute bonus section with Chasta is worth the price of admission.



Entropy is a document of the most progressive season in snowkiting so far.
Join five of the world's best riders across the globe as they search for the ultimate snow and wind conditions. Along the way they reinvent snowkiting by taking a newschool approach and pushing the limit of wakestyle manoeuvres.The film was shot entirely in High Definition during the winter season of 2005/06, in Norway, France, Italy, Sweden, Finland and USA. Featured riders are Bjorn Kaupang (F-One) and AG Dokken (Ozone) on skis as well as Claes Lundin (Cabrinha), Remi Meum (Slingshot) and Sigve Botnen (Ozone) on snowboard. These riders are at the very cutting edge of snowkiting's new-school revolution, stomping everything from huge kiteloops to technical handlepasses. Get psyched for winter with this snowkite video.


  Martin Vari's DVD


 Sick Days




 Snow Kite 3 - Higher


Semnoz Kitesurfing out of France is the de-facto producer of high quality snowkiting videos. Each year the Corona Extra Snowkite Tour has been in existence they've produced a DVD on the tour that has defined the state-of-the-art of the sport for the snowkiting world. And each year the leap forward in progression always floors us. The 2005 tour is no exception and it's here now. The tour visits the unbelieveable terrain in France, Switzerland, and Norway. And there is plenty of mind-blowing freeriding inbetween tour stops. What was unthinkable last year is happening this year. Imagine where it will be next year.
Higher - Snowkite #3 - DVD:

 Small Craft Warning


  L.E.P. (Leading Edge Productions) has just issued a Small Craft Warning for your area. This new video out of Canada will show you what is really happening in the world of kiteboarding. This is the first release of 2003 so get up to date now. The non-stop action will have you wearing out the rewind button and prove that they're NOt just DANGLING any more.

Small craft Warning was shot on location in France, Baja, the Gorge, Maui and at some secret spots in Canada - in both DV and 8 MM film. Featuring: Adam Koch, Bertrand Fleury, Chris Gilbert, Chuck Patterson, Dave Tyburski, Jaime Herraiz, Jeff Tobias, Mark Doyle, Mark Shinn, Martin Vari, Mauricio Abreu, Robby Naish, Will James and many more.



Conspiracy Theory






The Slingshot Kiteboarding team has some of the most radical and innovative riders in the world. Now here's the real sick deal on video. 6 videographers covering 10 Slingshot team riders in 40 locations over hunderds of sessions. Fiji, The Gorge, Maui, Spain, Australia, Hatteras, France, Mexico, Chile, Texas, and the Dominican Republic. Jeff Tobias, Mark Dolye, Ben Wilson, Julien Sudrat, Paul Macai, Ryan Rawson, Justin Souter and others. Surf, wipeouts, indys, snow, girls, naked, good wind, mobes, planes, trains, stains, s-bends, she bends, slim chance, music, kite loops, loopiness, lawlessness. What more could they add to this?



Cheski / Hoffmann Films 1st Kiteboarding video PrimeTime showcase's the hottest Kiteboarders in Hawaii performing incredible wakeboard style tricks. Filmed in the Hawaiian islands at Kitebeach on Maui, Mokuleia and a few secret spots, PrimeTime will open your eyes to the next generation of wake style riding.

Price $9.99 - List Price $29.95

 Strung Out

Price $9.99 - List Price $29.95

The sequel to Air Sickness! It's evident that a lot has changed performance-wise since then and we're bringing it all to you with Strung Out. We're calling it a unique and progressive video. That's because we tried to capture everything that's going on, wake style, snow style, four-line danglers (that'd be my style) and everything inbetween. And there is a heavy emphasis on wave-riding. This all adds up to more variety in one video than you've ever seen before. You'll be left drooling for more.

There's no Maui in the video but we've got the rest of the US covered, from Oregon to California, Texas to Hatteras, the mountains to Mexico. Maybe not too much tropical stuff for all you fair-weather kiters, but pure real-world kiteboarding in epic conditions around the country.



This is the coolest DVD in windsurfing! Tonix Pictures out of Germany knows how to get us stoked again; give us the goods, and lots of it, for a killer price. Alive, Jump, and Resonance are three new stand-alone videos now all combined onto one DVD, with a bunch of extra stuff too!


Auto Focus

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The story-board idea behind ¿AutoFocus¿ kiteboard video dvd is to bring together a group of the most talented, style driven and highly respected professional kiteboarders for one month. Drop them into one of the worlds most exclusive riding spots Mamora Bay, Antigua, build the largest and most elaborate conglomeration of sliders, kickers and rails, let them ride their ass off and push themselves to new levels, with the rider leaving the destination satisfied with their performance and truly representing who they are as a rider. The ultimate goal¿ focus on progressing the sport of kiteboarding into a legitimizing new level.


Boost 2

The kiteboarding videos features expert kiteboarders such as Mauricio Abreau, Jeff Howard, Max Bo, Pete Cabrinha, Chris Gilbert, Pascal Hardy, Fadi Issa, Elliot Leboe, Robby Naish, Mauricio Toscano, Lou Wainman, plus many others in action and
giving their tips.
2 video set


Price $9.99 - List Price $29.95

Featuring: Peter Trow, Mauricio Abreu, Marcus "Flash" Austin, Chuck Patterson, Chris Gilbert, Julie Prochaska, Elliot Leboe, Desmond Walsh, Robby Naish, Ty Luckett, Graham Boltz, Darian Smith, Scott Molinaro, Lou Wainman, Trip Forman, Chip Wassen, Fadi Issa, Jonah Lepek, and lots more.


Air Sickness

If you want to get your money's worth, look no further than Air Sickness. This is the end result of nine months of filming - three months of editing - 86 hours of footage including DV, 8mm film, super8 film, 16mm and even 35mm film - helicopter footage - POV footage - Oahu, Maui, Cape Hatteras, The Gorge, San Francicso, California Coast, and Mexico - directional riding, wakeboards, waveriding, freeriding, big air, technical riding, inflatables, foils, rider profiles - everything goes. All this edited to a fantastic soundtrack by our expert editors here at Side-Off Video (that'd be me, which explains why it took so long).

This is probably the first truly multi-dimensional kiteboarding video. Guaranteed to quench your kiteboarding thirst!

Learning to kiteboard well and with confidence is all about breakthroughs. Once you have a breakthrough with some aspect of kiting, whether it's through an an on-the-water experience, something you read or your friend told you, or a video, everything clicks and you'll wonder why you ever had trouble in the first place. This video is aimed at the level of kiting where you most need those breakthroughs.

Why are you inconsistent with your jibes? Why do you gack your jumps sometimes? How can you get those floaty jumps? Why do you crash the kite on a jump? How can I re-launch easier? How can you gain confidence with your wakeboard? How do you do a quad? ...Well, maybe not that last one, but "How to Rip Harder" will answer all the rest of these questions and more.

How To Rip Harder



How To Rip

This is Ken Winner's first instructional kiteboarding video. If skimming across teh water, carving high-speed turns, and lifting off into 20 foot jumps sounds like fun, Kiteboarding is the sport for you. Start here to learn safely and easily.


Price $9.99 - List Price $29.95

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